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Need a better way of checking attendees at the door? Use our ticketing add-on and mobile apps to validate tickets, check-in attendees at the door, and look really professional.

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iPad Login Screen
Have an Apple iPad, iPhone or Android Phone? Now you can scan the attendee’s ticket, badge or smart phone display with your own QR code ready smart phone or iOS tablet to check them in at the door or validate their ticket purchase.

iPad App Now Available!

Read all about our iPad app in our blog.

NEW: Now you can style your own ticket with the new HTML formatted tickets or we can create a killer ticket for you with our Custom Ticket Design service.

Event Espresso iPad App

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Mobile Ticketing Apps

iPad AppOur mobile apps for the iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch and Android phones will allow for mobile ticketing at events, classes, conferences and reviewing attendee lists at these events. The apps will work in conjunction with our ticketing system QR codes by scanning the codes at the door to check in attendees.

The Event Espresso plugin for WordPress and our iOS and Android apps:

  • Speed up registrations at the door
  • Integrates in real-time with the attendee list in Event Espresso
  • Allows for multiple check-in “stations”. Eg. Use multiple iPhones/Android phones to log into to the same attendee list so employees can scan tickets using multiple different iPhones
  • Send an e-mail to the ticket holder with a “Thank you for Attending” – This will save time from currently having to check the name off and having attendees sign a confirmation that they were present at the event. This will help to avoid refund situations (coming soon)
  • Keep your events “Green” by providing an environmentally friendly ticketing solution
  • Custom tickets can double as a name badge
  • Makes your organization very official and innovative

Requirements: Event Espresso version 3.1.30 or greater. The Event Espresso API v2.0 is required to run the iPad, iPhone, and Android apps.

iPad Screenshots

Manually Check-in Attendees

Manually Check-in Attendees

Check-in Accepted

Check-in Accepted

Custom Ticket

Custom Ticket

iPhone Screenshots

Event Espresso Mobile App Event Espresso Mobile App Event Espresso Mobile App

Android Screenshots

ee-android-app-all-screens ee-android-app-tablet-screen ee-android-app-attendee-view

You can even use your custom made Event Espresso ticket as a name badge! Using the built in Gravatar features in Event Espresso, your custom ticket can double as a name badge. Just enable Gravatar’s and your work is done!

Benefits of a Customized Ticket from Event Espresso:

  • Tickets are issued to the attendee via email once the registration has been confirmed.
  • Smart phone enabled to help keep your events green. Attendees can display the ticket on any smart phone capable of displaying a PDF.
  • Digital and printed tickets can display dynamically generated QR Codes and/or a Globally Recognized Avatar (Gravatar).
  • QR Codes can be scanned at the door and can contain over 4,000 alphanumeric characters. Perfect for verifying and storing additional data for every attendee.
  • Easily add your own logo and custom information.


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