Mobile Ticketing Apps

Our mobile apps for the iPhone/iPod Touch and Android phones will allow for mobile ticketing at events, classes, conferences and reviewing attendee lists at these events. The apps will work in conjunction with our ticketing system QR codes, via the add-on we released earlier, by scanning the codes at the door to check in attendees. The Event Espresso plugin for WordPress and our iOS and Android apps:

  • Speed up registrations at the door
  • Integrates in real-time with the attendee list in Event Espresso
  • Allows for multiple check-in “stations”. Eg. Use multiple iPhones/Android phones to log into to the same attendee list so employees can scan tickets using multiple different iPhones
  • Send an e-mail to the ticket holder with a “Thank you for Attending” – This will save time from currently having to check the name off and having attendees sign a confirmation that they were present at the event. This will help to avoid refund situations (coming soon)
  • Keep your events “Green” by providing an environmentally friendly ticketing solution
  • Custom tickets can double as a name badge
  • Makes your organization very official and innovative

Requirements: Event Espresso version 3.0.19.p.34 or greater and purchase of the QR Code ticketing addon. Note: the ticketing app will work with some earlier versions of Event Espresso, but 3.0.19.p.34 has the ability to check people in/out of the event if the ticketing addon is installed.

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Mobile Screenshots

Event Espresso Mobile App Event Espresso Mobile App Event Espresso Mobile App
Event Espresso Mobile App Event Espresso Mobile App Event Espresso Mobile App
Define Labs - Mobile Apps

Define Labs – Mobile Apps

We would like to thank the team at Define Labs, for doing such a great job developing our iPhone and Android apps.

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