Why Event Espresso Beats Eventbrite Pricing

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Some of the best memories of our lives happen in a memorable event. From significant life milestones to everyday celebrations, events hold a special place in our hearts. At the heart of this vibrant industry lies the essential component of selling tickets. This article will discuss how Event Espresso pricing outshines Eventbrite pricing and why Event Espresso is a better alternative. 

Selling tickets is a primary source of revenue for amateur or professional event organizers. It allows event creators to cover event costs, earn a profit, or raise funds for a cause. Event planners must be strategic in maximizing their profit by choosing their vendors wisely. 

Maximizing profit allows event professionals to reinvest in their craft, enhancing the quality of future events. It provides the means to attract top talent, secure better venues, and incorporate innovative technologies, ultimately elevating the overall event experience for attendees.

The Difference between Event Espresso and Eventbrite

At first glance, it is easy to assume that Event Espresso and Eventbrite are similar services. However, they are completely different. 

To begin with, Eventbrite is an online ticketing platform and events marketplace where event planners sell tickets online. On the other hand, Event Espresso is an event ticketing and event management platform for event planners who have their own WordPress site to sell tickets and accept registrations online. With Event Espresso, you control and own your event site and data.

Having your own event site brings a lot of advantages. First, it offers customization options so you can retain the branding of your event. You can tailor the registration and ticketing process to your specific needs, making it more user-friendly for your audience.

Second, hosting on your own site can improve your website’s SEO and help you attract more organic traffic and potential attendees. Furthermore, you have immediate access to ticket sales revenue, avoiding any delays associated with third-party platforms.

Why Event Espresso Beats Eventbrite Pricing

You might be thinking, “I’m already used to Eventbrite and their methods. Will it be worth the hassle to consider another platform?” 

This section will list the different critical reasons why a platform like Event Espresso is the best choice for event professionals. 

Unlimited Ticket Selling and $0 Commission Ticketing Fees

There is a big difference between Event Espresso and Eventbrite pricing. Eventbrite charges a commission fee per ticket sold. Event organizers who use Eventbrite need to pay additional fees which the organizer or ticket buyers shoulder. While Event Espresso charges $0 commission fees on an unlimited number of tickets sold.

Imagine the huge amount of fees you need to pay for multiple types of events. Undoubtedly, Event Espresso wins in terms of value for money.

Here are the fees to use Eventbrite’s platform:

Eventbrite Pricing - Eventbrite Platform

Additionally, there are additional commission fees that event organizers need to consider.

Eventbrite Pricing - Eventbrite Platform2

Get Paid Directly

With Event Espresso, you can choose your preferred payment gateway and integrate it directly into your website, allowing you to receive payments directly into your bank account without an intermediary.

Get Paid Immediately

Eventbrite typically operates on a payout schedule, meaning that the funds from ticket sales are not instantly available in your bank account. The timing of payouts can vary depending on your location and the payment gateway you’re using. Event planners who use Eventbrite are also charged a service fee for the payment processing.

Event Espresso has integrations with payment gateways that allow you to collect money immediately to cover the cost of organizing events before they start. 

Higher Profit For Your Business

Don’t let payment processing and commission fees per paid ticket drain your event profit.  With Event Espresso, you are in control of your money because your events are hosted on your website. That means no monthly fees, no registration fees, or ticketing commission fees.

Eventbrite Pricing

You can compute the estimate of the commission fees you will spend with our Eventbrite calculator

Customizable Event Site

Event Espresso allows you to design your event website. From the theme, copy, and images, you can curate the experience of your site visitors and guide them through their purchase journey.

Furthermore, a customizable event site can help boost your search engine optimization ranking, making it more recognizable and driving more traffic sales.

Secure Platform

Security is an important factor for events. Event sites often collect sensitive information during the registration process. Safeguard your data by having your own trusted site. 

Event Espresso supports SSL encryption to secure the data and transactions of your users. You can also force SSL on certain pages of your website, such as the checkout page or the registration page.

Helpful Customer Service

You don’t have to worry if you have any questions about getting your event site up and running. Event Espresso has reliable customer service that is genuinely willing to help you. Their support team is available Mondays to Fridays (7AM – 7PM EST / 12PM – 12AM UTC)

 Furthermore, the support resources are available for access at any time. 

Tips for choosing a ticket-selling platform

Pricing and fees

Choose ticket-selling platforms that allow you to have bigger margins and maximize your online ticket sales. Some platforms charge a fee per ticket sold, while others may take a percentage of the ticket price. Consider your budget and the expected volume of ticket sales, as these fees can add up. 

Look for a platform like Event Espresso that offers competitive pricing, transparent fee structures, and the flexibility to set your ticket prices or absorb fees. 

Customization Options

Event branding and the user experience are essential aspects of your event’s success. Opt for a ticket-selling platform that provides customization options to align with your event’s identity. 

Customization includes the ability to incorporate your branding elements, such as logos and color schemes, into the ticketing page and checkout process. 

Security and Payment Collection System

Selling tickets online can be prone to fraud or scams. What would you feel if your customers suddenly received a spam email? Or worse, if their personal and financial information fell into the wrong hands? 

A secure payment collection system is not just a luxury but an absolute necessity. Protect your customer’s data by selling your tickets on a platform you own. 


In conclusion, Event Espresso surpassed Eventbrite for its pricing, customization, and security. Increase your potential profit without paying commission fees and extra charges. As event professionals, you can set up features like multiple ticket types, and discount codes, and automate your attendee communication easily.

Event Espresso is a plug-in for WordPress users while Event Smart is for non-WordPress users. Event Smart is a SaaS event registration platform. Online registrations using a hosted platform through Event Smart can be used by event organizers who do not maintain their self-hosted WordPress website. 

Choose Event Espresso or Event Smart for all your ticketing and event needs. Check out the live demo or our 7-day free trial now. 

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