Eventbrite Alternatives: Eventbrite vs. Event Espresso

Eventbrite Alternatives: Eventbrite vs. Event Espresso

Eventbrite vs Event EspressoEventbrite boasts a comprehensive feature set and can be a handy tool. However, it does have a few key downsides. As we’ve mentioned in our comparison post, it can be an expensive solution unless you’re only planning to use it occasionally. More importantly, though, it’s not a WordPress-specific option.

This means you’ll need to send visitors away from your site in order to purchase tickets. You’ll also have less control over how the payment process works, and how customer data is stored. In addition, you’re at the mercy of a third-party service, which can occasionally put you on the wrong side of a server attack or even see your site shut down.

Event Espresso, on the other hand, is fully integrated with the WordPress platform. In other words, it won’t direct customers away from your site, and you’ll have more complete control over the purchasing experience. It’s also a far more affordable option in most scenarios, while still providing all the essential features required for setting up an event registration system.

For those reasons, we’d recommend checking out Event Espresso if you’re looking to add events functionality to your WordPress website. If you’re still not convinced, you can always give the free version a try before committing to a premium license.

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