How the Los Angeles Center of Photography used Event Espresso to have a “smashing success” with their Exposure Weekend event

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Nestled in sunny southern California, in the heart of Hollywood, is the Los Angeles Center of Photography (LACP). We had the privilege of chatting with Brandon from the LACP.

LACP is a nonprofit 501c3 organization devoted to photographers and the photographic arts. The organization offers classes, workshops, exhibitions, portfolio reviews, and more, all to help photographers advance their skills and careers.

What does the Los Angeles Center of Photography do?

Whether you are a photography expert with years and years of experience or you are just getting started as a novice, the LACP has resources available to help you level up with your photography skills.

Photo credit: Julia Dean

When asked about one of their memorable events, Brandon told us about their “Exposure Weekend.” Hosted in the third week of July, the multi-day event was described as a smashing success, and we knew we wanted to hear more.

This year the organization took the event to another level and held it at the Hotel MdR in Marina del Ray just minutes from the ocean. The annual event brought together over 100 photographers from many different backgrounds. This included photography professionals and enthusiasts from all over California and beyond.

During the weekend event, attendees had the opportunity to have their portfolio reviews, participate in workshops and seminars, and connect with other photography professionals and enthusiasts alike, at various networking events during the conference.

Lessons learned from The Los Angeles Center of Photography

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Photo credit: Julia Dean

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Exposure Weekend was a smashing success!

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