Import a list of attendees from a CSV file upload with the Event Espresso Importer

Do you have an upcoming event where you would like to import a list of attendees?

If you have a small number of attendees, then you could manually import them into Event Espresso through your WordPress dashboard. However, if you are expecting hundreds of attendees, then importing one by one is a show stopper.

Bulk register attendees with the Event Espresso Importer

As an alternative to manual registrations, you can upload a list of attendees by importing a CSV file with the Event Espresso Importer extension.

This process is much faster, and with the new add-on, you can complete an import in 5 steps:

1) Create an event that will receive the imported information

2) Upload a CSV file that contains details for five attendees

3) Complete a test run with five attendee records and review

4) Finish the import for the remaining attendees

5) Notify attendees of their event registrations and optionally email tickets (available through the Printable Tickets add-on)

From here, you can run an attendee registration report and print for event check-in. If you are using the ticketing extension, then you can set up the event mobile apps on your phone or tablet. As attendees arrive at your next event, you can scan QR tickets for fast event check-in.

Examples of how you can use the Importer to save time

Here are some ways that event organizers can use the importer:

– Upload a list of registrants for a multi-day conference
– Add participants and track attendance at training events
– Upload a list of delegates that have registered offline
– Import a guest list for a charity benefit like a fundraising gala dinner
– Switch from another event solution by bulk importing contacts

Ready to get started with importing attendee data for your next event?

If you have an active Personal or Developer support license, then you can purchase the Event Espresso Importer add-on while logged into your account.

Do you have an active Everything support license? Log in to your account on and the new extension will automatically be added to your account for free!

And if you are new to Event Espresso, then we recommend the Everything support license, so you get access to all current add-ons to help with your events. Plus, you will receive new extensions complementary as long as your support license remains active.

2 thoughts on “Import a list of attendees from a CSV file upload with the Event Espresso Importer

  1. Question on the importer: Can you use to import updated information on existing registrants in the system?. For example, I have a list of 50 registrants. I do a survey with various questions after they have registered. I then want to import the answers into each registrant’s respective file so when I do final reports and other data prep, all the information is in their file.

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