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The MasterCard Internet Gateway Service (MiGS) payment method provides fast and secure electronic credit and debit card processing for your ticket sales and event registrations.

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MIGS Payment gatewayThe MasterCard Internet Gateway Service (MiGS) payment method provides fast and secure electronic credit and debit card processing for your ticket sales and event registrations.

MiGS is available to event organizers (merchants) in many countries. Check with your local bank to see if merchant services are available through MasterCard Internet Gateway Service.

About the MasterCard Network

Our vast network is behind every transaction ensuring that payments are completed quickly, securely and reliably. The MasterCard network features an intelligent architecture that adapts to the needs of each transaction by blending two distinct processing structures — distributed (peer-to-peer) and centralized (hub-and-spoke). For example, for transactions that require:

  • Fast processing — think contactless card or a device at a toll booth — we can use the distributed structure, ensuring these transactions are processed close to where the payment occurred.
  • Value-added processing — such as real-time access to transaction data for fraud scoring — we can use the centralized processing structure, which ensures advanced processing services are applied to the transaction.

Extended Processing

MasterCard offers end-to-end processing products and solutions. For example, we offer debit and prepaid issuers a processing platform designed to help create differentiated products and services. And e-commerce merchants can benefit from a single interface that provides the ability to process secure payments and offer value-added solutions.

Information and Requirements

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Online Credit and Debit Card Processing:

  • Outstanding real-time processing speed with average authorisation response times typically below 2 seconds
  • Multiple card types, including bank cards, private label cards, Visa or MasterCard branded cards, American Express branded cards, non-PIN based debit cards, corporate purchasing cards and procurement cards
  • Unparalleled processing scalability and security
  • Exceptional service reliability backed by 24×7 operations support
  • Support for additional fraud prevention solutions
  • Real-time MIS Reporting

Key Benefits:

  • World class service availability at a fraction of the price of an in-house solution
  • Process transactions anytime, regardless of volume growth or peaks
  • Open up new sales channels quickly.
  • Change or make use of multiple acquiring banks as your business needs evolve
  • Protect yourself with credit card fraud management solutions
  • Receive 24×7 operations support from a skilled team of support engineers

The MasterCard Internet Gateway Service (shortened to MiGS) is a payment gateway system that allows banks to accept card not present transactions. MiGS, which is sold by MasterCard, is PCI-DSS-compliant and is typically branded and priced by the acquiring bank. It is used to interconnect online merchants to their acquiring banks through standards-compliant technology and API (Virtual Payment Client). This payment gateway provides support for services such as “MasterCard SecureCode”, “Verified by Visa” and “JCB J/Secure”.

The transaction process

Step 1: The customer pays with MasterCard

The customer purchases goods/services from a merchant.

Step 2: The payment is authenticated

The merchant point-of-sale system captures the customer’s account information and securely sends it to the acquirer.

Step 3: The transaction is submitted

The merchant acquirer asks MasterCard to get an authorization from the customer’s issuing bank.

Step 4: Authorization is requested

MasterCard submits the transaction to the issuer for authorization.

Step 5: Authorization response

The issuing bank authorizes the transaction and routes the response back to the merchant.

Step 6: Merchant payment

The issuing bank routes the payment to the merchant’s acquirer, who deposits the payment into the merchant’s account.









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