45 High School Reunion Ideas: Fun and Memorable Activities for Your Class Reunion

High School Reunion Ideas

High school memories hold a special place in our hearts. As time passes, you can catch yourself losing touch with old friends. You find yourself drifting away from those cherished moments and people. With that said, you know it’s time for a high school reunion. 

Whether you had a good or unfavorable high school experience, a high school reunion is your chance to make new memories and reconnect with classmates.

Planning a high school reunion may seem like a daunting task. However, the rekindling of old friends and reconnecting with former teachers make it all worthwhile. Given this, you might strongly consider planning a reunion for your batch. 

This blog post gives you a list of ideas and inspirations to make your reunion planning easier. Furthermore, a section of this blog can serve as a guide for a step-by-step planning process for your high school reunion planning.

If you’re ready, it’s time to step into a time machine and start planning!

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What is a Class Reunion

A class reunion is a gathering of classmates or batchmates after some time. It is usually organized after 5, 10, or 20 years. The purpose of a class reunion is to celebrate milestones, reconnect with former classmates, foster a sense of belonging, look back on memories, organize fundraising for a collected cause, and simply have fun. Aside from this, a class reunion is a great opportunity for business networking. 

High School Reunion Themes

Organizing a high school reunion usually requires a theme to make it more engaging and fun. A theme is usually carried throughout the program – from the invites, activities, and attire.

Here are some themes you can take inspiration from: 

  1. Decade-themed reunion

    Each decade holds noteworthy trends and styles that your classmates can relate to. Decorate your event venue with decorations for your specific era.

Examples of fashion for specific decades are the following:

  • The 80s – Shoulder Pads, Neon Colors, Acid Wash Jeans, Leg Warmers, Big Hair
  • The 90s – Grunge Style, Baggy Jeans, Crop Tops, Chokers, Platform Shoes
  • 2000s – Low-Rise Jeans, Velour Tracksuits, Puka Shell Necklaces, Graphic Tees, Cargo Pants
  • 2010s – High-Waisted Everything, Athleisure, Off-the-Shoulder Top, Statement Sneakers, Maxi Dresses

A decade-theme reunion is a fun way to look back on trends. The challenge here is to find outfits that are from previous decades. Attendees would have to be creative in repurposing old clothes and fashion pieces. 

  1. Hollywood Glamour

Another popular high school reunion theme is Hollywood glamor, composed of glitters, glitz, silver, gold, and black accents.

Attendees can come in their favorite Hollywood star’s outfit. Photo Booths can feature backdrops from famous Hollywood movies. Red carpets can be installed at the entrance. Awards can also follow the theme of Hollywood awarding. 

Choosing entertainment options for a Hollywood-themed reunion is easier because of the rich culture and industry behind it. However, it may require a higher budget due to the need for elaborate decorations, props, outfits, and potentially specialized entertainment.

  1. Colored Theme

    Your reunion can follow color themes like denim, black and white, or neon. This theme is easier to manage because of the variety of activities and decorations you can do.

    Unleash your creative skills by incorporating the colors in your menu choices or giveaway bags. Just remember not to overdo it for it to still be aesthetically pleasing.

  2. Under the Stars

    A starry theme is perfect for an outdoor venue such as a garden, rooftop, or outdoor patio. You can set up stargazing activities and decorations around the venue.

    For activities, you can create moonlight ballroom dancing or starlight storytelling for a dreamy experience. Given the romantic and visual aesthetic of this theme, event planners might be challenged with limited venue options. Another challenge will be weather uncertainties so the event committee must have a backup venue in place.

    5. Costume Party

    Have a reason to dress up with a costume party-themed high school reunion. Organizers can choose a theme depending on what your batch prefers. Some examples are fantasy, movie characters, superheroes, circus performers, time travelers, and more. 

Additionally, some other costume ideas can be dressing up as your future self, old self, and high school stereotypes. Costume parties can be a good way to break the ice and can be a good conversation starter. However, event planners must manage their expectations as each person can interpret the theme differently. 

High School Reunion Games and Activity Ideas

Games and activities play a big role in the success of your high school reunion planning. The activities can make a mark on the memories that the attendees will take home. Be mindful of the type of activities to help break the ice and make it inclusive for everyone.

  1. Class photo session

    A photo op is a must in a high school reunion for keepsakes and memories. Organize a successful photo session by providing a backdrop, adding fun props, designating a photographer, creating convenient sharing options, photo prints, and more.

Some well-known nationwide photography services are Lifetouch, GradImages, and Prestige Portraits. These vendors are professional photographers so you don’t have to worry about capturing precious memories during the event.

  1. Escape room challenge

    Give a thrilling and unique experience with an escape room challenge. Organizers can rent the different halls or areas of the chosen venue to set up the challenges. A fun escape room activity can help build bonds among attendees.

    An escape room challenge gives excitement and thrill but it can be a challenge to plan. However, there are Escape Room companies that you can book or hire in advance as vendors to conduct the challenge.

  2. High school trivia and quiz

    Take a trip down memory lane by compiling a list of questions and trivias about high school life. Examples of the questions can include subject teachers, popular trends during the year, movie quotes, and classmate trivia questions.

  3. Pool Games

    If your attendees are feeling adventurous and playful, you can incorporate some pool games into your program. Encourage group games for extra fun like Tug of War, Water Volleyball, Relay Race, and Poolside Karaoke.

Although the games here are fun, it’s important to note that not everyone will be comfortable getting wet or have activities in the pool.

  1. Casino Night

    A Casino night is also an option for a fun high school reunion activity. Casino games offer a unique opportunity to engage with childhood friends. Try games like blackjack, roulette, or poker tables for a fun night.

  2. Outdoor Scavenger hunt

    Get people moving with a fun scavenger hunt game. Imagine doing a group game with your old classmates and friends in an active Scavenger hunt game. A fun idea is to scatter or hide high school memorabilia and pictures as the items they need to hunt for.

  3. Life-sharing updates

    Have life-sharing updates in a creative way. Reunion hosts can give creative prompts and questions that attendees can answer in a roundtable discussion format. There can also be an open mic night, life update booths, interview-style conversations, and alumni profile cards.

In doing these life-sharing updates, hosts should be able to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere and be respectful and mindful of people’s context.

  1. Dance Battle Competition

    Keep the vibes fun and energetic with a fun dance competition among your batchmates. Open the dance floor for spontaneous and free-style dance moves to keep everyone participating.

    Consider incorporating audience participation, such as having the audience vote for their favorite performances. Doing so allows non-dances to still enjoy and participate in the competition.

  2. Who is Most Likely to

    A game of “who’s most likely to” is a lighthearted and fun way for fellow classmates to have some fun and encourage small talk. The questions on who is most likely to reminisce about fun high school memories.

    To avoid awkward air, keep the questions lighthearted and fun. Try mixing up serious and funny questions to keep attendees engaged. Moreover, make sure to capture the reactions of participants with every question.

  3. Spin the Bottle

    Have participants sit in a circle and have a bottle in front. Spin the bottle and whoever the bottle points to should answer a question or do a dare. Attendees can be divided into smaller groups.

  4. Card and Board Games

    For a more laid-back type of reunion, planners can choose to include a cardboard game that the attendees enjoyed during their high school days.

  5. Two Truths and a Lie

    Two Truths and a Lie is a fun way to get to know interesting facts and updates from your classmates. In this game, each participant takes turns revealing three statements about themselves: two truths and one lie. The challenge lies in distinguishing fact from fiction as others attempt to uncover cleverly concealed falsehoods.

  6. Heads Up

    In this game, participants take turns guessing words or phrases displayed on a card held to their forehead while their peers provide hints. As the clock ticks down, the challenge intensifies, leading to amusing charades, clever clues, and shared inside jokes.

  7. Rapid Fire Questions

    A game of rapid-fire questions can ignite memories and spark insights. To give an example of questions, you can ask who their best friend was in high school, former teachers on specific subjects, their favorite high school memory, the person who made an impact on their life, the most valuable lesson learned, the class president, etc.

  8. Hot Seat

    Hot Seat is an activity that the host can do for volunteers or participants who have interesting stories to tell.

    As each question gets tossed into the ring, a vivid tapestry of experiences emerges, from hilarious anecdotes to heartwarming recollections. The beauty of the “Hot Seat” lies in its spontaneity, encouraging attendees to dig deep into their high school past and rediscover the essence of their journey.

  9. Pictionary

    Create a high school-themed pictionary game with words related to your high school era. How this game works is that participants take turns illustrating words or phrases while their peers attempt to guess the correct answer. Pencils scribble, drawings take shape, and shouts of guesses fill the air, creating an atmosphere brimming with excitement and camaraderie.

High School Reunion Location Ideas

The location of your high school reunion can set the tone for your whole event. There are a lot of considerations in choosing a venue like budget, capacity, accessibility, convenience, and ambiance.

We listed down some reunion location ideas that you can consider:  

  1. Beach

    If budget is not an issue, a beach reunion can be a great destination for reminiscing and bonding. A batchmate may have access or membership to a beach resort that planners can tap. 

Imagine reuniting with your old friends and teachers with a majestic view of the seas and the soothing background of the waves

  1. Hotel Ballrooms

    Hotel ballrooms are one of the most common destinations for a high school reunion. Enjoy a formal and classy event with delicious food and wine that usually comes with the hotel reservation.

    Having the reunion at a hotel ballroom is less work on decorations but might be on the more costly side. Rental costs of hotel ballrooms can range from $500 up to $5,000.

  2. Function Halls

    Another option for a high school reunion venue is function halls and just building a vendor list from scratch. Planners can hire a separate event stylist, caterer, host, event production company, and more.

  3. Rooftop Venues

    Have fun under the stars with a dreamy venue like a rooftop venue. Select restaurants have this as an available option or a residential area with a spacious rooftop area.

    The panoramic views and urban backdrop create an ambiance that blends nostalgia with the allure of the cityscape. For contingency purposes, you can add tents for covering in case of unfavorable weather.

  4. Parks

    A unique option to have your high school reunion is in a place of greenery like a park. The park’s lush greenery, sprawling lawns, and serene ambiance provide the perfect setting for reconnecting with old friends and making new memories.

    Having it in a park might have limited access to restrooms or power outlets but this is an ideal location for a more laid-back and calming setup.

  5. Golf Course

    Organize a reunion like no other by having it on a golf course. Attendees can enjoy deep conversations and chats while playing golf in between.

    Whether it’s sharing stories on the clubhouse terrace or reveling in the joys of a well-played hole, the golf course becomes a picturesque backdrop for reconnecting, celebrating, and enjoying the company of old friends.

A golf course as a venue might be ideal if a majority of the class enjoys playing golf. Otherwise, the other people who are not interested in golf might be discouraged from attending.

  1. Resident Venues

    Resident venues are a budget-friendly option for hosting a high school reunion. Aside from it having cheaper or free rent, it offers a more relaxed and homely atmosphere for attendees to feel more comfortable.

Movie or TV Show-Inspired High School Reunions

Movies or TV series are a fun concept to recreate in high school reunions. If your class is particularly fond of a specific film or show, it can give nostalgic and heartwarming memories to have it as a theme.

It is important to note though that not everyone may know the film or show. The event planning committee must still consider making the reunion relatable for everyone. 

  1. Romy and Michele

    When you think of a movie or show related to high school reunions, you probably would have thought of Romy and Michele. The movie revolves around Romy and Michele feeling pressured about attending their 10-year high school reunion that they decided to pretend to be successful businessmen who invented “Post-Its”. 

To use this classic comedy film as a theme, you can send Romy and Michele-themed reunions complete with vibrant and colorful fonts. An activity can be inspired by the movie. For example, the program can have a segment where attendees have the opportunity to share their own “inventions” or achievements, no matter how humorous or fictional.

  1. Peggy Sue Got Married

    Peggy Sue Got Married is a heartwarming film about a main character named Peggy who faints at her high school reunion and wakes up transported back in time to her senior year in 1960. 

Without spoiling the details of the movie, Peggy Sue Got Married is filled with nostalgia, second chances, and relationship. It’s a heartwarming movie making it a fun theme for a high school reunion.

Some ideas on incorporating this into your program could be in the music choices. Create a playlist that combines hits from the 1980s and 1960s. From ’80s pop anthems to iconic ’60s rock ‘n’ roll tracks, the music should take attendees on a journey through time.

Another idea is to host nostalgic monologues inspired by monologues from the film itself. Hosts can invite attendees to share their own “what I would say to my younger self” monologues, reflecting on their journey since high school.

  1. American Reunion

American Reunion is an installment from the hit movie “American pie”. The plot revolves around the group’s reunion with each dealing with their own struggles and issues. The reunion becomes a backdrop for humorous and heartfelt moments as the characters grapple with personal growth and rediscovery.

If this movie is your chosen theme for your reunion, you can plan to have the setting on a beachfront or serve American dinner. You can also host a pie eating contest to be in theme with the film American Pie.

  1. 10 Years

    The film 10 Years is a classic comedy-drama film that talks about a group of friends who gather for their ten-year high school reunion. Throughout the film, the character’s unresolved issues and unfulfilled aspirations emerge.

    Make this your high school reunion theme by adding decade theme elements. From decors, group activities, personal reflections, and music. A fun activity can be “10 Years Later Trivia” where event planners can organize a trivia game focused on pop culture, events, and trends from the past ten years. Test attendees’ knowledge and memory of what’s happened since their graduation.

  2. Friends

The series Friends is a hit sitcom on five friends living their lives in New York. Its relatable and comedic storyline centers on the theme of the enduring bonds of friendship and the sense of community that comes with it.

Some ideas for activities can be a “We were on a break” segment where participants can share relationship stories inspired by the iconic breakup moment of the series’ characters – Ross and Rachel.

Additionally, you can create your own version of the trivia game that Ross organized. In the 12th episode of Friends season four, Ross created a trivia quiz with questions about his friends and their lives, and Chandler and Joey compete against Monica and Rachel to determine which pair knows the others better. 

Similarly, you can create a board with different cards on questions about high school memories.

  1. How I Met Your Mother

    How I Met Your Mother is another famous sitcom that centers around the plot of the character Ted Mosby narrating to his kids the story of how he met their mother. In between the narrative, the series features different stories of his friends.

    The series has a lot of iconic catchphrases that can be included in the decorations and invitations. Design invitations that play on the show’s catchphrases, such as “Have you met [Your Name]?” or “Suit Up for [Your Reunion Year].” Use fonts and graphics reminiscent of the show’s title sequence.

    Furthermore, incorporate a mystery activity inspired by the infamous “Pineapple Incident” episode. Provide clues and hints throughout the event, leading to a surprising revelation.

  2. Beverly Hills

A Beverly Hills-inspired reunion can give a touch of Hollywood and a luxury vibe. The series is filled with friendship, drama, and youthful exploration making it a good choice for a high school reunion theme.

To give planners an idea of how to incorporate this into your class reunions too, you can have a fashion contest inspired by the series’ famous fashion sense. Moreover, you can design a dance floor with a glamorous black and gold pattern or incorporate a Hollywood star design, encouraging attendees to dance the night away in style.

Interactive Workshops for High School Reunions

A high school reunion can be fun and productive at the same time with fun and interactive workshops.  These workshops provide a unique opportunity for attendees to actively participate, learn new skills, and bond over shared interests.

  1. Wellness and Mindfulness Sessions

Attendees can be stressed by the busyness of life and careers. Provide a wellness and mindfulness session as a segment on your reunion. 

Hire a wellness instructor to guide attendees through a guided meditation exercise. There can also be a yoga or journaling session to help everyone relax and reconnect in a meaningful way. 

  1. Cooking or Baking Class

A cooking or baking class is a more hands-on activity to do in your class reunion. The only setback for this type of activity is that it requires a venue with ample space for cooking and complete equipment like stoves or ovens.

The workshop can be hosted by a batchmate who became a chef or baker. Finished products can also serve as their souvenirs. 

  1. Painting or Art Workshop

Get everyone to wear their painter’s hat for a relaxing painting workshop. Hosting a painting workshop does not have to be complicated to be fun and interactive. There are a lot of guides and materials online that can serve as a reference.

A painting workshop at a high school reunion serves as a creative outlet and a memorable bonding experience among classmates.

  1. Culinary Tasting

A culinary tasting activity is an ideal choice for those who have a shared interest in food. Set up different tasting sessions for the different cuisines to be tasted. Attendees are sure to leave the reunion with a happy heart and tummy.

  1. Fitness and Exercise Workshop

Everyone loves a good endorphin boost from an exercise or workout routine. Offer a variety of fitness activities to cater to different interests. 

You could include activities like yoga, Zumba, circuit training, or even a nature walk. Doing an activity together can encourage interaction and bonding among participants.

  1. Personal Development Workshop

Since attendees are already in a reminiscing and throwback mood, hosting a Personal Development Workshop can help them reflect on their personal journeys throughout the years. 

Furthermore, doing a personal development workshop together can enhance relationships and give opportunities for networking. 

  1. Time Capsule Creation

A Time Capsule creation as a high school reunion activity is a great way to infuse nostalgia and anticipation for the future. Attendees can write a letter to their future selves or their future goals. They can also place printout photos from the event as something to look back to on the next reunion. 

Fundraising Activities for High School Reunions

Fundraising at a high school reunion is a great way to raise money for a certain cause. Organizers can partner with specific organizations or even their alma mater for attendees to commit to a specific cause.

Here are some ideas to raise money: 

  1. Silent Auction

Prior to the event, the event planners can collect donations or items that can be used for auction during the event. Unlike traditional auctions with an auctioneer, in a silent auction, bids are submitted silently and are usually displayed next to each item for all participants to see. The highest bidder at the end of the designated bidding period wins the item.

Doing an auction together gives a sense of camaraderie among classmates as they work towards reaching a common goal together.

  1. 50/50 Raffle

A 50/50 raffle is a fun way to raise funds. To get higher margins, organizers can ask for sponsorships as prizes.  This engaging activity invites attendees to purchase raffle tickets, with half of the proceeds going towards a charitable cause or enhancing future reunions, and the other half forming the prize pot for one lucky winner.

45. Food and Products Sale

Finally, the food and bake sale is a no-fail fundraising activity. Aside from the food that will be served during the event, the reunion can host several booths to sell food or products. Attendees are encouraged to purchase as a simple way to support the fundraising cause. 

When selling food and products, make sure to comply with venue rules and regulations. For instance, some hotels or restaurants might charge a corkage fee when guests bring outside food. 

Highschool Reunion Program Planning Template

High School Reunion Program Template 1

High School Reunion Program Template 2

Steps in Planning for Your High School Reunion

Step 1: Form a Reunion Committee

The first step in organizing a high school reunion is to gather a reunion committee. The committee is usually comprised of the following:

  • Venue and Logistics
  • Finance 
  • Programs 
  • Marketing and Sponsorship
  • Food and Beverage 
  • Decoration 
  • Fundraising
  • Attendee Registration Committee

Step 2: Generate a survey to gather interests

Before starting your high school reunion planning, it is good practice to listen to the pulse of your target audience. You can send out a survey form asking about general interest, availability, reunion type, location preferences, budget range, activity preferences, and other further suggestions.

Step 3: Set up the reunion date, time, and logistics

The next step is to finalize the date, time, and venue for your reunion. This is the first thing that needs to happen before sending out invitations and other information to potential attendees. 

Selecting the right reunion date involves checking for major holidays, school breaks, and other local events that might clash. The time of day matters too, as it influences the atmosphere and activities, whether it’s a daytime stroll at the park or an evening gala.

Equally important is the venue choice, which should reflect the theme and size of the reunion. Opt for a location that holds sentimental value, such as the school grounds or a spot that resonates with shared memories.

Step 4: Create a reunion website

After the previous steps, it’s time to create a reunion website. An event site is an important step in reunion planning because this is the first thing that attendees will see once they’re interested to attend. 

Customize your site with complete details like the date, time, venue, and a teaser of the activities. Sites like Event Smart and Event Espresso allow for customization of your reunion website. 

Step 5: Send invitations and sell tickets

The next step is sending invitations and selling your tickets. Make it easy for former classmates to purchase tickets with ticket-selling sites like Event Espresso and Event Smart. Both are platforms of choice for selling tickets. It has secure payment collection systems, customizable registration forms, and $0 commission fees on an unlimited number of tickets sold.

Unlike other platforms that charge a significant amount of fee per ticket sold, you can enjoy higher profit with every ticket sale with Event Espresso.

Step 6: Create an event program

Now, it’s time to create a program that the attendees won’t simply forget. Tailor your program in a way that can encourage people to engage and interact with one another. 

Use the fun and engaging ideas mentioned above as you craft your program

Step 7: Prepare food and beverages

As the reunion draws near, it’s time to choose the food and drinks for the event. Take note of allergies and general preferences from your survey to make sure everyone will be pleased with the food.

Step 8: Reach out to potential sponsors

Potential sponsors can elevate the reunion experience for attendees. Try reaching out to classmates who may have a connection with certain brands so the event planning committee can reach out to them for potential sponsorship.

The sponsorship can be in kind. Sponsors can provide food, drinks, or products for raffle and prizes.

Step 9: Promote the reunion

As with any event, the reunion needs promoting and marketing. In today’s age of social media and digital marketing, finding your classmates can be easy. You can start inviting people to the reunion once you have a hold of your alumni database.

Event planners can personally send them information about the upcoming reunion through a Facebook group or email. Get a copy of the class list to make sure that everyone is invited.

Step 10: Post-event follow-ups

Finally, after a successful event of catch-ups, it’s time to continue the connection formed. Send post-event follow-ups like a thank you message, send links to photos, and give details on how to stay connected with fellow classmates. 

A Reliable Ticketing System For your Reunion Planning

Make planning for your high school reunion convenient and hassle-free with a reliable ticketing system like Event Espresso and Event Smart. 

Event Espresso is a WordPress plugin for websites. It’s an event registration and ticket-selling platform that has $0 commission fees per ticket sold. If you’re not using WordPress and simply want an event site for your high school reunion event, you can try Event Smart

Both platforms have customizable sites, secure payment collection, and customizable registration forms and confirmation emails. Aside from it being a ticket-selling platform, it is also an ideal platform for your class reunion website.

Start planning for your high school reunion now! 

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