20 Event Planning Quotes to Inspire Event Planners 

Event Planning Qoutes

Event planning is a rewarding and dynamic career but can also be a stressful one. It requires carefully thought-out strategies. If you’re an event planner looking for an inspirational event planning quote and some leadership insights, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Event Planning Quote for Event Planners

The listed quotes are a compilation of quotes from podcasts and books from the event industry’s icons and leaders. 

  1. “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” – Simon Sinek
  2. “The “occasionally remarkable” moments shouldn’t be left to chance! They should be planned for, invested in.”― Chip Heath
  3. “An event is all about joining people together. How can a company be successful? You have to create relationships. By organizing people to come together, meet, interact, build relationships and trust.” – Mark Kilens
  4. “It’s one thing to plan an event and do it well, but in this day and age, you also have to learn to market it well.” – Gianna Gaudini
  5. “Growing a community can take years. You start building today for 3 to 5 years from now. Just keep planting and cultivating your community.” – Erica Bishaf
  6. “It’s not about the event itself; it’s about creating a memorable experience for your audience.” – Jason Alan Snyder
  7. “Events are this really special magical thing that can create bonds between people, brands, and community.” – Mark Kilens
  8. How can you stay top of mind for your attendees? Complete transparency. You have to be human. Good design and good humor go a long way. – Johnny Earle
  9. “The event does not start when the attendees show up or signs on. It starts at the very first touchpoint – whether that’s a tweet or a save the date email  – that very first mention of the event is when that attendee journey begins”. – Ashley Priest
  10. “What is going to resonate to virtual attendees would be strong storytelling and clear concise message.” – Jitter Garcia
  11. “Why is this night different from all other nights?” Before you gather, ask yourself: Why is this gathering different from all my other gatherings? Why is it different from other people’s gatherings of the same general type? What is this that other gatherings aren’t”― Priya Parker

12. “If your events don’t smell like anything other than a meal, then you’re missing a huge opportunity to create positive, memorable experiences for your guests.” ― Andrea Driessen

13. “Working without a plan may seem scary. But blindly following a plan that has no relationship with reality is even scarier.” ― Jason Fried

14. “Get participant in front of the people they’re there to meet and do business with” – Jill Blimline

15. “The extraordinary experiences tended to represent one of three buckets: life milestone—graduation, landing a great job, getting married, having a baby, having grandchildren; once-in-a-lifetime vacation—climbing Machu Picchu, traveling to Paris, diving the Great Blue Hole in Belize; cultural event—going to a concert, attending a professional sporting event, eating at a world-renowned restaurant” ― Cassie Holmes

16. “True Fun is the confluence of playfulness, connection, and flow. Whenever these three states occur at the same time, we experience True Fun.” ― Catherine Price

17. “Make everything theatrical. Turn everything into a little bit of show business. Sensationalize it. Take something that could be viewed as mundane and turn it into something amazing….Turn it into an interactive experience. Engage all the senses and have fun. You remember when it’s fun.” – Elis Davis

18. “Every circumstance in which we try to move others by definition involves another human being. Yet in the name of professionalism, we often neglect the human element and adopt a stance that’s abstract and distant.”― Daniel H. Pink

19. People make events into stories. Stories give events meaning. – Scarlett Thomas

20. “The combination of physical synchrony with other humans and being part of something bigger than oneself (and thus losing momentarily a sense of self) leads to a greater sense of happiness.” ― Tony Hsieh

These event planning quotes offer fresh perspectives that any event leader can apply to their business or careers. Event planners are not just expected to execute an event but they must also possess marketing and leadership skills mentioned above. 

Finally, once you have the motivation and principles in place, you are now ready to set up your own event. Here are some best practices in event planning that you can apply to your business:

Best Practices in Event Planning

Best practices in event planning encompass a set of guidelines and strategies that can help event organizers create successful and memorable events. These practices ensure efficiency, effectiveness, and a positive experience for both organizers and attendees. 

Clearly Define Objectives

Start by setting clear and specific event objectives. Understand the purpose of the event, the target audience, and the desired outcomes. Having well-defined goals will guide the planning process and measure success.

Create a Detailed Event Plan

Develop a comprehensive event plan that outlines all aspects of the event, including timelines, tasks, responsibilities, and deadlines. A well-structured plan ensures that nothing is overlooked and that all team members are on the same page.

Engage in Budget Management: Set a realistic budget and diligently manage expenses throughout the event planning process. Regularly review budget allocations and make adjustments as needed to stay within financial constraints.

Leverage Technology

Utilize event management software and technology to streamline registration, communication, attendee engagement, and data tracking. Technology can enhance event efficiency and provide valuable insights.

Vendor and Venue Selection

Carefully choose vendors and venues that align with the event’s theme, goals, and budget. Conduct thorough research, obtain multiple quotes, and negotiate contracts to ensure favorable terms.

Promote the Event Strategically

Implement a well-thought-out marketing and promotion strategy to reach the target audience effectively. Utilize various channels, including social media, email marketing, and partnerships, to maximize event visibility.

Prioritize Attendee Experience

Focus on creating a positive and memorable experience for attendees. Consider their needs, preferences, and feedback to tailor the event accordingly.

Prepare for Contingencies

Anticipate potential challenges or unforeseen circumstances and develop contingency plans to address them promptly if they arise during the event.

Communication and Collaboration

Foster open communication and collaboration among all team members, vendors, and stakeholders involved in the event. Regular meetings and updates ensure everyone stays informed and aligned.

Ensure Compliance and Safety

Adhere to all legal and safety regulations relevant to the event. Obtain necessary permits, ensure crowd control, and prioritize attendee safety.

Collect Feedback and Evaluate Success

Gather feedback from attendees, sponsors, and team members after the event. Analyze the results to identify strengths, areas for improvement, and opportunities for future events.

Promote Sustainability

Implement eco-friendly practices to reduce the event’s environmental impact. Encourage recycling, minimize waste, and opt for sustainable alternatives at your events when possible.

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