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Chat groups are dedicated communities where you can learn and share ideas with industry professionals, enthusiasts, and team members or even collaborate on projects together. In fact, web professionals and people in all types of industries use Slack, an online collaboration platform, to facilitate communication between internal teams, engage audience members, find community, and deliver value to customers.

At Event Espresso we are spread out across the globe so we use Slack for real-time communication with the team. Slack channels and groups can help keep you in the loop about what’s new and upcoming in the event industry and how you can better prepare for your.

In this post, we’ll introduce you to the Event Espresso Community Slack Channel – a platform where you can have constructive dialogues and discussions with community members, chat with event professionals, learn more about the event industry, ask questions, and get help from other people in the community about our event software.

What Is the Event Espresso Community Slack Channel?

The Event Espresso Community Slack Channel is a community chat group where people who are interested in event management, event technology, and event marketing can chat with one another in real time, collaborate on projects, discuss industry trends, share ideas, and ask questions.

As a free collaboration platform, the Community Slack Channel is open for anyone who’s looking to engage with like-minded individuals, share valuable information, and pass along resources. It’s easy to use and facilitates asynchronous conversation within an organization.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider joining the Event Espresso Community Slack Channel:

  • Have any amount of interest in events. It enables event-related professionals to better manage people, technology, and social media. In addition to this, you can rest assured that everyone stays on the same page throughout the event cycle including event management, event planning, event technology, and event marketing.
  • Collect feedback. It’ll allow your team members to gather useful insights about new ideas, products, or services.
  • Want to find new clients. It’s a great platform for event managers and event organizers to find new customers such as people who are interested in organizing an event.
  • Interact with your current customers. It can help you communicate with your existing customers better. For example, if you’re an event organizer using Event Espresso to build event sites for clients, you and your clients can communicate about new ideas on the Community Slack Channel.
  • Want to be hired by someone. If you’re an event enthusiast, the Community Slack Channel can help you reach out to event organizers and agencies and possibly land a job or a freelance gig.
  • Showcase your work. You’ll be able to showcase your work and receive feedback from event organizers. For example, if you’ve designed a neat event marketing campaign or set up a new event calendar for your website then you can ask community members for input or feedback.


Note: The Event Smart slack group IS NOT an official support channel for Event Espresso. Here, you’ll be able to get help from the Event Espresso community members, but you’ll find the official support for Event Espresso in the dedicated support forums or by contacting Event Espresso directly.

How to Access the Community Slack Channel

Let’s look at how you get started with the Community Slack Channel.

How to Request an Invite

You don’t have to be an Event Espresso customer to request access to this Slack channel.

Here’s how you can request an invite:

  • Go to the Community Slack Channel invitation page
  • Enter your email address 
  • Select “Get an Invitation”
  • Go to your email and confirm you want to join!


How Members Can Access the Community Slack Channel

If you’re a customer then you can join this Slack channel directly from your Event Espresso member account. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Log in to your Event Espresso member account.
  2. In the sidebar under Help & Support select Join a community chat group.
  3. You’ll automatically be directed to the Slack channel.

Event Espresso’s Upcoming Slack AMA

The Event Espresso Community Slack Channel will also be featuring some scheduled AMA (Ask Me Anything) Slack chats. Community members will be able to communicate and ask questions freely of the Event Espresso team in real time during the AMA sessions.

Once you receive an invite, you can also suggest topics to discuss in these AMA sessions!

How Do I Access the Community Slack Channel?

You can access the Community Slack Channel by installing the Slack app on any of the following platforms:

Plus, all your conversations will be synced across all your devices so you can pick up where you left of easily.

Rules – A Code of Conduct

People who join the Community Slack Channel need to be respectful to other members and adhere to the guidelines.

The Code of Conduct (CoC) acts as a baseline standard for community members to behave requiring them to be respectful of each other’s social values and communication styles. This way, people of diverse backgrounds can feel welcome in the community and contribute to event projects. It also allows members to resolve any conflicts in a systematic manner.

  • Unwelcome behavior. Event Espresso’s Community Slack Channel strictly restricts members from making any insulting, humiliating, hateful, or threatening remarks. It prohibits any kind of discrimination on the basis of race, gender, age, disability, religion, sexuality, nationality, or similar characteristics. Bullying and harassment in any form is also forbidden. 
  • Moderation. The purpose of this platform is to facilitate discussions on a wide range of event-related topics and there are moderators who make sure that members stick to these topics. When using the Event Espresso Community Slack Channel, you need to avoid any of the above-mentioned unwelcomed behavior. Failing to do so will first get you a warning, a successive breach will get you suspended, and ultimately you’ll be permanently banned. Even moderators can face appropriate action if they’re found not following the rules.
  • Reporting issues. The Code of Conduct moderators help resolve any conflicts and de-escalate tensions that may arise. You can reach out to them via Twitter: Garth Koyle @garthkoyle / Seth Shoultes @sethshoultes / Darren Ethier  @nerrad
  • Name Policy. Members need to provide their full names if they want to participate in the Event Espresso Community Slack Channel. This allows everyone to communicate with more openness and have conversations with real people and not some username or avatar.
  • Contact Information. If you’re subjected to or witness any unacceptable behavior, or if you have any questions, you can reach out to us at

Here’s a link to the complete Slack Code of Conduct.

Quick Tips for Using Slack

In this section, we’ll share some useful tips to make it easier and more productive for you to use the Event Espresso Community Slack Channel:

Getting Started With Slack

  • Slack’s Help Center. This is Slack’s official Help Center where you’ll find information on how to use Slack, setting up your profile and preferences, and tips and tricks.
  • #slackhelp channel. This is a dedicated channel in the Community Slack Channel where members can learn more about how to use Slack. For example, keyboard shortcuts and commands.

For more information, check out these 11 Useful Tips for Getting the Most of Slack.


Slack’s default notification settings send you push notifications about everything from new messages to maintenance updates. Switching to the recommended settings is best if you’re only interested in mentions and direct messages. You’ll also be able to modify these settings such as setting specific “highlight” words and email preferences.

Hiding Join Messages

If you’d like to hide Slack’s join and leave messages, you might find this user style helpful. It automatically hides join and leave messages for you.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Slack offers support for several useful keyboard shortcuts allowing you to become a power user. Here are some easy ones to get you started:

  • Access a list by typing Cmd-?
  • Go up the next unread channel Shift-Opt-(↑)
  • Go down the next unread channel Shift-Opt-(↓)
  • Quickly jump between channels Cmd-K or Cmd-T.

You can find more keyboard shortcuts here.


You can use Slack commands the same way you would in IRC such as /command. So, you’d begin with a forward slash and then type a specific command to perform an action. For example:

  • To toggle status, type /away.
  • To describe something you’re doing, type /me.
  • To search messages and files /search.

You can find more commands here.


Event Espresso’s Community Slack Channel is a great platform for anyone who’s looking to connect with event professionals and enthusiasts, share ideas, find or post jobs, and be in the know about the latest happenings in the event industry.

Interested in joining the Event Espresso Community Slack Channel? Click here to get started! 

Comment here to suggest topics for the next scheduled AMA chat.

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