Release Update: Event Espresso 4.4.7.p Now Available

A maintenance release for Event Espresso 4 is now available. Event Espresso 4.4.7.p offers 5 fixes.

Please backup your website before making any changes.

Bugfixes for Event Espresso 4.4.7

  • Fix issue in upcoming events widget where short event titles don’t bump images down & big images can overflow
  • Fix issue where expired events cannot be viewed
  • Fix unlocalized strings and labels for the admin
  • Fix Undefined variable + Cannot modify header information warning when updating attendee registration form in admin
  • Add check for wpdb::set_sql_mode (only existed since WordPress 3.9.0)

Interested in contributing to the Event Espresso 4 project? Request access to our project on GitHub

For a complete history of updates and changes to EE4 and the EE4-compatible add-ons, see the change log for Event Espresso 4.

Updating to Event Espresso 4.4.7

One-click updates are available via the WordPress Plugins page within the WP dashboard to members who have activated their support license key. The support license key can be found on your Event Espresso account page and it is activated through the General Settings page for Event Espresso within your WordPress admin (WP dashboard).

Be sure to backup your WordPress site. Then login to your WordPress admin and click on Plugins in the WordPress admin menus. Then find the Event Espresso – Calendar and click on Deactivate. Locate Event Espresso within the list of plugins and click on Update Now.

You can then reactivate the Event Espresso calendar add-on after updating the core Event Espresso software.

You can also manually update your Event Espresso software. Here is information on how to manually update Event Espresso via SFTP or FTP.

What Changes were made in Event Espresso 4.4.6?

You can view the change log for Event Espresso 4.4.6.

Preview Event Espresso 4.5 Today

Event Espresso 4.5 (next major version of Event Espresso 4) is available right now in our pre-release channel. Join our pre-release channel today. You’ll then be able to access pre-release downloads from your Event Espresso account page (bottom right area of page).

Happy holidays from Event Espresso!

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