MailChimp Integration Now Available for Event Espresso 4


Event Espresso MailChimp IntegrationThe MailChimp Integration add-on for EE4 is now available. This integration makes it quick and easy to add subscribers (your attendees/registrants) to any LIST or GROUP from any of your events.

The integration between EE4 and MailChimp is unique, in that you can select which fields you want to transfer from Event Espresso to MailChimp. For example, if you provide events for children, instead of asking for and transferring (merging) the child’s email address, you can ask for the parent’s email address in a custom question field and transfer (merge) that custom question field answer to the MailChimp list or group.

We’re proud of this MailChimp add-on for EE4 and hope you like it too.

Customers who have access to the MailChimp Integration for Event Espresso 3 also have access to the MailChimp Integration for Event Espresso 4. If you have questions about this please contact the sales team.

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