Release Update: Event Espresso 4.2.6.p

An update for Event Espresso 4 is now available. Event Espresso 4.2.6.p offers one enhancement and 13 fixes.

Please backup your WordPress before making any changes.


  • Add option to show events from all categories in the Upcoming Events widget


  • Upcoming events widget formatting, remove extra line breaks and spacing, defaults of false not selecting
  • Preview button not showing for regular WordPress post-types
  • Logo Sizes in Order Confirmation PDF
  • Clarifying that the “skip migrations” = “reset database and delete old data”
  • indexOf(s) is not a function
  • Event Access Information under Ticket Details shows “Remaining” but that heading no longer exists
  • Fix date display in content-espresso_events-header.php to allow for translation
  • Themes that use “get_the_excerpt()” instead of “the_excerpt()” are missing EE content.
    Please note many of the headings in the event templates of prior versions have been removed as part of the work done in this ticket
  • Move to Trash Link in Venues Editor allows you to Delete Locked Venues
  • Arabica 2014 – change category icon from “tags” to “category”
  • EE4 Core 4.1 DMS crashing during events_Question_group stage
  • Fix error on sorting venues by ID in venue list table
  • Fix errors getting hidden by try catch block
For a complete history of the updates and changes to EE4 and the EE4-compatible add-ons, see the entire EE4 Changelog.

2 thoughts on “Release Update: Event Espresso 4.2.6.p

  1. I have having issues with version comptaibilites on my WordPress installation and need to rollback EE. Can you please send me a link or the Event Espresson 4.2.6.p version download as soon as possible.

    Kevin W

    • Hi Kevin,

      The quickest way to get an older version of EE4 that’s compatible with your setup is go to your account page, opt in to the pre-release channel, and download “EE 4.3.2 for PHP 5.2 Customers”.

      You can download this from your account page *after* you click the box on your account page to opt in to the pre-release channel.

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