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We recently heard about an unfortunate event that affected a group organizing a Christian writing workshop. The group hired an outside company to handle its online event registration, only passing along the payments to the organizers once the event was finished. Unfortunately, the registration company’s checks began to bounce, eventually leaving the workshop group short $65,000 in registration fees.

At Event Espresso we were disheartened to hear that one company took advantage of a group that placed a great deal of trust in it. At the same time, this is a good opportunity for us to reiterate the flexibility and security of the Event Espresso model, and assure our customers that their confidence in us is well placed. Here are three reasons Event Espresso customers can rest easy, knowing that they have made the right choice to trust us with their online event ticketing and registration.

  1. First, our customers all receive a copy of our software for their own use. The great draw of our platform is that you get to use EE the way you want to meet your specific needs. Once you purchase your license, it’s all in your hands and we CAN’T run away with your money and you shouldn’t trust anyone who could.
  2. You control your finances. We partner with many of the most secure and trusted payment gateways on the Internet giving you the freedom to choose how you collect payments. All of the supported payment gateways use your account details, not ours, meaning we never hold any of your registration fee’s as you get paid directly.
  3. We have worked with non-profit organizations from our earliest days, including religious and community groups. We understand the unique needs of the non-profit community, and in many cases we even offer discounts. If you think your event merits a discount, we invite you to fill out our Non-Profit Application form; we’ve already given away more than $20,000 in discounts to non-profits.

In short, there is one more reason Event Espresso is the premier event registration and ticketing platform around: trust. With our dedication to constant improvement, and best-in-class support, we’re helping you make the world a little better—one event at a time.

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I want to commend you on a fabulous product which is just the right price for a small non-profit. People are happy with the registration process, as are we! ...Thank you SO much for a great product.

Sandra Forero Bush

Sandra Forero Bush
World Trade Center Tacoma

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