Event Espresso 4 Feature Showcase: Ticket Quantity, #Uses, Min and Max

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At Event Espresso we’re never content with what we’ve already accomplished with online event registration for WordPress. We’re always looking to make improvements so our customers can sell tickets online. There are so many significant developments coming soon to Event Espresso that we wanted to highlight some of the great changes that are on the way.

A New Ticket Selector to Control Every Option

The Ticket Selector in Event Espresso is being completely redesigned. we’ll show you the full redesign later, but just one powerful function will be the ability to control single ticket options.

Part of that redesign includes the power to control the Ticket Quantity, #Uses per Ticket, Minimum Number of Tickets and Maximum Number of Tickets.

Options Online Ticket Sales

Ticket Quantity

WordPress event managers will be able to set how many of each specific type of ticket is available. You may have only one type of ticket, or many different ticket options for attendees. You will be able to offer a limited number of, say, VIP tickets so you can give a certain number of attendees a special experience. You could also limit the number of promotional tickets that are available for sale, and so on. There are a lot of powerful things you can do with setting quantity limits to your online ticket sales.

Pro Tip: We’ll address this again later, but setting quantity limits for individual online tickets will be one form of setting seating limits for your event or venue in Event Espresso.

Number of Uses per Ticket

When you combine Number of Uses per Ticket with our mobile ticketing apps and ticketing add-on, you really become a professional event manager; you also make online event registration a breeze for your attendees. With the Number of Uses per Ticket, you can sell tickets to attendees that can be used any number of times. For example, if want to sell a ticket that will let people return to the same event twice (or more) then you can do that. You could configure your ticket sales so that attendees can reuse one ticket for all the events in your event series instead of having to print off and bring new tickets each time. This also allows you to let attendees use their ticket as a badge. On the other hand, if you want limit how many times someone can go through the food line, then you can do that too!

Pro Tip: What if you want offer unlimited access to your events or unlimited number of uses during a certain time period? Well, you’ll be able to do that too!

Minimum Number of Tickets  Allowed to Purchase

It’s obvious that attendees have to purchase at least one ticket to attend your event. But what if you wanted attendees to purchase more than one ticket? You can sell tickets online with WordPress and require that attendees purchase more than one ticket at a time. For example, if you want to sell sponsorships to your event with the  requirement that the sponsors purchase more than one ticket for their company, now you can set it up that way. What if you want to sell a family pack of tickets online and offer a discount for purchasing multiple tickets? Well, you can do that too.

Pro Tip: What if you wanted to sell tickets online with tiered pricing? You can now configure the price of each ticket to be different based on the minimum number of tickets they have to purchase. The more tickets you require, the bigger the discount. That’s awesome!

Maximum Number of Tickets Allowed to Purchase

What about the opposite situation, when you knew people would want to attend your event multiple times, but the goal of your organization was to engage with more unique individuals? Now you can specify that someone can only purchase a single (or any maximum you want) number of tickets per transaction. The Maximum Number of Tickets Allowed to Purchase also means you can specify the price of each ticket for a quantity range of tickets (e.g., purchase 5-10 tickets and the price of the ticket is $xx each; purchase 10-20 tickets and the price per ticket is only $x).

Pro Tip: Want to make it less convenient for ticket scalpers to hoard tickets? You can at least get in their way with Maximum Number of Tickets Allowed.

Are you a developer? Are you interested in having early access to Event Espresso 4 for preparing for its release? Take a look at our developer resources where you can request access to our GitHub repo and more.
All these features and more are coming soon to Event Espresso, the best registration and ticketing plugin available for WordPress. These features are in active development and could change between now and the first release. If you have an idea for a feature you’d like to see in the future, let us know! We’d love to hear from you.

21 thoughts on “Event Espresso 4 Feature Showcase: Ticket Quantity, #Uses, Min and Max

    • We don’t have an official release date yet, but we hope to make that announcement before long.

  1. Hey, I am in the process of redesigning our website and would love to use EE but have to have a limited number of tickets available. From reading above is this not already a feature?

    • Hi Geri,

      How are you today?

      With Event Espresso you can still limit the number of people who can register for your event. However, the limit is set on a per-event basis not on a per-ticket basis. So, you can still limit the event to say 500 attendees.

      Does that help?

    • Hi Jonathan,

      With Event Espresso 3 you can already limit attendance to an event by setting an overall capacity limit; you can do that already. It sets a limit for all the tickets you sell regardless of what combination of tickets are sold.

      This document highlights the ability to limit registrations or ticket sales on a per-ticket basis. When we release Event Espresso 4 it will allow you to create many different types of tickets (like you can already do with EE3), but you will also be able to limit how many seats are available with each type of ticket.

      Does that help?

  2. Hi guys,

    Seen others have posted about this on the forums, but what I would really like to see, and could do with, is a team management feature – such that members can log in, create and/or sign up to teams.

    This would be very powerful for sports events where participants very often like to sign up seperately as teams, under a team name, and receive discounts. It allows a useful incentive system.

    I’d also like to see a tiered pricing system over time (not just a single set discount before a certain date). This to provide ‘early bird’, mid-term and late entry pricing levels. -I run sports events and such a system is particularly important to encourage early sign ups.



    • Hi Thomas,

      Thanks for the feedback. Regarding the teams, it is something we are considering but currently is still in the planning stages, while we focus on releasing version 4.0. On that point, 4.0 will have more powerful pricing options, and may well include time based pricing, so watch this space!

    • We tend to be too optimistic with release dates, so this time we’re going to announce it on the same day as the release date. I can say that we are trying to finish it ASAP and we’re very close. However, if you’re really interested you can consider requesting access to our GitHub account as an Alpha Tester: https://eventespresso.com/wiki/alpha-testing-instructions/

    • Glad to hear you’re excited, so are we! Please bear with us though, we need to make sure that EE4 is generally stable before we can release it, which we are focusing heavily on currently.

  3. I purchased EE earlier in the month assuming this feature would be part of it but had to launch my event on Eventbrite because it wasn’t available.

    I’m about to launch my next event but would hold off if this was going to launch. I know you say that you don’t know when it’ll be ready but do you have an idea of:

    more than a month.

    • That logic would need to be coded by a developer, and you would need to build the logic for handling the registration and/or payment details for the attendees who already registered. Does that make sense?

  4. When you are not supporting multiple tickets for one event, I don’t understand the logic of having a default ticket qty of “0”.
    If the customer tries to buy a ticket, they then get an error message, get pissed off and don’t buy a ticket.
    I really want the ticket purchase, (the close) to go smoothly for customers. I tried to implement the cumbersome coding (using the posted setup procedures) to implement minimum ticket as 1, but so far it’s not working.
    Why not make this a simple selection in the program, rather than having to create all kinds of special plugins, and add extra code for something that is counter intuitive.
    From the event attendees perspective, not sure why I’d want to buy a ticket of “0”.

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