New video tutorials explain Event Espresso event management tasks

We’ve been busy on our YouTube channel lately. In addition to the monthly Espresso Bar hangouts, we just recently produced two new video tutorials and posted them to our YouTube channel. This screencast walks you through creating a recurring event — specifically for the purpose of creating shifts for people to sign up for, but can apply to other types of recurring events as well.

This tutorial walks you through some of the features of the WP User Integration add-on and the two new shortcodes it adds — the My Events shortcode, to display a list of events an attendee has registered for on the front end of your site, and the Edit Profile shortcode, to allow your users the ability to edit their profile without having to log into the WordPress admin.

Be sure to visit our YouTube page and subscribe to catch all the latest videos, and take a look at several others that we’ve recently uploaded featuring new and coming features like the Attendee Mover tool or this one on creating some nice looking CSS3 buttons for your add to cart links.

2 thoughts on “New video tutorials explain Event Espresso event management tasks

  1. I have been using EE for about a year. I like it with one big exception: We are having continual problems with spam registrations. We have Re-captcha installed on the site, but it doesn’t seem to be working in EE.

    I receive 8-12 spam registrations a day – always double entries (two entries in a row that are identical). We have been having to manually delete these entries every day, which almost makes it not worth using EE despite the program’s other excellent features.

    Your suggested correction (requiring registrants to first become members on the site) only shifts the problem to another location.

    C’mon guys — please get this fixed. I don’t want to have to find another program to use!

    Sharon Gherman, President/CEO
    Funding Exchange Inc.

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