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Event Espresso customers come from all parts of the world and use our plugins for a wide variety of reasons. A few of our current customers were looking for an alternative to This is what they said they didn’t like about it:

  • is Expensive – Their fees range between $12 – $24 per group per month!
  • is Controlling – Event organizers have very little over their brand (the style and functionality) of their user’s experience!
  • is Too Simple – While simplicity is good for some people, too simple doesn’t get the job done and they don’t have enough of the features to get everything done the right way.

Event Espresso’s mission is “to empower business and organization leaders with the event registration, ticketing and management tools that maximize the success of events.” With Event Espresso, you can be more autonomous and empowered, and create your own alternative to With Event Espresso, you can save more money, control your user’s experience and your brand, and you can get your event registration done more like you want them. We understand there is a place for some people to want or use these type of services, but we certainly want people to understand there is another option.

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    • Not quite. You can use Event Espresso for unlimited events and years, the fee is for on-going support. $89.95 the first year and renewals are discounted 25% for the Personal License. $499/year is far from it.

  1. also shares your group information such as the groups you enroll in, the dates that you attend and your intro on your personal profile with google. Sooo if someone goggles your name all that info will pop up. doesn’t tell you that when registering.

    • Very good point, Crystal! In these days of identity theft and digital surveillance it becomes more and more important to protect our privacy.

      Thanks for sharing that point.

  2. I am planning to use Event Espresso on my website. I am wondering if there is an option that allows people to see who is attending a particular event like Meetup does. I believe this feature generates buzz and make people more willing to attend.

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