Events Category Accordion Template

The Category Accordion template displays the categories in a simple list. On clicking the category name, the events associated with that category will be displayed in brief. Clicking another category, that will open, but the previously open category will close.

The Category Accordion Template allows you to display a list of events that have been categorized together. Not only does the template show the categorization of the events, but the events in those categories are shown by expanding the category and showing the details of those events.

When expanded, the title, featured image, price, date, venue and a prominent Register button is displayed for each event.

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When a website visitor clicks the category name, the events contained there in are displayed.

Events Category Accordion template

The Custom Templates add-on must be installed and activated in order for this template to work. The Custom Templates Add-on is included in any Support License and the Events Category Accordion template is an additional purchase.
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Along with the default layout, this template also has multiple shortcode parameters to order events in a certain way, or showing expired events or not, which gives you control based on your situation. If you are using Event Espresso 3, have lots of events, and categorizing those events helps your audience locate the right events for them, then using the category accordion template may help you.

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