Events Calendar Table Template

The Calendar Table template, is a list template with a bold date and customizable register now button. The template can be customized to show the event thumbnail, instead of the date.

The Events Calendar Table Template add-on for Event Espresso 3 allows you to present your events in a list style template. The template has a bolded date, large event name, dates, times, prices and a customizable register now button.

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The Table Template can be customize with shortcode parameters to show some or all events, order the events by start date, ascending/descending order, limit it to a certain number of events, expired or active events, certain categories, events during a certain month, recurring events, etc.

The Custom Templates add-on must be installed and activated in order for this template to work. The Custom Templates Add-on is included in any Support License and the Events Calendar Table template is an additional purchase.
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