Infusionsoft Integration

Infusionsoft’s all-in-one sales and marketing software is built to meet the specific needs of small business. With the Event Espresso Infusionsoft integration add-on, you can completely automate your customer relations and email marketing campaigns. Need it for EE4? Purchase here.

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Infusionsoft Quick Overview

Infusionsoft Quick Overview

The only all-in-one sales and marketing software built for small business, is now integrated with Event Espresso. The Event Espresso Infusionsoft add-on easily integrates with your Infusionsoft App and Merchant Account to seamlessly capture customer data, track registrations, and accept payments from your Event Espresso powered website. With Infusionsoft sales and marketing automation software, everything you need to get more customers, grow sales and save a whole lot of time is right at your fingertips. It’s your small business CRM, e-commerce, email and social marketing solution all in one place.

Whether you are a business who sells through a website, a retail/office location or a sales team, the fastest way to discover what Infusionsoft can do for your business is to watch a quick product demonstration video.

Our Infusionsoft integration requires you to have an account and service agreement with Infusionsoft.
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Infusionsoft Integrated Payments

Infusionsoft Integrated Payments

  • Creates a customer record in Infusionsoft upon registration, including manual registrations
  • Integrated with the Infusionsoft payment system
  • Updates customer account in Infusionsoft upon successful payment, including manual payments within Event Espresso
  • Deletes events from customer account in Infusionsoft, without deleting the customer record
  • Update payment records automatically using any of the Event Espresso built in gateways
  • Infusionsoft Gateway integration allows you to capture and charge credit cards onsite using your Infusionsoft Merchant Account
  • Add tags to newly created contacts using the ‘infusionsoft_tag_id’ the event meta field in Event Espresso
Infusionsoft Contacts

Infusionsoft Contacts

At the very basic level, when someone registers for an event, it adds that person as a contact in your Infusionsoft app and creates an order for that contact. Then you can send the contact an Invoice,  or payment reminder, from your Event Espresso powered website or your Infusionsoft app. If you update the payment status in your website, for that person, it will also update the payment status of the order that was created for the client.However,  Infusionsoft does not provide a way to communicate any updates back to your website.

This image shows a high-level overview of how the Event Espresso Infusionsoft integration works:


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