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Groupon is a promotions platform to that helps you publicize your events and live experiences with significant discounts to their audience. When a customer purchases your services via Groupon, they are provided with a unique discount code. That discount code is to be used to provide free or discounted access to your events.

The attendee still must register for your event on your own website, but their payment method may be via the promotion and discount code given to them from Groupon.

This Social Coupons integration add-on allows you to, once installed, just enter all of your social coupon codes that you are offering into your event so that when people register it can recognize those codes and allow them to register for free. How easy is that? You can even specify whether events accept the social coupons or not.

Thus, this integration allows you to use the Groupon platform to promote your events while also saving you time managing those promotions and collecting the attendee information on your own event website.

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