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Authorize.Net SIM is a hosted payment form ideal for handling the secure collection and transmission of customer data.

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Authorize.Net SIM is a hosted payment form ideal for handling the secure collection and transmission of customer data. The experience can be tailored to match the look and feel of your event ticketing website so that the customer doesn’t realize they are on a hosted page. No Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate is required; instead, a unique digital fingerprint is sent and authenticated with each SIM transaction.

How it works

The Authorize.Net SIM Payment Gateway can handle all the steps in the secure transaction process – payment data collection, data submission and the response to the customer – while keeping Authorize.Net virtually transparent.

  • Payment gateway hosted payment form employs 128-bit SSL data encryption.
  • Digital fingerprints enhance security, providing multiple layers of authentication.
  • Customize the look and feel of the payment gateway hosted payment form and/or receipt page.


About Authorize.Net

Authorize.Net is a payment gateway that enables merchants like you to accept credit card and electronic check payments via Web sites, retail stores, mail order/telephone order (MOTO) call centers and mobile devices. In other words, Authorize.Net replaces the traditional credit card swipe machine you find in the physical retail world. We capture your customers’ payment data, including card number and expiration date, from your checkout form and securely communicate with the appropriate financial institutions for processing and automatic deposit into your merchant account.

See the Credit Card Processing Diagram for a step-by-step illustration of how Authorize.Net manages your credit card transactions.

Information and Requirements

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New to Authorize.Net?

If you are new to, there are two options available to you: using as a combined Payment Gateway and Merchant Account or as a Payment Gateway only.

Option 1: Combined Payment Gateway and Merchant Account’s Pricing Plan option fees are:

  • Setup Fee: $49.00
  • Monthly Gateway Fee: $25.00
  • Per-Transaction Fee: $0.30 + 2.9%

Option 2: as Payment Gateway Only

We have a relationship with that will get you some great rates on your gateway and merchant account. These rates are better than most of our clients get from their banks.

The fees for a Card Not Present (CNP) Payment Gateway account are:

  • Non-Refundable Setup Fee: $99.00
  • Monthly Gateway Fee: $17.95
  • Per-Transaction Fee: $0.10

If you are applying for an Internet Merchant Account, the fees are:

  • Monthly Fee: $9.95
  • Authorization (Transaction) Fee: $0.25
  • Qualified Discount Rate: 2.19%
  • Minimum Monthly Discount Fee: $25.00

A list of all the fees associated with an Internet Merchant Account can be found at

The fees above, as well as fees for Card Present (CP) payment gateway and merchant accounts and all Authorize.Net value-adding services will be outlined in the application as well.

Before you begin, there a few things about the online application you should be aware of:

  •  After clicking the Apply for Authorize.Net button, you will be taken to the online application home page. Before you can access the application, you will need to create an account by clicking the Registerbutton. Simply enter your email address and create a password. Once you are finished, click Submit. You will be taken back to the online application home page where you can then sign in and begin the application process.
  • During the application process, you will need to either sign up for a merchant account, or provide specific information on your existing merchant account. If you need help finding this information, please call your assigned sales representative at the phone number listed below.
  • If you have questions regarding any page or section of the application, please click the Help link located in the upper right hand corner of any application page. These help files are extremely useful and should answer any questions you have.

Once you have completed and submitted the application, Authorize.Net will review the provided information and contact you directly concerning your account.

Connecting a website to the payment processing networks is exceptionally difficult and typically beyond the expertise and technical resources of most online merchants. Instead, merchants can easily connect to the Authorize.Net Payment Gateway, which provides the complex infrastructure and security necessary to ensure fast, reliable and secure transmission of transaction data. Authorize.Net manages the routing of transactions just like a traditional credit card swipe machine you find in the physical retail world, however, Authorize.Net uses the Internet instead of a phone line. See our credit card processing diagram.

The Authorize.Net Payment Gateway is available 24/7 for processing transactions. We also offer a number of value-adding services to assist merchants in managing their businesses and protecting themselves from fraud. Additionally, the free, Authorize.Net Verified Merchant Seal can be added to a merchant’s website to help build consumer confidence.

Merchants log into a secure website called the Merchant Interface to manage their transactions, configure account settings, view account statements, generate reports and more. Since the payment gateway is a browser-based, hosted solution, there is no software to install or maintain.

If you have a question about the Authorize.Net platform or your payment gateway account, you can find information from a number of different sources.

Our Support Center is located at This page also includes information on how to contact Authorize.Net Customer Support. We highly recommend you start there anytime you need help.

In addition, we have created a series of video tutorials to help you set up and manage your payment gateway account; these video demos are located at

If you have a technical question please see our Developer FAQs at

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