Allow discussion about your events through public comments

Events are inherently social and—now more than ever—it’s important to create ways for people to share and collect feedback about your events.

One easy and powerful way to build a relationship with your attendees is to enable commenting about your events—right on the event page!

Allowing comments on your event page allows potential registrants to ask frequently asked questions that can help other people make a decision whether to attend your event (or not).

Commenting also allows past attendees to rave about your events and offer a review for other people considering your next event.

Your events are awesome, make sure it’s super easy for people to talk to you—and others—about them with comments on your event page!

The WordPress commenting system allows you to configure moderation settings, reply right within your event page (see above image) and much more! The layout, style and format of comments are configured on a theme-by-theme basis or adopt the design from your theme.

Front-end (public) commenting

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