Object-oriented Programming

A logical and modular software design that is ripe for extension and customization.

Our goal is to make Event Espresso simple and reliable enough for the basic user, but robust and customizable enough for the enterprise-level user. One of the major refactors in Event Espresso 4 was to move from procedural-based coding to Object-oriented programming (OOP).

The premise behind OOP is to organize code into smaller software systems that can be reused throughout the entire software application. The smaller objects can also be reused rather than programmed multiple times (as is done with Procedural programming).

Experienced developers will appreciate how far we’ve abstracted the Event Espresso code, added hundreds of hooks, and added comments throughout. Developers will find that this more advanced way of programming will facilitate more complex systems and add to the possibilities of what you can build with Event Espresso.

Event Espresso