Register multiple attendees through group registrations and collect information for each attendee

Want more people at your events? Make it easy for one person to register multiple attendees or attendees at the same time during the same checkout.

Event Espresso gives you the option to allow one person to register multiple attendees for an event in one checkout session; a.k.a. group registration.

Collect Individual Attendee Information

People who register are not just purchasing multiple tickets (although you can do that too). This feature allows you to collect information about each attendee individually.

Global Feature Option

This is a feature that can be activated globally in Event Espresso. If you don’t want your staff to even have the option to allow someone to register multiple attendees during one checkout then you can the function off entierly.

Allow Group Registrations OptionEvent Specific Option

This feature can also be managed (turned on/off) on a per-event basis. If you want to allow multiple attendees to register in one checkout for one event and not allow it for another event, then you can turn on/off this feature for specific events.

Group Limit

Event organizers can control how many people can register during one checkout session.

Additional Attendee Registration InfoRegistration Info:
Control what information is asked on the registration for from the additional attendees. You can specify

  • No Information Required – Allows the same person to then purchase a number of tickets only restricted by the group limit amount.
  • Personal Information Only – This will require the First Name, Last Name and email address for each attendee (primary + additional attendees)
  • Full Registration Information – This will require the person registering to complete the entire registration form as designed for the additional attendees.

Attendee Question Groups

Question Groups per Attendee

It’s easy to specify what questions you want to ask the primary and/or additional attendees. Simply select the question group to included in the registration form.

Add/Remove additional attendees

Add Remove AttendeesIt’s also easy for the person registering to add or remove additional attendees. Just use the plus (+) or minus (-) buttons below the registration form.

Still have questions; post them in the pre-sales forum.

Event Espresso 4 now allows attendees/registrants to select multiple pricing options (e.g. different ticket or registration choices) for themselves or multiple attendees or for a group of people in one checkout session. This makes it easy for attendees to choose which tickets will give them the experience they want.

Event managers can control how many people can register in a single registration in two ways.

  • Ticket Purchases Per Order Limit
  • Per-ticket minimum and maximums

Ticket Purchases Per Order Limit

The Ticket Purchase Per Order Limit can be set on a per-event basis. This means that you can set a limit on the number of pricing options that can be purchased on a per-event basis. See Multiple Ticket & Pricing Options and Ticket Selector (pricing option selector) for more details.

Per-ticket minimum and maximums

Event Espresso 4 offers advanced controls on a per-pricing option basis for how many pricing options (e.g a ticket) someone can purchase. Event managers can restrict registrants to purchasing just one ticket, or even require that they purchase a quantity of 10. That can all be done with the Ticket Editor which is used to create pricing options. See Multiple Ticket & Pricing Options and Ticket Selector for more detail.

Individual Registrations

With Customized Event Registration, event managers can require either full, personal, or no information about the second attendee and thereafter when someone purchases multiple tickets. The option to reuse registration information from Attendee #1 (the primary attendee) is also available to registrants during the single page checkout.

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