Metabox Management and Reorganization

Organize each Event Espresso page to match your workflow.

Event Espresso leverages the WordPress user interface, which brings the ability to reorder the user interface to match your workflow processes.

Each control box (meta box) can be:

  • Collapsed
  • Re-arranged
  • Removed from the page

Each configuration is user-specific, so one size does not have to fit all users on your website.


Each metabox can be opened individually or closed when not in use by simply toggling the up/down arrows for each meta box.

Open >
Closed >


Each metabox can also be rearranged higher or lower on the page, into and out of the main content area, or into and out of the right sidebar areas.

Removing Meta Boxes

Nearly all meta boxes can be removed via the Screen Options tab at the top of the page. Simply uncheck those you don’t wish to see.

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