Duplicate or Copy an Event

Quickly create similar events instead of starting from scratch.

The powerful Duplicate event feature helps you to save a lot of time when creating new events. You can create a new event by copying or duplicating an existing event with all the same information as the original event.

Once you duplicate your event, you can simply update review and update the newly created event with new dates and information as necessary. All that takes just a moment to create the new event.

When duplicating an event, the following fields are copied from the existing event to a new event:

  • Event Name/Title
  • Permalink/url
  • Description
  • Datetime(s)
  • Ticket(s)
  • Venue Selection
  • Excerpt
  • Discussion Settings
  • Message Notification Settings
  • Event Registration Option/Settings
  • Registration Form Questions
  • Featured Image
  • Tags
  • Categories
  • Featured Image
  • Page Template Selection
  • WP User Integration add-on Settings

Create new events in moments by using the Duplicate event feature today.

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