Add an address for your organization and sell tickets and event registrations in your currency

Cater your registration and transactions to the countries, states and provinces where you host events.

The Country Settings allow event managers to configure many of the country and currency settings that will be used throughout Event Espresso, including:

  • Currency
  • Currency Name, singular and plural
  • Currency sign
  • Currency sign before/after number
  • Currency decimal places (none, 1, 2 3,)
  • Currency decimal mark character (comma or decimal)
  • Currency thousands separator (comma or decimal)
  • Country telephone code
  • European Union¬†Country indicator
  • Country appears as an option in the registration form
  • Activate/deactivate states/provinces
  • Manage (add, edit, delete) states/provinces
  • Allow users to add states/provinces during checkout
  • Manage (add, ignore) user-submitted states/provinces

Country Details


User-submitted Countries, States/Provinces

When a potential registrant is filling out their address information but the country and/or state/province is not available, they are presented with an option to add a new country state/province.

The attendee is asked to select their country and add their state/province.


Manage user-submitted states/provinces

When a registrant submits their own state/province, event managers are given the opportunity to activate or ignore the new state/province.


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