See all attendees that have registered for any event through a contact list

It’s invaluable to know who your customers are and how you’ve done business together.

Event Espresso 4 gives you more control in understanding your customers and business. We’ve made it easier to know who your customers are and how they’ve done business with you over time.

Contact Profiles

The Contact Profile page stores the name, biography, contact information, event registration history, private comments, and more about each registrant. This is like a journal for each registrant who you have done business with in the past.

Each time this person registers for a new event, their contact information is updated so that you always have the best way to reach them.


Contact List

The Contact List organizes everyone who has ever been registered as an attendee in your Event Espresso system. You can filter, search, etc. to find the right customer.


This is one of the first steps we’re taking to help you offer a better experience to your attendees and help you become more successful.

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