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Announcing the Promotions add-on beta for Event Espresso 4

Attention discount loving event promoters! Behold the Promotions add-on beta! Finally, the Promotions add-on is ready for you to test its new, more flexible, publicity boosting, discount-ticket-price-obsessed event promoting features!


The Promotions add-on is compatible with Event Espresso 4.8 (also in beta) and available to download from the pre-release channel.


The new promotions add-on for Event Espresso 4 includes discounting with or without discount codes, cart discounts, and a new UI.

New Automatic (no-code discount) and discount limits features

The Promotions add-on can be used to set up promo-code based discounts and non-promo-code or automatic discounts to help encourage more event ticket buying.


It allows you to set quantity limits on usage, as well as set a range of dates when promotions are applied to the price of an event ticket transaction.

That’s right, the cart total is discounted

When you set up a fixed discount type promotion, the amount will be taken off the price of the entire cart. This is a departure from how EE3 discounted a set amount for each ticket in the cart.


Side note: You can still make it so the discount is increased with each ticket purchased by using the percent discount type promotion.

New UI for inputting and managing promotions

All of the promotions management happens within the promotions management screen, which keeps you out of the event editor. This helps speed up the input and management of promotions. Now you’ll have more time to spend on your other event managery tasks!

You’re welcome.

We look forward to your feedback from testing the Promotions add-on beta. Please feel free to start a new topic in the Pre-release channel forum if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.

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18 Things Your Boss Expects You to Know About EE4 Ticketing

  1. Event Espresso 4 Ticketing features are added with two add-ons
  2. The EE4 Ticketing add-on adds the ability to generate tickets with bar codes
  3. The EE4 Barcode Scanning add-on adds the ability to scan ticket bar codes
  4. The add-ons are available to download from the Pre-Release Channel
  5. The add-ons require Event Espresso 4.5-beta or greater
  6. Pre Release access is available to current EE3 ticketing license holders
  7. We will be adding ticketing to the site as another demo option
  8. The Ticketing add-on adds the ticketing message type to Event Espresso 4 which includes the ability to customize tickets that people will receive for the events
  9. You can create templates for various styles of tickets and assign them to whatever event you want to use that template for
  10. Multiple bar code types are included for handling check-in scans at the door
  11. People can either print out their tickets or display them on their mobile devices
  12. The barcode scanner can be used for checking in or checkout out attendees
  13. The scanner add-on will work with any barcode that contains the special encoded registration_url_link
  14. If the barcode is not readable or a scanner not available, there’s a fall back where a form can be input for manual code entry without a scanner
  15. The barcode scanner add-on works with most USB or BlueTooth handheld scanning hardware
  16. The scanner interface looks like this: Barcode Scanner
  17. The printable tickets look like this: ticket
  18. After beta testing is done, these add-ons will be available for purchase

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The Low Down on Event Espresso 4.5 and its Shocking Truth Revealed!

It’s really not all that shocking, but here’s a partial list of the new features, enhancements, and fixes that are coming your way in Event Espresso 4.5:

Get Started!
Purchase the Printable Tickets and Printable TicketsTicket Scanning add-ons for Event Espresso 4.
  • Event Espresso Capabilities for WordPress user role management
  • New message types: Invoices and Receipts. Allows for editing invoices and receipts from within the WordPress admin
  • Support for latin-1 characters (UTF-8) in PDFs
  • New option to display a range of dates in the Upcoming Events widget
  • New themeing system for Messages
  • New shortcodes for Messages
  • New option to limit datetimes in the Upcoming Events widget

Would you like to get a first hand look at Event Espresso 4.5? If so, you can download an pre-release copy from your account page after you opt into the pre-release channel.

If you have any feedback or questions about any of the new features in this release, we welcome your feedback. Please leave a comment here or start a thread in our Pre-release forum and we’ll be sure to follow up.

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Would You Like to Preview Some New Features?

We’ve been working on a really cool new set of features that you’re going to love. We’re finishing up some of them and we’ll be releasing Event Espresso 4.3 very soon. Here are a few of the features we’ve added in Event Espresso 4.3 that we’re excited to tell you about:

  • A button for duplicating events
  • An option to make one ticket type required before other ticket types can be selected
  • Ticket bundles
  • Graduated ticket pricing
  • A Newsletter message type for sending batch emails
  • Automatic payment status updates on the Thank You page
  • New hooks designed to be used with Advanced Custom Fields to allow for custom event content

Would you like to preview some of these new features? If so, you can download an pre-release copy of Event Espresso 4.3 from your account page after you opt into the pre-release channel. If you have any feedback or questions about any of the new features in this release, we welcome your feedback. Please leave a comment here or start a thread in our Pre-release forum and we’ll be sure to follow up.

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Using jQuery in safe mode

From time to time, we receive a support request from one of our customers asking for help with something missing from a new Event Espresso installation. Sometimes, the element in question is the Calendar, or parts on the registration page are not working.

Event Espresso uses jQuery to power both the calendar and the interactive elements of the registration page, and these features depend on jQuery being run in safe (or no-conflict mode). Any theme that has passed the review process for the theme repository will load jQuery in no-conflict mode, but what about the thousands of other themes out there? (more…)

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Event Espresso
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