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Automatic updates have been re-activated

As we mentioned earlier this week, was the target of a DDOS attack. We want to reaffirm your data was never compromised nor vulnerable. Our user data has and been and will continue to be secure, and we continue to take action to keep it protected.

Today we have added measures to prevent additional DDOS attacks in the future and implemented rate-limiting on the api endpoints for our plugin update engine. While doing this, we also noticed an inefficient query that compounded the server problems and we fixed that too.

To make a long story short, automatic updates have been re-enabled. You should begin receiving update notifications for the Event Espresso suite of plugins as updates become available. Hint: Event Espresso 4.4.4 was released earlier today so watch for that update notification.

However, there is the possibility that we may still have to fine tune some of the measures we’ve put in place. If any of the following happen to you:

  • You have multiple Event Espresso plugins installed and get update notifications for some that have updates but not others.
  • You are browsing our site, interacting with forums and get a cannot connect message seemingly randomly at intervals.

Please contact us with as much detail you can provide as possible and we’ll look into things and see if there’s a problem with some preventative measures we put in place on our server.

Again, thanks for the patience during this experience! If you have any questions or comments, please contact us or comment below.

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Scheduled Website Maintenance Sept. 24, 10PM MT

In an effort to further improve the speed and reliability of the website services (e.g. validating support license keys and serving plugin updates), we’ll be taking offline for about two hours this evening to perform some database optimization maintenance.

Get status updates from

Like we always advise Event Espresso users, we will backup the database just as a precaution. The website database will remain secure and your account information will continue to be protected during this scheduled maintenance.

If you have any questions or concerns, please comment below or contact us.

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Event Espresso 4 Decaf (lite/free) Now Available for Download

ImageEvent Espresso 4 Decaf (lite/free) has been officially released as the most flexible, powerful and easy-to-use WordPress events plugin. After three years of development, and more awesome enhancements already in the works, every event manager and WordPress developer should rely on Event Espresso 4.

Event Espresso 4 Decaf provides core event registration management features for WordPress:

  • Host unlimited events (single datetimes per event)
  • Create an unlimited number of types of tickets
  • Sell unlimited tickets for each event or all events
  • Restrict ticket sales to the availability of different ticket types
  • Restrict the ticket sales to the availability of the date and time (datetime) of the event, regardless of how many tickets or which ticket combinations are sold.
  • Collect payments via PayPal Standard, Invoice, Bank Draft, and Check. Additional payment methods are available in Event Espresso 4 Regular (premium)
  • Collect personal and address information for each registrant
  • Send automatic Registration Approved, Registration Not Approved, Registration Pending Payment, and Payment Received email confirmations.
  • And more!

The Event Espresso 4 Decaf core is a great place to start for the new event organizer.

Two Ways to Download

A BIG Thank You

Seth Shoultes, co-founder, offers his thanks to the Event Espresso users and staff who made this possible:

Users of Event Espresso 3, from all over the world, deserve a GREAT BIG THANK YOU! You have played a major role in steering the features we developed for EE4 over time. It’s our turn to repay you for all of your patience and guidance over the last 5+ years.

I truly hope you enjoy EE4 and all of the work we have put into this version of the plugin since we started development almost three years ago now. I am sure you will find EE4 much more flexible and intuitive than any other event registration and management system on WordPress.

Get the Caffeine – Upgrade to Regular (Premium)

Save more time and money, and get more power with Event Espresso 4 Regular (premium), which has exclusive features such as:

To Upgrade:

We hope you like Event Espresso 4 decaf, please leave us a comment below and tell us what you think.

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Major Release Update: Event Espresso 4.4.0.p Now Available

Event Espresso IconThis major release for Event Espresso 4 brings a couple new features but many enhancements and fixes. We’ve added the ability to customize the ticket selector (via filter), a button for attendees to resend their payment or registration emails from the thank you page, raised the PHP version requirement to 5.3+ for 4.4+, allow date and time localization (i18n), and more.

Please backup your website before making any changes.
EE4.4 self-deactivates if your PHP version is less than PHP 5.3, please see Raising the PHP Requirements for Event Espresso 4.
Create an account now and download Event Espresso 4 Decaf for free.

New Features

Notable Enhancements

  • Raising the php requirements to 5.3+
    Customers can always download and install EE 4.3.2, from the pre-release channel within your account, which is compatible with PHP 5.2 until they can find a better web host.
  • Add filters to change date and time localization (i18n)
  • Adding theme conditionals and template tags
  • Add Bank Draft (EFT) to payment options listed in refunds screen
  • Create “template_tags.php” File For Holding ALL Template Tags
  • Send the Event Name with shopping cart info to PayPal Standard
  • Move all publicly editable templates, assets, etc into a “Public” folder within the plugin root

Notable Fixes

  • ESPRESSO_EVENTS shortcodes params getting overwritten
  • Usage of do_shortcode() with EE shortcodes in templates
  • Maintenance Mode for visitors appearing as a blank page
  • Ticket editor ticket limit (max_input_vars)
  • Invoice showing registration details for extra registration groups in reverse order
  • Month property not working in event shortcodes
For a complete history of updates and changes to EE4 and the EE4-compatible add-ons, see the change log for Event Espresso 4.

Updating to Event Espresso 4.4.0.p

Have a question about using Event Espresso 4?

Try searching the documentation for Event Espresso 4. If you are still stuck after searching, then please create a support post in our support forums so we can help you!

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MailChimp Integration Now Available for Event Espresso 4

Event Espresso MailChimp IntegrationThe MailChimp Integration add-on for EE4 is now available. This integration makes it quick and easy to add subscribers (your attendees/registrants) to any LIST or GROUP from any of your events.

The integration between EE4 and MailChimp is unique, in that you can select which fields you want to transfer from Event Espresso to MailChimp. For example, if you provide events for children, instead of asking for and transferring (merging) the child’s email address, you can ask for the parent’s email address in a custom question field and transfer (merge) that custom question field answer to the MailChimp list or group.

We’re proud of this MailChimp add-on for EE4 and hope you like it too.

Customers who have access to the MailChimp Integration for Event Espresso 3 also have access to the MailChimp Integration for Event Espresso 4. If you have questions about this please contact the sales team.

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Feature Spotlight: Using Datetime and Ticket Names to Consolidate Event Pages

In Event Espresso 4, if you manage the online event registration and ticketing for a category of events (e.g. volunteering opportunities or an on-going writing workshop) you can configure ONE event page and let the multiple datetime and multiple ticket names specify the different dates and ticket options.

Configuring your events this way allows you to:

  • have one event page with a specific url where you can refer people to time and time again via email or over the phone or in social media, etc
  • Optimize this special event page for your particular type of event to increase your search engine optimization ranking and ticket sales
  • Present more volunteering/purchasing options to people at once rather than making them view multiple pages or check out/purchase multiple times

Here is an example of this strategy with all the upcoming volunteering opportunities for a non-profit organization.

In this case your organization offers multiple types of volunteering opportunities that occur on different dates. Once you have configured your event registration and ticketing for these similar types of events, your potential customers/attendees/volunteers will be presented with all the volunteering opportunities on ONE page. This is what the front-end would look like (click to enlarge).

You can only get this type of control with Event Espresso. 

Multiple events registration datetime tickets wordpress one page

Take a look at this Event Espresso 4 tutorial if you want to see how it’s done.

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Instant web notifications now available from

Today we released a new way to stay in touch with the important news and updates from Event Espresso. Leveraging the Roost web notification service, Mac OSX users can get instant updates about news from Event Espresso right to their desktop.

When you visit on a Mac with OSX AND while using the Safari web browser you will be presented with the opportunity to subscribe:


Currently, you must visit using Mac OSX AND the Safari browser to initiate the notification invitation process. Roost is working on support for FireFox and Chrome.

Web notifications from Event Espresso will be presented on your desktop according to your Notification Settings (Preferences > Notifications).


If you miss a desktop alert then the Event Espresso announcement will be available in your notification panel.


We hope you find this a convenient way of staying up-to-date with Event Espresso. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or contact us.

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Release Update: Event Espresso 4.2.6.p

An update for Event Espresso 4 is now available. Event Espresso 4.2.6.p offers one enhancement and 13 fixes.

Please backup your WordPress before making any changes.


  • Add option to show events from all categories in the Upcoming Events widget


  • Upcoming events widget formatting, remove extra line breaks and spacing, defaults of false not selecting
  • Preview button not showing for regular WordPress post-types
  • Logo Sizes in Order Confirmation PDF
  • Clarifying that the “skip migrations” = “reset database and delete old data”
  • indexOf(s) is not a function
  • Event Access Information under Ticket Details shows “Remaining” but that heading no longer exists
  • Fix date display in content-espresso_events-header.php to allow for translation
  • Themes that use “get_the_excerpt()” instead of “the_excerpt()” are missing EE content.
    Please note many of the headings in the event templates of prior versions have been removed as part of the work done in this ticket
  • Move to Trash Link in Venues Editor allows you to Delete Locked Venues
  • Arabica 2014 – change category icon from “tags” to “category”
  • EE4 Core 4.1 DMS crashing during events_Question_group stage
  • Fix error on sorting venues by ID in venue list table
  • Fix errors getting hidden by try catch block
For a complete history of the updates and changes to EE4 and the EE4-compatible add-ons, see the entire EE4 Changelog.

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New Themes Integrated with EE4 from Event Manager Blog

The theme developers at Event Manager Blog have added compatibility for EE4 into their gorgeous premium event themes, Fudge, Januas, Tyler, and Vertoh. If you’re in the market for a premium WordPress event theme, we’d recommend you check these out.


Fudge allows you to display your event on a single, stylish scrollable page without compromising on functionalities and advanced performer and session management. Perfect for conference website template for Meetings, Annual Events, Workshops, Seminars.



If you plan multiple events a year, Januas is the perfect solution to display all of your conferences, seminars, meetings or workshops under one roof. You can easily categorize each event and feature events on your homepage.



Tyler is a powerful event WordPress theme that offers all the features you need in an event website. Dedicated Speaker and Schedule page, and Social media integration. Perfect for large meetings, conferences and annual events.



Vertoh offers conferences and exhibitions a unique bundle of features to fit any type and size of event. You can add or remove sections to fit your conference/exhibition style.


Using Event Espresso 4 with Fudge, Januas, Tyler and Vertoh

Event Manager Blog has tried to keep the integration with EE4 as easy as possible. All that is required is that you configure your event and use the event-specific shortcode in one location.

Here’s the easy-to-follow documentation on using EE4 with Fudge and Tyler.

Check out these premium themes. We think you’ll like what you see.

Are you a theme developer?

Here a few resources  to assist theme developers who want to integrate with EE4:


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Prices Increase June 1, 2014


In the December 2013 newsletter, we mentioned that our plugin prices would be increased in 2014. However, we’ve been so focused on building, testing and releasing EE4 (with 50+ features) that we’re just now finally able to make the official announcement (six months later).

It has been nearly two years since we have raised prices. By sharing Event Espresso with your friends and colleagues you have helped us grow and keep prices low. As you continue to share Event Espresso with others, it might be another two years before prices are increased.

We understand that no one likes higher prices for things, so out of respect to our customers, we want to be transparent and give you three ways to get greater value and choice.

So, please keep in mind that Event Espresso is an open source and mostly community based project. The revenue that comes from support license sales goes right back into the project and helps to provide for our families, as we work to add new features and maintain and support the ever expanding codebase.

We hope you see this announcement as fair and respectful. The following changes take effect June 1, 2014:

An 11% Increase for EE3 Support License, 25% Increase for EE3 Add-ons

In general, the core EE3 Support Licenses prices will be increased by 11% while the EE3 Add-on prices will increase by 25%. As always, we try to offer you the best value which is why we left the Support License prices as low as possible.

We see your purchase of Event Espresso as an investment that funds the development of new features and improvements to the quality of the product. We know Event Espresso users can save time and make more money by using Event Espresso than without EE–and we have heard this from many users. However, some customers may feel the new EE3 plugin prices are too high, and we understand that sentiment. In that case, we encourage customers who need a lower-priced option to take a look at Event Espresso 4 which is priced at about 50% less and includes more (just not identical) features than EE3.

EE3 Support Licenses 2013 ($) 2014 ($)
EE3 Personal 89.95 99.95
EE3 Business 179.95 199.95
EE3 Developer 499.95 549.95
EE3 Add-ons 2013 ($) 2014 ($)
Custom Templates (CTA) 15.00 19.95
CTA – Accordion 15.00 19.95
CTA – Date Range 15.00 19.95
CTA – Grid 15.00 19.95
CTA – Recurring 15.00 19.95
CTA – Table 15.00 19.95
CTA – Vector 20.00 19.95
Custom Files 34.95 39.95
Groupon 24.95 29.95
Infusionsoft 59.95 69.95
MailChimp 24.95 34.95
Multiple Events 39.95 49.95
Permissions Basic 59.95 69.95
Permissions Pro 99.95 119.95
Recurring Events 39.95 49.95
Seating Chart 249.95 299.95
Ticketing 149.95 179.95
WP User Integration 34.95 39.95


What about EE4 prices?
While “in Beta”, Event Espresso 4 Beta will be discounted significantly (approx. 50%). As the EE4 Beta matures to a “stable” development status, the price will rise. Those who purchase at this discounted rate are still entitled to 12 months of support and upgrades.

Buy/Renew before June 1 to Get The Lower Rates

You can take advantage of this notification period (the time between this announcement and June 1 when prices change), to buy a Support License or renew your current support license to extend it an additional 12 months.

  • New customers can buy now to save 11% off their first Support License (rather than pay more after prices increase).
  • Existing customers can renew now to save 36%-61% (rather than renew after the prices increase). We have triggered the renewal process for all existing customers who have purchased in the last three (3) months. You should have received an email with the links to help you renew, or you can look for the renewal buttons from your Account page. If your account does not expire in the next three (3) months but you want to renew, then please contact us.

More Power and Choice with Event Espresso 4

If you’ve taken some time to install or demo EE4 (which you can do for free at, you will notice that EE4 is a real advancement. EE4 has many of the new features that you have been requesting. EE4 also has a new interface, data structure and coding method; not to mention a significantly lower price than EE3.

If you were not already aware, EE4 core is available to existing EE3 customers. Today we’re also announcing that customers who purchase an EE3 support package will have access to the equivalent add-ons in EE4 (based on availability). This means that if you have access to an add-on for EE3 and we release that same add-on for EE4, you will also have access to the EE4 add-on for free as part of your EE3 support license. This offer will be available as long as the prices for the EE4 support licenses and add-ons are less than the equivalent EE3 support licenses and add-ons. We’re more concerned that you have access to the solution that can best meet your needs.

Please note that regardless of your access to EE3 or EE4, your support license only entitles you to upgrades and support for one website (regardless of the version you are using).

If you’ve not already read, we have A New Direction for the Event Espresso 4 Support Licenses. This new direction will allow you to purchase and renew only the products you need and want. We do intend to offer package discounts in the future, but our core EE4 Support License will offer you more flexibility now.

We aim to be respectful and transparent and help you be successful in your event business. We hope that the new pricing structure is easy to follow, but if you have any questions or comments, please contact us or comment below.

We’re excited about the future for Event Espresso and are continually re-investing time, money, and energy to improve our product and save you time and money in return. Your support makes all this possible, and for that we thank you.

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