21 Women’s Leadership Workshop Ideas

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Events like workshops are a wonderful way to empower women to network and enhance their personal growth. Women’s workshops are important because they provide a safe space for gathering ideas and developing quality connections with other women.

What is a women’s workshop?

A women’s workshop is a gathering of women that empowers each other with enriching activities targeted to a woman’s personal and professional development. The workshop topics can vary from women’s health, careers, relationships, personal skills, arts, and many more. 

Reasons to organize a women’s workshop

Organizing women’s workshops brings a lot of benefits to the participants. It provides an opportunity for collaborative and hands-on learning compared to a regular event. 

Studies have shown that women can contribute significantly in their area of expertise when they are empowered. “Decades of studies show women leaders help increase productivity, enhance collaboration, inspire organizational dedication, and improve fairness.” the article said.

Furthermore, a women’s workshop can help build community and networking opportunities for relationships. A Harvard study states that the key to happiness is through connections with relationships. 

If you’re considering starting a women’s workshop, we have compiled different women’s workshop activities in different categories. We hope these ideas can be of help and inspiration to your workshop planning.

21 Empowering Women’s Workshop Activity and Ideas

Career Women Workshops

1. Women’s Leadership Seminars

Invest in your team’s skills by conducting corporate workshops that develop your team’s leadership skills. Empower your team members, especially women, to speak up and share their ideas. 

The workshop can feature personal leadership assessment, communication skills enhancement, conflict resolution, and other topics that your group needs. Workshop moderators can include mentorship, networking, goal-setting activities, storytelling workshops, and more. 

2. Marketing Masterclass

Marketing is a broad and powerful topic which your workshop group can benefit from. Host a series of workshops that tackle digital marketing, public relations, branding, content marketing, event marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, customer feedback, and more. 

Learning about marketing is best when people collaborate and learn from each other. Exposure to successful women marketers and industry leaders can inspire workshop participants and provide them with role models to look up to.

3. Self Confidence Workshop

Build your team’s confidence and empower them to perform their best. There are a lot of fun activities for this type of feel-good workshop. Here are some examples: 

  • Positive Affirmation
  • Problem-solving Activity
  • Strengths Assessment
  • Positive Memory Sharing

4. Writing Exercises

Writing plays a significant role in how individuals express themselves. Conduct writing exercises to enhance their creativity and boost your attendees’ self-confidence. Writing workshops can improve skills needed not just in the workplace but also for personal development. 

Women’s Personal Development

Women's Workshop Ideas - Crafting

5. Creativity and Personal Expression

Provide a safe space for women to explore their thoughts and express their emotions. Suggest creative workshop options like free-form art expression, visual storytelling, and vision board creation. Connecting through art forms a bond among participants that can carry on even after the workshop. 

6. Wellness Session

Attendees will appreciate a relaxing workshop session to unwind and destress. A wellness workshop can have self-care activities like a massage, yoga, stress management techniques, and art workshops. 

The workshop can be a mini-retreat to give participants a chance to physically escape from their daily routine. Coming together with like-minded women who share a collective commitment to self-care creates an inclusive and supportive environment for the workshop.

7. Cooking Workshops

Take your participants into a gastrointestinal experience with a cooking workshop. There are endless possibilities for topics in a cooking workshop. Interactive cooking challenges, themed lunches and dinners, and special dietary menu cooking are just some of the cooking workshop activities you can do

8. Environment and Climate Change Workshops

Women today are powerful agents of change. Discussing climate change and environmental issues in an event may seem boring but event organizers can organize it in a way that can engage the participants. Fun topics to discuss: Upcycling workshops, Nature Scavenger Hunt, Zero Waste Project, Gardening, Green Beauty, and Skin Care.

9. Roundtable Discussion

Gather and brainstorm with the group with a Roundtable Discussion workshop. Women can bring a problem to the table for discussion while fellow participants chip in the discussion. Aside from this, a roundtable discussion can be an opportunity to brainstorm ideas or come up with solutions. 

Let attendees experience the empowering experience of women helping women. After the workshop, participants can enjoy a special bond of unity and camaraderie. 

10. Body Positivity 

Promote self-acceptance and self-love with an uplifting workshop on Body Positivity. This topic can benefit women’s mental health given the pressure surrounding this topic. 

Refresh women as they enter your event venue by adding decorations and interactive elements such as mirror compliments, fashion shows of all sizes, DIY outfit-making for all sizes, and body scans. 

11. Building healthy relationships

Be intentional in creating events that build emotional and social skills. Women are highly relational people and would be greatly interested in workshops that contribute value to their social life. 

Healthy relationships do not happen overnight. Building relationships requires intentionality to learn and engage in activities that strengthen one’s relational skills. 

12. Parenting and Motherhood

Entering the parenting and motherhood phase marks a special moment in every woman’s life. During this phase, women need a strong support system and a community of fellow women. A parenting workshop addresses various topics, ranging from newborn care to adolescence and adulthood.

13. Emotional Intelligence

People are social and emotional beings. It is rare to have workshops in the workplace to talk about emotions and feelings. By conducting workshops on emotional intelligence, the workplace can be a safe and encouraging place to work.

Women’s Hobbies

14. Book Clubs

Books are great hobbies and extracurricular activities for women. Host a book club on different genres, depending on the attendees’ interest. Book choices can be about women’s empowerment, leadership, relationships, and self-care. 

Participants can develop friendships as they answer questions and share insights related to the book. Book clubs are a great way to gain fresh insights and make new friends. 

15. Makeup Artistry Workshops

Learning the art of makeup can help enhance one’s self-confidence. Makeup is the art of enhancing one’s facial features. 

Workshops allow for hands-on learning with experts. Women can practice their artistic expression, experiment with colors, and develop their style. The concluding activity can be modeling their makeup style to the whole group.

16. Personal Style and Branding

A workshop session on personal style and branding can encourage women to discover their personalities and desired branding for themselves. A personal branding workshop leads to healthy self-awareness and self-esteem.

17. Photography

Photography enables women to share their perspectives and vision by taking control of their camera lenses. Participants can also practice mindfulness and observation in this creative workshop as they try to capture images and create their own visual storytelling. Women can enjoy a self-portrait session after the workshop too. 

18. Arts and Crafts Workshop

Bring out the inner child of your attendees by hosting a workshop that makes use of their imagination and hands. Immersing oneself in arts and crafts gives a sensory and self-care experience for participants. Popular arts and crafts are jewelry making, pottery, watercolor painting, scrapbooking, calligraphy, and woodworking. 

Women’s Fitness

Women's Workshop Ideas - Fitness

19. Self Defense

Highlight a woman’s strengths by organizing a self-defense workshop. This training workshop can leave women feeling empowered and confident after. The workshop flow can start with an explanation of personal safety and awareness. 

Pair participants and conduct training exercises like basic strike and defense, ground defense, simulation drills, and more. 

20. Walkathons

Boost endorphins by hosting walkathons for women. This type of event can be to raise funds for women’s causes. Make the walks exciting by adding topics to talk about during the walk. The topics can be topics about anything under the sun. These walks can also serve as a support system for women attendees.

21. Sports Fest 

Women's Workshop - Sports Fest

Excite your attendees with a fun and healthy competition through sports. Encourage camaraderie, teamwork, and empowerment with sports like volleyball, tennis, pickleball, cricket, and track and field. Organize this into a monthly event or ongoing tournament to continue and nurture your community. 

Tips for Organizing a Women’s Workshop

  • Build on community

Nothing convinces a person to attend your workshops more than when they hear it from their friends. Start to invest in your community by producing valuable content, being personal, and creating a culture and vibe for your existing audience. 

People are turned off by excessive and hard selling. Event planners must learn to truly give value to their audience so attending their events will be an easy decision. 

  • Be inclusive and diverse 

Turn your workshop attendees into your community by giving them a memorable and good experience. Double-check your event program to make sure that it is sensitive and thoughtful for all participants. 

  • Invest in a good facilitator

The facilitator will determine the tone for your workshops. Your audience will only engage when they feel comfortable with the group and environment. When your attendees feel judged or unwelcomed, they are less likely to participate. The facilitator needs to create psychological safety to keep participants active and engaged. 

  • Be prepared

Workshop attendees can feel if the workshop they are attending is crammed or well thought out. Prepare in advance for thoughtful details like signages, name tags, snacks, etc. Show professionalism by having a well-designed event site. Set up custom event registration forms before the workshop event to get important information about your participants that you can use to prepare for your event. 

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