Father’s Day Fundraising Ideas: 15 Ways to Celebrate and Give Back

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Put on your fundraising hats because Father’s Day is almost approaching. Not only is it a day to celebrate the superheroes in our lives, but it’s also an opportunity to make a difference via donations.

According to the National Retail Federation, people spent an astounding $20 billion on Father’s Day gifts in 2022, with an average of $171.79 spent per person. That’s a whole lot of love for our dads and a whole lot of potential for fundraising success!

We’ve listed some Father’s Day fundraising ideas that can help you generate funds while making dads feel appreciated and special. Read on.

Most Profitable Father’s Day Fundraising Ideas

1. Father’s Day Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are a popular choice for Father’s Day fundraisers. A gift basket is a classic fundraising idea that is easy to execute. Create and sell themed gift baskets (BBQ, golf, or sports-themed baskets) with items that would make great Father’s Day gifts.

Fill your gift basket with items like snacks, golf accessories, grilling tools, grooming products, books, and beverages. Customizable gift baskets with a variety of price points can appeal to a wider range of customers and supporters and will surely appeal to dads.

  • Estimated Cost: This varies based on the items included, but may range from $20 to $100 per basket. Donations from local companies and individuals might help to lower the cost.
  • Estimated Earnings: Determined by the number of baskets sold and the selling price. With a selling price of $50 per basket and a total of 50 baskets sold, the total revenue is $2,500. After deducting the expected $1,000 cost, the net profit would be $1,500.

2. BBQ Cook-Off

A BBQ cook-off is a fun way to raise funds for charity while supporting local small businesses. Invite local restaurants or food trucks for a cooking competition.

Charge a fee for contestants and sell tickets for food sampling and voting for the best BBQ to raise funds. Participants can compete in different categories, and attendees can purchase tickets to sample the food and vote for their favorites.

  • Estimated Cost: $2,300 which includes venue rental, BBQ supplies, marketing, staff, and prizes.
  • Estimated Earnings: $5,000, which includes entry fees, ticket sales, and donations/sponsorships. The expected profit is $2,700.

3. Father’s Day Brunch

Increase Father’s Day fundraising ideas by hosting a brunch with a local restaurant, selling tickets, and offering breakfast, drinks, raffles, and auctions. Donating a portion of proceeds to a charity supporting fathers creates a positive impact.

  • Estimated Cost: $500-$2,000 (depending on the size and scope of the event).
  • Estimated Earnings: $2,000-$10,000 (depending on the number of attendees and ticket prices).

4. Father’s Day Golf Tournament

Fathers are naturally competitive in nature. Why not use that as a means to raise funds? Host a golf tournament where dads can compete for prizes while having fun on the course. Sell tickets to the event and offer sponsorships or advertisements to local businesses to raise additional funds and build relationships and partnerships with the community. 

  • Estimated Cost: The cost of hosting a golf tournament can vary widely depending on factors such as the venue, equipment rental, marketing expenses, and the number of participants. A small-scale event with 50 participants might cost around $5,000, while a larger event with 200 participants could cost upwards of $20,000.
  • Estimated Earnings: Assuming an average ticket price of $100 and a participation rate of 100 people for a small-scale event, the revenue from ticket sales alone would be $10,000. If the event were able to secure sponsorships and advertisements, additional revenue could be generated.

For a larger event with 200 participants, assuming the same ticket price and participation rate, the revenue from ticket sales alone would be $20,000. Again, additional revenue could be generated from sponsorships and advertisements.

5. Silent Auction

Collect donated items such as sports tickets, gift cards, electronics, and sports memorabilia. Have attendees bid on them throughout the event. The highest bidder at the end of the auction gets to take home the item.

Selling food and drinks is a fantastic idea to raise additional funds.

  • Estimated Cost: The estimated cost of hosting a silent auction can vary depending on the number of items being auctioned, the venue, and marketing expenses. However, it can be a relatively low-cost fundraising event if you have a dedicated team of volunteers to help collect donations and organize the auction.
  • Estimated Earnings: Here are some potential earnings for a silent auction: Let’s say you have 50 items up for auction and the average winning bid is $50 per item. That would generate a total revenue of $2,500.

You can also offer additional fundraising opportunities by selling food and drinks during the event, which can bring in additional revenue.

Father’s Day Fundraising Ideas that are Budget-Friendly

6. Virtual Father’s Day Celebration

Hosting a virtual Father’s Day celebration is a budget-friendly and safe way to celebrate. You can organize virtual games, contests, and other activities to engage fathers and their families. You can also sell tickets to the event and offer sponsorships to generate funds.

  • Estimated Cost: The cost of hosting a virtual Father’s Day celebration can be relatively low as there are no expenses for a physical venue, decorations, or equipment rentals. The main cost might be the cost of the virtual platform used to host the event, but there are many free options available such as Google Meet.
  • Estimated Earnings: The potential earnings for a virtual Father’s Day celebration will depend on the number of attendees and the ticket price. Since the event is virtual, there is no limit to the number of attendees, which means there is potential for high attendance and revenue. However, the ticket price would need to be reasonable to attract attendees and cover the cost of the virtual platform and any other expenses associated with the event.

7. DIY Gift Ideas

The idea is to encourage people to create DIY gifts for Father’s Day using inexpensive materials or things with sentiments. Conduct a workshop or online tutorial, where participants can pay a small participation fee.

Another option is to sell DIY kits for those who prefer to create them at home. Selling DIY Kits is a budget-friendly and heartfelt gift-giving option that can be used as a fundraising opportunity.

  • Estimated Cost: If you choose to sell DIY kits, the cost will depend on the materials included and the number of kits you plan to sell. You can factor in the cost of materials, packaging, and shipping if you plan to sell the kits online. You can set the price of the kits based on the cost and add a markup to generate funds. For example, if the cost of materials for one kit is $5, you can sell it for $10 or more.
  • Estimated Earnings: Hosting a DIY workshop can be very cost-effective as you can use inexpensive materials and charge a small participation fee. For example, if you have 20 participants and charge $10 per person, your total revenue will be $200.

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8. Father’s Day Raffle

Sell raffle tickets to attendees and offer exciting prizes like electronics, sports gear, gift cards, or even a weekend getaway. You can also partner with local businesses to donate prizes and increase participation.

Make sure to promote the raffle in advance to attract a large number of participants. Promote your raffle through social media, email marketing, or flyers around the community. The more tickets you sell, the more money you will generate for your organization. Raffles are a fun and simple way to raise funds and add excitement to your Father’s Day event.

  • Estimated costs???
  • Estimated Earnings: The potential earnings from selling raffle tickets will depend on several factors, such as the number of tickets sold, the price of the tickets, and the value of the prizes offered. For example, if you sell 200 tickets at $10 each and offer a prize valued at $500, your total revenue would be $2,000. However, keep in mind that you will need to deduct the cost of the prize and any expenses related to organizing the raffle.

9. Father’s Day Coupon Book

Creating a Father’s Day coupon book is a simple and unique way to generate funds. The coupon book can include a variety of coupons for different services that fathers can redeem such as car wash, lawn care, or meal prep. These services can be donated by local businesses or individuals in the community.

Sell your coupon book for a fixed price and offer discounts for bulk purchases. To increase sales, you can also provide templates for customers to create personalized coupon books.

Partnering with local businesses can help you offer more discounts and generate more sales. Overall, coupon books are a creative and budget-friendly gift idea that fathers will appreciate and a profitable fundraising idea for event planners or coordinators looking to support a good cause.

Cost and earnings of Father’s Day coupon book fundraisers vary based on factors such as coupon quantity, printing/marketing costs, and selling price. Here are some rough estimates:

  • Estimated Cost: The cost of producing the coupon book could range from $0 if all coupons are donated, to several hundred dollars if printing costs, graphic design, or advertising is required.
  • Estimated Earnings: If the coupon book is priced at $10 and you sell 500 copies, you could generate $5,000 in revenue. However, the actual earnings will depend on the selling price, the number of books sold, and the cost of producing the book.

10. Father’s Day Donation Drive

Organize a Father’s Day donation drive to support a cause and give back to the community. Collect donated items like clothes, books, or toys, and sell them to generate funds for your organization.

You can set fundraising goals and offer incentives to encourage more people to participate in the event. For example, you can offer prizes or rewards for those who donate the most items or reach a certain donation threshold.

You can also partner with local charities that support fathers or father figures in need, such as homeless shelters, veteran organizations, or low-income communities.

The cost and earnings of a donation drive can vary depending on several variables. However, here are some general figures to give you an idea:

  • Estimated Cost: Assuming a small-scale event with minimal marketing expenses, the cost could be around $50-$100.
  • Estimated Earnings: The earnings of a donation drive depend on the number and value of donated items collected, as well as the prices at which they are sold. Assuming a small-scale event with 50 donated items, each worth an average of $10, and sold at 50% off their original price, the total earnings could be around $250-$500. However, if more high-value items are donated and sold at higher prices, the earnings could be much higher.

Father’s Day Fundraising Ideas for Schools

11. Father’s Day Gift Shop

As an event planner, you can organize a temporary gift shop in the school where children can purchase affordable Father’s Day gifts for their dads. Your gift shop can feature handmade crafts, greeting cards, and small tokens like keychains or coffee mugs.

You can work with local businesses or artists to supply the gift items or encourage children to create their homemade gifts to sell at the shop. A Father’s Day gift shop is a great way to promote creativity and community involvement while raising funds for your school or organization.

To make the gift shop more attractive, you can also decorate the area with Father’s Day-themed decorations and create a fun shopping experience for the children.

Earnings and costs for a Father’s Day gift business would be determined by factors such as location, inventory, pricing strategy, and marketing initiatives.

  • Estimated Cost: To give you an estimated figure, suppose you open a small gift shop that offers Father’s Day items like mugs, keychains, ties, wallets, and watches. You have 500 things in your inventory, and each item costs you $5 to acquire from your suppliers. You opt to set the average price for each item at $15.
  • Estimated Earnings: If you sell every one of the 500 things, your total income will be $7,500 (500 x $15), and your total cost of goods sold will be $2,500 (500 x $5). The total profit would be $5,000.

However, this is only a preliminary estimate, and your real earnings and costs will be determined by a variety of factors unique to your organization.

12. Car Wash

Hosting a car wash event is a fun and easy way to engage the community and raise funds. You can organize a car wash where volunteers, including fathers and their kids, wash cars for a donation. Charge a small fee for each car wash, and use the funds to support your organization or school.

Promote your car wash through social media or flyers around the community. And while waiting for their car’s turn, you can offer refreshments or snacks to those lining up. As an event planner, you can coordinate the logistics of the event, such as securing a location, gathering volunteers, and promoting the event to ensure its success.

  • Estimated Cost: You can expect to spend around $100-$200 for supplies such as soap, water, buckets, sponges, towels, etc. 
  • Estimated Earnings: On average, a car wash can generate around $500-$1,000 in funds. However, this number can vary depending on factors such as the location, weather, and promotion efforts. Overall, a car wash event is a simple and effective way to raise funds while engaging the community in a fun and meaningful activity.

13. Father’s Day 5K Run/Walk

Host a 5K run/walk event for dads and their children. Participants can register for the event and pay a fee to join. Use the registration fee to cover the costs of organizing the event and generate funds for your cause.

Furthermore, securing sponsors willing to donate a certain amount per mile finished by participants can significantly boost funds raised and encourage participants to finish the 5K.

As an event planner, you must consider all aspects, such as safety measures, route planning, logistics, event timing, and rewards for top finishers. Refreshments and entertainment for participants and their families are also worth considering.

Overall, a Father’s Day 5K run/walk can be a great way to bring the community together, promote healthy activity, and raise funds for a worthy cause.

  • Estimated Costs: For an estimated participants of 325, an organization need $7k to host it
  • Estimated Earnings: An average of $3.20 is raised per $1 dollar spent organizing them

14. Father-Child Dance

Organizing a father-child dance is a heartwarming and fun school Father’s Day fundraising ideas. A father-child dance event can bring fathers and their children together for a night of music and dancing, while also supporting a school cause.

To make your fathers day dance event successful, you can sell tickets to the dance, offer refreshments, and even hold a raffle or silent auction to raise additional funds. Charge a small admission fee for each attendee and use the funds generated to support the school or organization.

  • Estimated Costs: An estimated cost of $5,100 for 25 people
  • Estimated Earnings: For a small father-child dance event with 50 attendees, you could charge a ticket price of $10 to $20 per person, depending on the location and level of amenities provided. With this pricing, you could expect to generate around $500 to $1,000 in ticket sales alone.

If you add additional revenue streams such as selling refreshments or merchandise, or holding a raffle or silent auction, you could potentially double or even triple the amount of funds raised.

For a larger father-child dance event with 150 attendees, you could charge a similar ticket price range of $10 to $20 per person, but with a larger audience, you could expect to generate around $1,500 to $3,000 in ticket sales. With additional revenue streams, you could potentially generate even more funds, making it a successful fundraiser for your school or organization.

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15. Father-Child Sports Competition

Organizing a sports competition for Father’s Day Celebration is a great way for you to raise funds for a school. A sports competition event can bring fathers and their children together for a fun-filled day of sports.

The competition can include games like basketball, soccer, or volleyball, and can be held at the school or a local park. Participants can register and pay a fee, and sponsors can donate money to support the event. Use the funds generated to support the school’s programs or other charitable initiatives.

  • Estimated Cost: For a small event of 50 participants, the cost could range from $500 to $1000, while a big event of 150 participants could cost between $1500 to $3000. In terms of earnings, the success of a sports competition event depends on the number of participants and sponsors, as well as the registration fees charged.
  • Estimated Earnings: The earnings for a small event could range from $500 to $1500, while a big event could earn between $1500 to $5000 or more. Assuming a well-organized and marketed event with enough community interest and support, these estimates apply.

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