The Power of In Person Marketing: Why It Still Matters Today

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With the rise of digital marketing, many of us wonder, “is in person marketing still working?”. And the answer to that is definitely YES. In fact, according to Statistica, 79% of US marketers generate sales using event marketing.

If you’re still thinking about whether you need to venture into this particular marketing strategy, this comprehensive guide will help you. We’ll walk you through the definition, benefits, and some tips surrounding in person marketing. Let’s get started.

What is In Person Marketing?

Also called face-to-face marketing and person-to-person marketing, in person marketing happens when a marketer personally promotes business to his target audience/customers.

This is usually done through large events like product launches, trade shows, conferences, expos and other sales events. However, meeting a small crowd or even a single prospective customer also belongs to the same category.

Marketing and selling to people directly might be a marketing strategy that is unappealing to some people; it requires more effort, time and resources than digital marketing and online marketing (social media marketing, email marketing and content marketing) which is easier to manage but far less personable. 

However, just as the saying goes, effort always pays. In person marketing generates higher and lasting ROI. This is because people always seek human connection and interaction. People don’t only want to be sold to, they want to trust those they do business with and also have a community they belong to.

We always purchase products and services that resonate with us. And while the internet can provide content and interactions to encourage sales, nothing beats a live engagement with a real person in real-time.

How Effective is In Person Marketing?

Numbers never lie. So with that, here are some useful statistics and studies that prove the efficiency of face-to-face marketing.

  • “Live events are the most effective strategy to promote content according to 75% of surveyed content marketers.” (Content Marketing Institute, 2016)
  • “74% of customers who attended a branded event are more inclined to purchase what was promoted.” (EMI & Mosaic, 2016)
  • “70% of consumers become regulars after engaging in an in-person event.”  (EMI & Mosaic, 2016)
  • “In-person events are important for their business success according to 75 % of B2C marketers.” (Agency AE)
  • “40% of consumers become brand loyalists after a brand activation event.” (EventTrack, 2021)

These are just some of the data which prove how effective person marketing is. It generates more customer engagement, delivers information better, and establishes brand loyalty. To name a few, the following are some of the key benefits of in person marketing.

7 Major Benefits of In Person Marketing

  1. Personal experience for customers

Every experienced marketer knows that you win customers over through experience. A customer’s brand experience determines their buying decision. And face-to-face marketing allows your customers to not only have a personal experience but also have the best experience from a personable interaction with another person.

Intimate meetings and well-planned events will allow your clients and customers to see and experience for themselves what your brand is all about. Sure, they can have virtual experiences but the impact lasts longer when they are physically present and engaging with you.

  1. Brand awareness

This marketing strategy will allow you to represent your brand personally. And it will give opportunities for better brand recognition and understanding since it will allow meaningful and in-depth discussions.

You can directly promote your brand while addressing questions directly from customers and prospects.

  1. Better customer engagement

Personally meeting and engaging with your customers and target market will promote better engagement from the latter. Consumers can only engage to a certain extent with digital marketing situations.

However, when you physically meet with them, any barriers like virtual fatigue or boredom are easily eliminated. You can communicate better with them and they with you. They can freely express themselves and voice out any concerns, questions, and feedback directly to the marketers or executives.

  1. More conversions and sales 

Don’t you know that emotions strongly influence buying tendencies of consumers? People are driven more by emotions than information. To simply put it, customers decide according to what they feel rather than what they know.

Engaging and enjoyable in person gatherings will make them feel good and will further result in conversions and sales. 

  1. Builds customer loyalty and trust

Businesses don’t only want buyers but they want loyal customers who’ll be with them in the long run. You build trust when you build relationships with your customers. Get to know them personally through face-to-face meetings. 

Intentionally meeting them will make them feel valued, heard, and understood. Connect not only to pitch but to meet their needs. Building relationships allows you to not only attract buyers but you are creating brand advocates. This is an effective way to convert customers to promoters.

  1. Increases customer retention

In person promotions will not only attract potential customers and win new customers but will also help you easily retain them. When people leave with your product and a valuable experience, they will tend to come back again. After all, a good experience always lasts longer.

  1. More refined sales and marketing 

As you engage with customers directly, you will begin to gain experience with what tools, processes, and content you use to attract, sell and retain customers. You will find out what customers need and whether your product and sales and marketing tools communicate how your product or service meets their needs.

In Person Marketing Strategies to Leverage Your Business

Here are some of the best face-to-face marketing strategies you can use.

1. Make it personal and moving

As previously mentioned, people depend more on emotions rather than information when buying. Therefore, always aim for the heart. Focus on the person and not on the product. With this being said, give careful consideration to knowing your customers and target audience first.

When you know the people, you’ll know their pain points. Business is all about identifying people’s needs and meeting their needs. Don’t make everything be about a sales pitch. Rather, make them feel valued and that you’re there to help them. 

Be genuine. Make honest recommendations and comments, only saying what works best for your customers. Furthermore, make sure that your conversation is as comfortable and casual as possible.

2. Promote brand purpose and values

Customers support businesses that carry out noble causes and have relevant values. According to a study on DEI, those businesses that implement DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) initiatives are likely to have better profitability. A diverse workforce will attract a similarly diverse audience. 

Consumers also support organizations who engage in philanthropic causes. Align your business with these values. And make sure to highlight your brand purpose during your discussions and meetings. 

Knowing what the organization aims to do will positively impact your customers and target audience. This will encourage them as they realize that they are part of something bigger and that their purchases are making a difference.

3. Work on your branding

Speaking of brand purpose, it’s also important to focus on your branding. What is your brand persona or brand identity? Your brand will resonate more when you have a definite brand persona. Brand persona is the “character” that represents your brand best.

And this persona should be relatable to your target audience. Modern consumers, especially millennials, choose a brand which they can relate to and which represents them.

4. Build a community

One of the most important goals of in person gathering is not only building relationships but building a community. Face-to-face interactions are a great way to network and meet like-minded people.

Make it a part of your goals to not only connect with your consumers but allow them to connect with each other. Build a brand community by allowing your customers to interact with one another both offline and online.

Create forums and discussions on your business website or social media pages. Encourage them to engage in the comments sections. Give them the freedom to share ideas and ask questions. When you create a safe space where people feel that they belong, growth will just follow through.

5. Boost event marketing

The most effective in person tactic is a memorable and wholesome event. Events like workshops, conferences, trade shows and seminars are great ways to meet with your target audience and existing customers.

Big events such as these generate more buzz and elevate excitement. Depending on the event, you can arrange unique activities that your attendees will enjoy. Conferences are normally filled with educational presentations but you can add up breaks and little games to break the ice. Giving rewards would also spice things a bit.

Furthermore, round table discussions are also ideal for attendees to share ideas and exchange information with their peers. On the other hand, tradeshows are a good opportunity for you to form connections and gain valuable information from thriving businesses.

However, great events don’t just happen overnight. You need manpower and efficient event management tools to help you materialize your envisioned event. Event Espresso is an event management software that will take care of you and your attendees. 

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