4 Positive Effects of Events: Happiness, Human Connection, and More

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People are constantly looking for ways to better their life and promote positivity. Attending events is a great way to experience happiness, connect with like-minded people, and foster positive well-being.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some positive effects of events on your attendees and how you can organize events to fully cater to them.

#1: Experiences make people happier

Researchers at the University of Colorado have thoroughly studied that experiences make people happier as compared to the happiness they derive from material goods. What this study is suggesting, in other words, is that experiences have a deeper personal meaning than material things.

Experiences also help foster relationships with others. People can connect with like-minded people at an event and enjoy the experience together. As a result, it helps create new relationships and bring people together.

You can organize events to inspire people and bring them together to create a superlative experience. People who attend events think of them as experiential investments. This helps them justify the ticket price they pay to attend the event and have a great experience worth remembering. Put simply, people are more likely to be interested in attending events rather than buying material goods.

You can organize different types of events to make people happier including classes, camps, retreats, and gala events. These types of events offer a worthwhile experience that people remember and are willing to attend time and again.

#2: People seek human connection

Social connections are important for maintaining a healthy state of mind. In fact, according to a study published in PLOS Medicine, social connections impact both physical and mental health. In today’s day and age, video conferencing technology has become the norm. This however doesn’t change the fact that lots of people still seek human connection.

Face-to-face interaction is still important for most people, especially when it comes to forming new connections with like-minded people or industry peers.

Since people seek human connections, organizing events that cater to this need can help make your brand more valuable for them. The more human connections attendees can make when attending your events, the more valuable they’ll perceive your event to be and the more likely they will be to attend it.

People can attend your event to learn something new, have a nice meal, and network with like-minded people. This helps them build more valuable human connections with other people in their industry that they haven’t connected with in a while or otherwise wouldn’t get a chance to connect with personally.

Events like conferences, workshops, and classes are perfect for people looking for human connection and to network with industry peers.

#3: Events foster positive well-being

According to a study in  PLOS Medicine, people who participate in mass gatherings can benefit from positive well-being. This is because, by participating in events, people feel like they’re part of a larger collective and have other people around them that have the same interests. This not only helps create valuable human connections but also positively affects their well-being.

For most people, events are important for well-being because experiences can reduce feelings of loneliness, anxiety, and depression. With such a large number of people gathering at one venue, people are more likely to meet new people that share the same ideas and thoughts as them. This helps people get rid of the toxic and negative thoughts that indulge them in the previously mentioned negative feelings.

In addition to this, people who have social anxiety can have an easier time learning to connect with new people when everyone there has something in common: they’re attending the same event and are probably interested in the same topic. These experiences provide meaning and promote peace among people and help foster positive well-being.

Organizing events is important as people who attend your event will feel more confident afterward. This can help them find new purpose or motivation and allows them to get rid of negative thoughts.

When organizing an event, you should consider including different types of activities to keep people engaged. Physical activity enhances thinking, learning, and judgment skills and encourages a sense of friendly competition. This helps attendees take their minds off negative things and promotes health and wellness.

Organize events such as festivals, classes, or church events to foster positive well-being amongst your attendees. These events are perfect for all age groups.

#4: Events provide a means of escapism

People are always trying to find new ways to escape the 9 to 5 rat race. A 2017 study found that people spend at least four years of their life indulging in escapism or trying to get rid of the 9 to 5 lifestyle. Office workers and employees who work every day in the same loop crave escapism so that they experience something new away from cubicles. For instance, an employee who works 9 to 5 almost six days a week dreams about going on vacation to attend their favorite music festival. It’s the feeling of being completely free from important, bread-earning responsibilities.

You should organize events to offer people a place to indulge their escapism cravings. This can potentially help employees and office workers get away from their daily routines for a change and experience something new and exciting. This way, people come back refreshed and relaxed as well as motivated to work more so they can attend your event again.

When organizing an event, it’s also important to consider the location as it should be far removed from the setting of everyday life. These types of events typically include yoga retreats, musical festivals, and art workshops.


Events, if organized properly, can have life-changing effects for most people, especially the 9-to-5 kinds. It offers them a place to relax and forget about their day to day activities that they would normally be doing. It also offers people an experience that makes them happier and builds valuable human connections with like-minded people.

However, hosting events can be a challenge if you don’t have the right tools in hand. This is why we recommend using Event Espresso. It helps you sell event registrations or tickets for all types of events to promote positive effects on event-goers.

Ready to start organizing events that deliver positive experiences? Try out the Event Espresso demo today!

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