Accept Event Payments with Square using Credit Cards, Google Pay, and Apple Pay

Attendees participating in a business conference.

You can now use Square to accept payments for your event registrations or tickets using Event Espresso. Event organizers in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Japan, Republic of Ireland and France can receive debit card or credit card payments from attendees worldwide. Plus, Google Pay and Apple Pay are available in select countries.

Receive payments for event registrations through Apple Pay and Google Pay

Event payments are available for Google Pay and Apple Pay via Square. Here are the countries where the services are available.

Square supports Google Pay only for CAD transactions in Canada, GBP transactions in the United Kingdom, and USD transactions in the United States.

Apple Pay is only available for Square accounts based in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Attendees have more flexible payment options and can choose their preferred choice.

Example of payment options with Square and Event Espresso

More payment options are a win-win for your organization and your attendees. Attendees that want to pay with a card can do so. And attendees that prefer a mobile payment option like Apple Pay or Google Pay can speed through checkout and pay for their event registrations or tickets.

Questions and Answers about Square and Event Espresso

Here is some information to get you started with Square.

I need a Square account. Where can I sign up?
You can sign up for a new Square merchant account here.

I don’t have an SSL certificate on my WordPress website. What do you recommend?
An SSL certificate is required. Reach out to your WordPress web host or hosting provider, and they will be able to provide you with some options on adding an SSL certificate to your website.

Can I use Square alongside another payment service?
Yes, Event Espresso is flexible, and you can offer several payment options. For example, you can offer both PayPal and Square at the same time.

Where can I get more information on the Square payment gateway?
Here is a link to the product page for Square payment gateway.

Where can I find the documentation for Square payment gateway?
You can see the documentation for the Square payment gateway here.

Integrate Square and Event Espresso

Have an active Personal or Developer license? Login to your Event Espresso account. Then purchase the Square payment gateway, and it will be available in the downloads section of your account page.

Square is also included in the Everything license for Event Espresso. Existing customers with an active Everything license can login to their Event Espresso account, and Square will automatically be added to their account.

New to Event Espresso? Get started with the Everything license so you can accept payments for your event registrations via Square.

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