Best Ideas To Make Your Next Virtual Event Unforgettable

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2020 was a challenging year for event marketing agencies. While everyone was practising social distancing, everything became virtual. Events too adopted the virtual route, and virtual events became normal for multiple brands and businesses. Unfortunately, just when normalcy started returning, the second wave of the pandemic struck us and in a much worse and more intense manner. Dealing with the ongoing crisis and conducting virtual events at the same time can be pretty challenging.

Since every brand and business is taking the new means of virtual events to promote their products and services, engaging people more into your event is not that easy.

Through this article, we are listing the best ideas to make your next virtual event unforgettable for your attendees easily. So, without any further ado, let’s dive in right away!

Unique Practices To Make Your Virtual Event More Fun & Exciting

Customized Goodies For Early Birds

Create a buzz about your virtual event and promise a customized goody bag for the first 20 people who purchase the ticket.

The goody bag can contain personalized t-shirts with their names, caps, designer masks, vouchers or coupons, etc. Just keep in mind your budget and design a bag accordingly.

This way, you will create more excitement in your attendees, and they will be booking their tickets as soon as you make the announcement.

Virtual DJ Party

You can collaborate with a famous DJ, and all the attendees can enjoy a dance session in the comfort of their homes.

To make the session more fun and lively, the DJ can play songs at the request of the attendees too. This point will surely make your virtual event more memorable and fun.

Show Real-Time Social Media Content Through Social Wall

There’s nothing more memorable for attendees than to be featured on a screen. There are multiple ways you can utilize a social wall in a virtual event to increase the attendees’ engagement drastically and instil more excitement within the audience.

Motivate your audience to post pictures or videos during the DJ session or receive their goodies and post them on their social media accounts. You can collect the content and present it all in a unified manner during the event.


Another efficient way to increase engagement is to create a stir about your virtual event before the event. For example, encourage your to-be attendees to post about attending the event using a specific hashtag. Then, you can collect the content and display it on a social wall during the virtual event.

All you require is a responsive social media wall to collect the content, and you are sorted seamlessly!

Mocktails Making Session

Don’t let monotony come in the way throughout your event. The main aim is to keep the audience engaged throughout the event to make it memorable and fun.

During the break, host a mocktail-making session and send the kit to the attendees beforehand at their respective addresses. Guide them step by step for the recipe and tell them the one with the best presentation wins a voucher or a prize.

It engages the participants and acts as an ice breaker and helps them communicate with each other too.

Stand Up Comedy

Let’s face it — the pandemic is depressing, and after the worldwide lockdown, people feel even more stressed while sitting at their homes.

Just as the line goes, laughter is the best medicine; invite a few famous stand-up comedians to lighten the atmosphere more and add a fun element to the overall vibe of the event. It will surely pump up your audience more and engage them even more in your event.

Q & A Session In The End

While this is a common point, make sure that the questions of your attendees are correctly addressed by the guest speakers of the virtual event.

The questions that are left unanswered may leave a negative impression on the attendees. Why give them a chance to feel bad when you have worked so hard throughout to make the event successful, fun, and memorable for them?

While it may not be possible to answer every question if you have many attendees, make sure that you address the most common ones and as many as you can!

Final Thoughts

During the planning of a virtual event, we often keep ourselves busy setting a budget, collaborating with speakers, booking a platform, etc. We often tend to forget about planning strategies to make the event memorable and fun for the participants.

While setting a plan is essential, concentrating on the entertainment is important too, as it leaves behind an impact on them once the event ends.

Here were the best ideas to implement during your next virtual event to make it unforgettable for your audience. So now that you are all set, get going and create a memorable virtual event!

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