New features: remove “Use Attendee #1’s information for ALL attendees,” add attendees to past events, and more

In this post, we’ll highlight a few improvements that are now available in Event Espresso. We are still working on major new features like Recurring Events, but we like to sneak in some useful upgrades here and there too.

Filter by venue in the events overview screen

Do you host events such as classes & workshops at different event locations? Now you can see events for a specific venue in your events overview screen.

From your WordPress dashboard, go to Event EspressoEvents. The new dropdown menu for All Venues appears between the “Show Active/Inactive” and “All Categories” dropdown menus.

Click on All Venues and choose a venue. Then click on the Filter button.

You’ll then see events for a specific venue. Afterward, you can click Reset Filters to see all events again across your venues.

Remove “Use Attendee #1’s information for ALL attendees” through the registration form settings

Event Espresso supports group registrations where multiple attendees can register at the same time. Group registrations can be enabled for an event by checking off the Personal Information group under Questions for Additional Registrants in the lower right area of the event editor and saving changes.

Once this is enabled, then a “Use Attendee #1’s information for ALL attendees” option will appear under the first attendee’s registration questions during registration checkout.

Do you need individual names and email addresses for each attendee or registrant? Turning this option off can deter attendees from using the same contact details for each additional registration in the group.

Go to Event EspressoRegistration Form. Then click on the Reg Form Settings tab at the top of your screen. Scroll down to Copy Attendee Info Settings and update the setting for Allow copy #1 attendee info to extra attendees to No. Then save changes by clicking on the Save button.

Add attendees to events that have already past

Most event organizers set a deadline for registrations hours, days, or weeks in advance of the event so they can finish their preparations for the event. But if you accept walk-in registrations where you allow attendees to register in-person before an event starts, then it is a little more complicated because your registration period is already closed.

Does the process below for handling onsite registrations for expired events sound familiar?

1) Collect contact details like a name and email address from last-minute registrations on a list.
2) Temporarily reopen registrations after the event passes by updating the sell until date through the event editor.
3) Manually add attendees through Event Espresso.
4) Update your event to close registrations by changing the sell until date again.

You can now skip steps 2 and 4 and cut your workflow in half. If an event is expired, then it will allow you to register additional people manually through your WordPress dashboard.

Manual registrations can work well if you have a small number of walk-ins on the day of the event.

Bonus: What if you have a large number of additional registrations? Or what if your organization is growing and hosting multiple events each week?

You can still manually add registrations one by one, but it will take some time.

With our Event Espresso Importer, you can quickly import a list of attendees into an event through a CSV file. And you’ll save a lot of time over adding each registration separately.

We have some big feature enhancements coming in the future, but which of these enhancements are you looking forward to using with your events now?

6 thoughts on “New features: remove “Use Attendee #1’s information for ALL attendees,” add attendees to past events, and more

  1. In “Remove “Use Attendee #1’s information for ALL attendees” through the registration form settings” the following section is incorrect:

    “Go to Event Espresso → Registrations.”

    It should read: “Go to Event Espresso → Registration Form.”

  2. I haven’t had a need to sue EE4 in the last 18 months, so I am a little rusty. Right now, I’m stuck on how to remove the “copy attendee #1 to all” setting, probably a language issue or my poor vision.
    Instructions above say “Go to Event Espresso → Registration Form. Then click on the Reg Form Settings tab at the top of your screen.” The problem is that I can’t find any menu or pulldown that says “Registration form” or “Reg Form” as you sometimes call it, on the EE-Events page or the EE-Registrations page. Please help me stop feeling so ignorant.

  3. Oh, heck – I found it, in the menu in the left side bar. I was just looking in the menus at the top. Ever thought about deleting that subset at the top so EE4 will be consistent with other WP plugins? Or is there a preference where I can just turn that off?

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