18 Things Your Boss Expects You to Know About EE4 Ticketing

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  1. Event Espresso 4 Ticketing features are added with two add-ons
  2. The EE4 Ticketing add-on adds the ability to generate tickets with bar codes
  3. The EE4 Barcode Scanning add-on adds the ability to scan ticket bar codes
  4. The add-ons are available to download from the Pre-Release Channel
  5. The add-ons require Event Espresso 4.5-beta or greater
  6. Pre Release access is available to current EE3 ticketing license holders
  7. We will be adding ticketing to the demoee.org site as another demo option
  8. The Ticketing add-on adds the ticketing message type to Event Espresso 4 which includes the ability to customize tickets that people will receive for the events
  9. You can create templates for various styles of tickets and assign them to whatever event you want to use that template for
  10. Multiple bar code types are included for handling check-in scans at the door
  11. People can either print out their tickets or display them on their mobile devices
  12. The barcode scanner can be used for checking in or checkout out attendees
  13. The scanner add-on will work with any barcode that contains the special encoded registration_url_link
  14. If the barcode is not readable or a scanner not available, there’s a fall back where a form can be input for manual code entry without a scanner
  15. The barcode scanner add-on works with most USB or BlueTooth handheld scanning hardware
  16. The scanner interface looks like this: Barcode Scanner
  17. The printable tickets look like this: ticket
  18. After beta testing is done, these add-ons will be available for purchase

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