Event Espresso Now Integrated with Intuit (QuickBooks) Merchant Services

Intuit (QuickBooks) Payment Gateway for Event Espresso and WordPress

At Event Espresso we are not only committed to creating the most versatile online event registration product possible, but we also want to help make our customers’ lives easier. And while we are constantly expanding our compatibility with gateway payment systems, that can still complicate bookkeeping for our customers.

That’s why we are especially pleased to announce that Event Espresso is now fully integrated with the Intuit (QuickBooks) Merchant Services payment gateway, not only furthering the capabilities of our WordPress event registration plugin, but helping our customers save time recording transactions. And we know how important that is:

EventEspresso saves us money, saves our secretary 16-24 hours and looks so professionally done that people ask us how we do it; which we happily tell them, "Event Espresso, and be sure to get the ticketing add-on."

It is often difficult or impossible to connect your gateway and accounting software together. Some gateways have antiquated systems for connecting to the data or forcing you to manually export the data from their website to your software, but Intuit facilitates better connection and can make your business faster – not to mention that it’s easy to activate this new gateway in Event Espresso.

About Intuit and Event Espresso
As the provider of Quickbooks, Intuit Merchant Services gateway is designed to let you easily process credit cards online, through mobile devices, at point-of-sale systems and on Quickbooks software itself. Available in more than 30 countries, it also allows you to sync all your online transactions with your Quickbooks data for accounting that is always up to date, eliminating the need to reconcile your online sales. Intuit is constantly adding new features that are making it more convenient for small businesses around the world to accept payments anywhere, at any time.

Integration with the Intuit (QuickBooks) Merchant Services is yet another way that Event Espresso empowers event managers to make their events more successful.

Now is the time to get Event Espresso and Intuit Merchant Services for your business, because right now you can get have your monthly fee waived for two months.

Event Espresso is the most powerful event registration and ticketing plugin available for WordPress. EE empowers you to manage events, collect payment and customer information, and even allow customers to print tickets that you can verify at the door using our mobile ticketing apps. Offering the best customer service and support in the industry, EE is integrated with dozens of payment options and merchant accounts. Download Event Espresso and activate a new gateway today!

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18 thoughts on “Event Espresso Now Integrated with Intuit (QuickBooks) Merchant Services

    • The quickbooks (Intuit) gateway is available now.

  1. I just purchased the Quickbooks POS system and use event espresso for booking classes. Can these be integrated together.

    • Hi Chris, I’m sure it’s possible but it would probably require some significant changes to the EE API and integration into the Quickbooks POS system. Do you have access to build on to the QB POS system?

  2. When someone registers and pays for one of our training events – and pays by credit card – how much information about that registration will we will be able to download in our Quickbooks financial software. Customer name? Quickbooks “Item” (or event)? Total sale amount?

    • Hi Bethany,

      Yes, that’s right. Event Espresso will pass the purchase information to the quickbooks gateway. The data they save (personal information, and transaction information) should be available to import into quickbooks. The custom registration form details beyond the transaction details will not be available through the gateway because they don’t store that data. You could import into quickbooks via csv if you export it from Event Espresso. Does that make sense?

  3. Does EE integrate with Quickbooks Enterprise? If so, where is help information on the process/procedures?

    • Hi Rosie,

      Event Espresso doesn’t integrate directly with Quickbooks Enterprise, no. It connects to their payment gateway, then you could connect quickbooks to their payment gateway to record the transactions. Does that make sense?

    • Sorry for the delay. Intuit is only available with EE3, currently. Did you get that figured out?

    • As I mentioned earlier, we have a developer who devotes nearly all his ours to gateway, and right now he’s busy with gateways that have been sponsored. So, it may be a while before we can get Quickbooks done unless it is sponsored. But I will try to move it up the list because you and others are taking the time to ask for it.

    • We have a developer who devotes nearly all his ours to gateway, and right now he’s busy with gateways that have been sponsored. So, it may be a while before we can get Quickbooks done unless it is sponsored. But I will try to move it up the list.

  4. I, too, am needing Quickbooks merchant services integration with Event Espresso 4. When the only other option is to downgrade to EE3 (which happens to cost more than EE4 at this point) and hope for the best, it leaves me and others in the user base feeling not-so-Espresso.

  5. With Quickbooks payment gateway, what information is passed to QB? I use stripe, but it is near impossible to account for an event as stripe just sends the money. I am hoping that QB will credit an account for an event, and send fees to a sub account. Can someone provide an example of what is actually passed to QB gateway and how that translates into QB?

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