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We’d like to officially announce that the Event Espresso JSON API for WordPress events has been officially released. Yes!

The Event Espresso JSON API add-on allows other applications (such as other websites, mobile apps, etc.) to access your Event Espresso data through an JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) application programming interface (API).

Seth Shoultes, Co-Founder of Event Espresso, commented about this new product: “We’re taking another step forward in empowering event mangers to make their events more successful. This API opens the door for any customer or developers to build their own applications that use the registration data contained in Event Espresso. Customers and WordPress developers aren’t tied to the limitations of WordPress or WordPress plugins. We’re really excited to see what people do with this, the sky is the limit.”

The API is available to all Event Espresso customers who have a current support license. They can download the API files from their account page on EventEspresso.com.

The Event Espresso API also works with the iPod touch, iPad and iPhone mobile apps.

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  1. Thanks for releasing api for event espresso. I want to use this plugin in my wp site but how can i main this plugin for my site. If you have some instructions for this please provide me instruction to do so .

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