WordPress Event Registration Ticketing Plugin Version 3.1.31.B (Beta) Now Available

Event Espresso is an online event registration and ticketing management plugin for WordPress. We help event managers, businesses and organizations achieve their goals with more efficient and profitable online event registration and ticketing.

This beta version brings more than 45 improvements that range from front-end design changes to new gateways and security improvements. If you’d like to get your hands on the newest up-coming version Event Espresso customers can download it now from the Pre-release (beta) channel.

In 2013 we began a new process for developing, testing and releasing new versions of our online event registration and ticketing software plugin for WordPress. So far the new process has served us well. We’ve been able to stick to a regular schedule and our products undergo more thorough testing than ever before. Part of the testing and announcement process is to make the new version of Event Espresso available for customers to for testing (both our code and their applications for the next version).

3.1.31.Beta Includes


  • British pound character encoding issue on the invoice template
  • Venue information not being copied into a duplicate event
  • event_espresso_do_ajax not working with Jquery 1.9
  • Cross-side scripting vulnerabilities and the “ee” and “event_id” parameters
  • SQL injection vulnerabilities in “event_id” parameter
  • WorldPay button option does not get checked
  • Miscalculating amounts and discounts in the PayTrace gateway
  • warning: missing argument 2 for wpdb::prepare() in /includes/functions/pricing.php line 333
  • Remove translation function from $payment_status value
  • Quickpay not receiving correct total
  • Realex: Add additional hook to init gateway file
  • South Korean currency incorrect
  • Rcurring Events Manager: Undefined Variables
  • Fixed Authorize.net Payment button
  • EVENT_LIST event_category_id not working
  • Add support for PayPal tax and shipping
  • Added a bypass_nonce flag to recurring events manager
  • Filter Month in Event Overview not showing all events and other filter issues
  • Creating ellipsis’ on some servers – fixed by truncating event names
  • Missing featured image shows broken image icon
  • Prevent XSS attacks
  • USAEpay Itemization
  • page dropdowns in the Page Settings section of the General Settings admin page, broken due to recent WP changes
  • Fatal error: Cannot redeclare mb_substr()
  • Undefined variable: category_met
  • Datepicker in Event Editor doesn’t work in WP 3.5
  • Quickpay gateway errors when used with Multiple Events Registration
  • Email shortcode for attendee list


  • Centralized espresso_email_after_payment action hook
  • Security audit on the add_attendees_to_db.php file
  • Added a phone number field to the Merchant Warrior gateway
  • Add attendee count (quantity) as email shortcode
  • Make the Add More Attendees option more noticeable on the registration page
  • Fix the event ordering in the event overview of the admin
  • Add autocomplete=”off” to the credit card forms
  • Audit the event (and Front-end Event Manager addon) and venue create/update for security
  • Add action hooks to Event Espresso templates
  • Comment out the var_dump lines in realauthprocesspayment.php
  • Better-document first data e4
  • Create github language repo branches for individual languages
  • Add /languages to /uploads/espresso
  • Prefix authnet classes for greater compatibility when using both authorize.net gateways

New Features

  • Added support for Megasoft gateway
  • Added support for PayChoice gateway
  • Added support for USAEpay gateway
  • Attendee Mover: Add a function/action hook to add/save/delete attendee meta
  • Add pricing options when editing an attendee

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