I’m Sponsoring WordCamp Phoenix

This is our 3rd WordCamp sponsorship in the past year! I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. So I am truly honored to be a part of WordCamp Phoenix.

In 2011, WordCamp Phoenix will be a multi-day event held all over Greater Phoenix, including free workshops, a full-day conference with four tracks, a day just for WordPress developers and networking opportunities for all.

WordCamp is organized and run by unpaid volunteers, underwritten by sponsors, and profit free. Remaining funds are donated to local charities. Since I am coming a little to the game, our sponsorship funds are going directly to one of the local charities.

Follow all the happenings of WordCamp Phoenix on Twitter via the #wcph hash tag. We’ll see you there…and follow us on Twitter to watch for discount to WordCamp Phoenix attendees.

One thought on “I’m Sponsoring WordCamp Phoenix

  1. This WordCamp will be great. Who else is going to be there? We can meet up sometime.

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