The current version of EE3 is [ download EE3 | view changelog for EE3 | demo EE3 ]

The current version of EE4 is 4.6.14.p [ download EE4 | view changelog for EE4 | demo EE4 ]

Premium Support Token

We can fix just about anything; so when other plugin and theme developers don’t follow the WordPress standards, or you’ve done your worst then you can count on us.

We will respond as soon as we can within normal business hours to get your problem solved quickly. Purchasing one support token entitles you to 30 minutes of customized support, but we may ask that you purchase additional ones to cover the final cost.

Priority support tokens are intended for core Event Espresso products, NOT for creating/modifying/supporting custom development.


  • A support token can be used to get priority support for a single incident.
  • A Support token purchase expires after 12 months or when your account expires.
  • If unused, the Support Token purchase can be applied to extending the expiration date of your support license(s) by the equivalent renewal rate; contact the Sales/Billing department for more information.