The current version of Event Espresso is [ download | view changelog ]

EE4 is now available; a new special blend of Event Espresso.

Events Calendar

Our WordPress events calendar displays events and categories of events in a nice graphical calendar.

The events calendar allow you to display your events in a way that customers are familiar with, gives you another page of your website or another way for customers to find your events, and allows you to invite attendees to add the events to their own calendars as a friendly reminder.

  • As soon as an event is published, the event will automatically show on your calendar.
  • Easily add the category shortcode name to your CSS and easily display events in custom colors.
  • You can even setup multiple calendars on your website (on different pages) for categories of events.


Wanna see what it looks like or what it can do? Here is a live calendar demo.
We have and Events Calendar for EE4 too!