EE3 Voucher Import Tool

The Voucher Import Tool is only available as a Pre-release download.
Event Espresso 3.1.27 or newer is required.

This tool allows you to import your voucher codes. For now it creates a new menu item called “Voucher Import” under “Payment Settings” in the Event Espresso admin.


  1. We recommend you download and use the provided example file as a template or pattern for structuring your csv file for upload. It is very easy to work with it in Microsoft Excel. Be sure to save it as a CSV file and not an Excel spreadsheet.
  2. The file name should be named vouchers.csv
  3. One final note, you will see that the header row, first column has a 0 while other rows have a 1. Header rows with a 0 will be ignored while and only use rows with the 1 will be used.

Note, we recommend using Event Espresso 4 with promotion codes and discounts.


  • One-click updates are not available for this download at this time.
  • Please report any errors, bugs or corrections in the Pre-release Forum

The Voucher Import Tool is only available as a Pre-release download.

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