What is Event Espresso?

Use Event Espresso to easily sell event registrations or tickets from your WordPress website for in-person or virtual events


What would it mean for you to have an events solution that worked for you around the clock?

Imagine no longer having to spend hours and hours dealing with paper registrations, hounding people for paper checks, or piecing together a bunch of different products to handle your event registrations. Think about the time that you would save knowing that your event registrations were being taken care of right from your WordPress website.

What would you do with that found time?

Wouldn’t it feel great to know that with your next event, your website could collect attendee registrations and securely process payments for you?

And before your event, you could create an attendee list in just a few clicks from your WordPress dashboard, so you are ready to go for your event.

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What customers are saying about Event Espresso

Started using Event Espresso for my last event and I have to say I am extremely impressed with how easy it is to use and very professional. From the ticketing, check-in, or message functions I can customize everything and our customers are love it to. –Taylor Leann

I’d definitely recommend this product – I just used it for the first time and the registration process was fast for my clients and easy for me to follow up with them and create a successful event. Great customer service. Great product. Thanks guys!!! –Barb Suárez

I’m so excited to fire Eventbrite! Event Espresso has an amazing WordPress plugin for event management. We’re testing it now & are very impressed! In a nutshell Event Espresso saves us money & does everything Eventbrite did before. 🙂 –Dustin Nay

A great, low-cost alternative to the other online event tools available. The Event Espresso team is quick to respond to questions and provide helpful resources. Our developer was able to customize the look and feel to match our website nicely. Lots of good add-ons available to provide extra functionality. I’m glad we made the switch – our registrations are already streaming in!Richelle Starke

Event Espresso is a very professional and easy to use event plugin. I am not a programmer and can easily integrate it into any WordPress site! Keep on going! –Hannes Lischka

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