How to get professional conference badges with QR codes

You can design custom name badges for your upcoming event and get them shipped or print them yourself. This guide shows how to get attendee data from Event Espresso and import that data into an online badge creation tool available from These badges can even include QR-codified data so you can scan the badges with Event Espresso-compatible mobile apps to check-in people at the event’s entrance!

Get the attendee data from Event Espresso

  1. Go to Event Espresso > Events and click the link to view the registrations for the event
  2. Click the CSV Report button and download the generated report to your computer
  3. Open the CSV report in a spreadsheet application
  4. Delete the columns that contain data that will not be displayed on the name badges
  5. Export the spreadsheet to an Excel file

Import the attendee data and design your badge

  1. Go to and open an account (or log in)
  2. Click + New Event from Excel and upload your spreadsheet file
  3. Match your spreadsheet columns with your attendee info
  4. Choose a product, badge size, and theme
  5. Use the badge builder to add your logo, static text, and attendee data
  6. If you’re planning on using the ticketing apps you can QR Codify the Unique Registration code field
  7. Preview and Checkout
Need more ideas and tips for designing your event’s name badges? Check out this name badge design guide.

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2017 Changelog Archive

November 29, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.53.p

Bug fixes:

  • Fix undefined variable in EED_Core_Rest_Api::maybe_notify_of_basic_auth_removal()
  • Fix Catchable fatal error:
    Argument 2 passed to EED_Messages::payment() must be an instance of EE_Payment, null given in EED_Messages.module.php on line 458
  • Fix broken EE_Post_Content_Field and EE_Simple_HTML_Field sanitization
  • Add core filter for Event Customization app to hook into

November 28, 2017

iPay88 Payment Method 1.0.2.p


  • Add support for Indonesia
  • Filter order description method

November 21, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.52.p

Bug fixes:

  • Fix change timezone from UTC persistent notice
  • Fix Datetime offset tool redirect on sites with subdomains
  • Fix question editor not saving changes
  • Improve modal centering for small screens

November 16, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.51.p

Bug fixes:

  • Ensure nag notice message is set when redisplaying existing notice
  • Don’t show the payment method was automatically deactivated messaging to subscribers
  • Fix possible runaway ee_transient_schedule and ee_ssn_* and ee_shc_* transients
  • Make question type categories more accessible
  • Fix argument 1 passed to EEH_Line_Item::delete_all_child_items() must be an instance of EE_Line_Item, null given


  • Improve EE_Registrations_incoming_data so that convert_data_for_persistent_storage receives (and validates) IDs instead of objects

November 8, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.50.p

Bug fixes:

  • Fix issue where some expired session transients are not deleted
  • Fix unclosed anchor tag in event editor for duplicator button link
  • Fix Fatal Error:
    Call to a member function execute() on boolean in EED_Messages.module.php
  • PayPal Express: Pass Line Item details in DoExpressCheckoutPayment API call
  • Improve session expiry error messages
  • Add extra check for compatibility before migrating tables to utf8mb4
  • Add warning before resetting DB tables from EE Maintenance page


  • Update messaging shown in registration checkout if an event is full and a guest is trying to pay
  • Change use of esc_sql() in
    to use $wpdb-prepare() instead
  • Improve Datetime Offset tool
  • When clicking valid shortcode, add it to the related field (newsletter composing)
  • Update UXIP link to use HTTPS

October 19, 2017

QuickBooks payment method 1.0.2.p

  • Add trailing slash on root URL used with redirect_uri

October 18, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.49.p


  • Add [RECIPIENT_EDIT_REGISTRATION_LINK] shortcode to available newsletter template shortcodes
  • Fix auto-demotion of registrations to Wait List

October 13, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.48.p

Bug fixes:

  • Remove spaces between HTML tags when creating PDFs through DOMPDF
  • Fix REST API unit test failures and endpoint query filtering due to changes in WordPress 4.9
  • Check for mb_strcut before attempting to use it
  • Error proof method in EE_Capabilities where the assumption is made that a site has any of the default roles
  • Fix messages system bulk option ‘Generate and send’ not sending messages
  • Revisit – Improve display of sub line items on Payment Options step
  • Fix duplicate cache keys being generated in


  • Add a shortcode for the TXN ID returned from the gateway to the payment received messages

October 11, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.47.p

Bug fixes:

  • Fix opening and closing div mismatch on SPCO return to Payment options page
  • Restore setting transactions to Abandoned transaction status
  • Fix form help text container appearing in form markup despite there being no help text
  • Don’t load trashed registrations when processing messages
  • Fix forms system output before multiple choice checkbox html
  • Fix issue where abandoned registrations keep reserved tickets
  • Fix bug with the default generation of EE_Message_Addressee objects for address context within EE_message_type
  • Fix issue where email field is blank after saving invalid email address in the admin
  • Fix issue where ticket/datetime cloner copies over the ticket’s/datetime’s reserved count
  • Fix issue where bullhorn action does not track batch messages
  • Fix permanent delete events action
  • Fix usage of deprecated WP_User::_init_caps in tests (and code)
  • Fix single context message generation for messages
  • Fix failing test case in EE_Registration_Processor_Test
  • Fix generating preview for registration type messages creating entries in the message activity list table
  • Fix transaction event revenue report sub-query
  • Convert all uses of do_action() to do_action_ref_array() where arrays of objects are passed as the first parameter
  • Include proper default where conditions for transaction query
  • Fix failing unit test due to Daylight Savings Time
  • Use prefixed clearfix html class for the [ESPRESSO_EVENTS] shortcode’s pagination element
  • PayPal Express order description: Use mb_strcut() instead of substr()
  • Fix HTML entities shown in CSV column headers
  • Move BN field in PayPal Express to the DoExpressCheckout parameter
  • Fix issue with filtered CSV reports where some registrations are replaced with another registration from the same transaction
  • Fix support link in plugin description


  • Configure PSR-4 Autoloader before bootstrapping Event Espresso
  • Add ability to make admin notices dismissible
  • Add new updateStatusBasedOnTotalPaid() method and call when copying registrations
  • Create new Context DTO class as a standardized way of passing along contextual knowledge when performing an action
  • Add ContextChecker Class
  • Tweak EE_Attendee::full_name() to only add space between first and last names if both exist
  • Add filter for where conditions on query for question groups for the question group meta boxes in the event editor
  • Add filter on default value for EE_Base_Class::get_extra_meta so that plugins can override what the default is for a meta key
  • Improve after_registration method on EE_Register_Addons so that it is delayed a bit from being called until after client code has a chance to deregister an add-on
  • Display form-wide errors

Updates to core to add support for waitlist add-on:

  • Add getter for $iframe property to DisplayTicketSelector
  • Fix error on finalizing registration when the visit should automatically demote all pending registrations in a group to the waitlist from pending payment
  • Fix form generation when multiple FormHandlers are on the same page
  • Improve Checkout response for Wait List registrants

Merged pull requests from Github:

September 11, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.46.p

Bug fixes:

  • Use Event Espresso version when registering admin stylesheets
  • Fix incorrect count returned by EE_Event::spaces_remaining() when there are two tickets attached to one datetime that has a registration limit
  • Display all ticket selector content when retrieved via AJAX requests
  • Fix issue where icon for check-in status not displaying correctly for toggled check-ins
  • Fix HTML/CSS class change on registration form questions
  • Fix Fatal error that occurs when deactivating Payment Method addons
  • Fix issue where simple ticket selector ignores minimum ticket capability
  • Add LoaderFactory
  • Fix Fatal error: Function name must be a string (when server has PHP 5.3)
  • Fix Reset Capabilities tool so it re-adds ee_payment_method_{pm_name} capabilities
  • Add Cache control parameter to LoaderDecoratorInterface
  • Fix issue where JSON linked data schema formatting overrides date and time formats used elsewhere
  • Don’t unset non-object values when resetting EE_Registry
  • Fix Front end Maintenance Mode so site admins can access events on the front end
  • Fix Bulk actions: ‘Set Registrations to Not Approved’ action
  • Don’t set MIME version in email headers
  • Fix EE add-on menu depending on capabilities for display not displaying after initial activation of add-on adding those capabilities
  • Fix missing bulk actions on Filtered by Event check-in list table view
  • Don’t grant meta capabilities (e.g. ee_edit_event) to a role
  • Fix exception thrown when using the contacts ‘Move to trash’ bulk action
  • Fix <code> tags displayed in messages settings
  • Fix issue where some shortcode assets are not loaded on private pages/posts
  • Only set the timezone on the model from the model object during
    EEM_Base::instantiate_from_array_or_object for EEM_Event
  • Fix EE_Line_Item::recalculate_total_including_taxes() for cloned line items generated by
  • EE4 REST API: Avoid notice thrown when using [ESPRESSO_EVENT_ATTENDEES] in an events description
  • Fix Integration Test expectations in phpunit test cases for REST endpoints


  • Allow authenticated users to insert data using the REST API
  • Optimize/speed up creation of EE4 model objects
  • Add a [VENUE_META] shortcode to the message templates
  • Move checkin status constants to EE_Checkin class
  • Extract all WP_Admin_Bar related logic from EE_System into new application and domain services
  • Inject the new Loader class (and other dependencies) into EE_System and use for loading classes
  • Instantiate ShortcodesManager using LoaderFactory::getShared()
  • Add ModelFieldFactory class
  • Refactor EE_Request_Handler::is_set() and get() to drill down and find request parameters nested deeper than the top level of the request parameter array
  • Add user interface toggle for turning on or off messages contexts
  • Add new messages shortcode for generating the url to the venue details page
  • Display friendly error message when there is no active payment method in
  • Add filter hook to question groups query in
  • Add filter hook to query getting questions for a question group found in
  • Add cc: field to email message templates
  • Add helper method to EEH_URL for removing specified query parameters from the
    current_url result
  • Modify EE_Register_Shortcode to handle registering shortcodes in the newer shortcode system
  • Add more information to the single check in record view
  • Add notice warning about upcoming changes impacting those using a UTC offset for datetimes
  • Add link to front end reg_url_link from the transactions admin list page
  • Automatically delete any related esp_extra_meta records when an EE_Entity is permanently deleted
  • Simplify EEM_Base::delete_permanently to actually know which model objects are getting deleted
  • Add “step” attribute to EE_Number_Input_Display_Strategy and do validation of incoming values
  • Convert EEM_Change_Log::Log_Type field to a Text Field so there is more flexibility for the types that can be used

September 6, 2017

Payment Methods Pro 1.0.1.p

  • Change hook used to check if MER is activated and de-activate
  • Don’t use currency payment method model

August 24, 2017

Espresso Grid View 1.2.4.p

  • Allow viewing event info on mobile devices
  • Allow add-on to load different custom templates

August 22, 2017

Espresso Calendar 3.2.11.p

  • Filter the registration button html to allow for custom register now buttons
  • Allow multiple categories at the same time with a single ESPRESSO_CALENDAR shortcode
  • Allow the use of parent categories within the calendar

August 3, 2017

Event Espresso Ticket Scanning add-on 1.0.11.p


  • Fix incorrect capability check used for Barcode Scanner functionality
  • Include private events in scanner ui event drop down

July 26, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.45.p

Bug fixes:

  • Don’t return early from save() for unchanged objects with non-int IDs, and fix creation of Status objects in unit tests
  • Remove unused bulk actions dropdown menu from default message templates admin page
  • Fix issue where duplicating an event does not copy over Featured image, page template selection, custom message templates
  • Fix phpunit tests running on phpunit 6.1+ for PHP7 and PHP7.1 in
  • Use constant for DOMPDF_DEFAULT_PAPER_SIZE instead of hardcoded value
  • Fix issue where select Ajax Mode REST Input doesn’t actually accept normal query params
  • Fix WP_Query args stripped out of EventListQuery


  • Improve to EE_Base_Class::save()’s use of $_has_changes property
  • Improve Custom_Messages_Template_List_Table by extending

July 19, 2017

EE4 Promotions 1.0.11.p

  • Don’t run additional logic in main addon class used for addon registration
  • Add [PROMOTIONS_USED] shortcode to transaction based message shortcodes
  • Filter the event names within the ‘Promotion applies to…’ metabox
  • Update the [ESPRESSO_PROMOTIONS] shortcode description text

July 17, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.44.p

Bug fixes:

  • Fix issue where event duplicator duplicates an event’s datetime ticket reserved count
  • Fix issue where Country Settings page is giving no feedback when changing the settings
  • Fix issue where localized data objects are output twice
  • Fix Uncaught ReferenceError: ee_dismiss is not defined JavaScript error when dismissing an EE admin notification
  • Allow archived tickets (that have no registrations) to be deleted
  • Fix PHP notices that occur when saving settings on Event Espresso > Events > Templates
  • Fix dependencies for PostRelatedCacheManager
  • Fix usage of venue-related strings when calling
  • Fix undeclared variable in
  • Fix issue where the CSV file gets removed from the server before Chrome can download the file
  • Fix issue where clicking the “Move to Trash” link on an auto draft event/venue does not remove the post


  • Create interfaces for “tagging” classes as singletons with a reset() method, and for classes that do not store blog or request specific state
  • Rename ConstantsAbstract to DomainBase and add Domain class to core
  • Create LoaderFactory
  • Add new actions and filter hooks
  • Refactor some methods that calculate tickets sold and/or remaining
  • Refactor the dropdown filter that displays registration statuses on the Registrations Admin list table
  • Update Dependency Map
  • Add filter on Extend_Registration_Form_Admin::_email_validation_settings_form for section proper subsections so the output can be modified
  • Add new action in duplicate event logic to hook in when other related items are being duplicated
  • Add timestamp display to registration checkins list table
  • Add clarification to the Reset/Delete Data page to inform that Event Category Terms will not be deleted

June 28, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.43.p

Bug fixes:

  • Enqueue espresso_default.css when EE upcoming events widget is displayed
  • Avoid: openssl_cipher_iv_length() [function.openssl-cipher-iv-length]: Unknown cipher algorithm warnings
  • Avoid conflicts with plugins that optimize script loading
  • Load deprecated EE_Event_List_Query class for backwards compatibility
  • Fix issue where displayed Subtotal of ticket price gets rounded to the nearest dollar in the admin
  • Make sure EventEspresso\core\services\assets\Registry is loaded as cached so it gets set on the AssetsRegistry property in EE_Registry
  • Improve default experience for Decaf messages where date time name and description shortcodes are used
  • Fix Multi-status summary message type so it sends messages only if there are multiple registration statuses
  • Fix “Move to Trash” link within any EE CPT editor (event, venue, person, attendee/contact)
  • Make admin registration list more responsive for small screens
  • Don’t cache ticket selector and attendee shortcodes
  • fix TableManager::dropTables() where multiple EE models use the same EE table


  • Improve display of sub line items on Payment Options step
  • Add filter for AdminOptionsSettings generated form sections
  • Add filter hook to allow changing the registrations search query
  • Add a Select Timezone in the Timezone admin alert

June 15, 2017

Braintree 1.0.6
Bug fixes and Enhancements:

  • Don’t run additional logic in main addon class used for addon registration
  • Update Braintree SDK and add additional filter hooks
  • Remove the accepted message

June 14, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.42.p

Bug fixes and Enhancements:

  • Fix issue where returning from an off-site gateway results in a blank screen on servers that don’t have output_buffering set to On
  • Fix undefined index/invalid argument warning from Messages class when messages are set to send on same request
  • Allow custom message templates to be used if all events in the cart are set to use the same custom message template

June 11, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.41.p

Bug fixes:

  • Fix missing space between attributes and missing attribute closing bracket in event editor inputs
  • Fix broken pagination in ESPRESSO_EVENTS shortcode output


  • Remove link to sign up for Mijireh account
  • Deprecate EEM_Currency_Payment_Method and EE_Currency_Payment_Method, and no longer insert rows into esp_currency_payment_method when activating new payment methods or during the 4.6 migration.

June 8, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.40.p

Bug fixes:

  • Paypal Express – treat SuccessWithWarning as success, so duplicate requests are treated as success
  • Fix Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in
    core/helpers/EEH_Event_View.helper.php on line 59
  • Fix timeout on Maintenance page system info
  • Fix issues with EE_Config
  • Add fix for themes that don’t call get_header()
  • Don’t cache Ticket Selector shortcode’s output
  • Fix PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class EE_Event_List_Query not found


  • Update credits tab
  • Initial file cleanup for event editor classes
  • Simplify enqueueing of assets in EE_System and other core classes

May 30, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.39.p

Bug fixes:

  • Fix issue where success notices are not showing for triggering resend of messages
  • Remove usage of mcrypt as it has been deprecated in PHP7.1
  • Bump the_content filter priorities back up to what they were originally
  • Fix open and closing div tag mismatch in the Ticket Selector that occurs with Expired tickets
  • Get current form step and make sure it is displayable before attempting to display progress steps
  • If event has default reg status of Not Approved, then don’t display info on it, unless there are registrations for it that are returning to pay
  • Add is_object() check in LooseCollection::add() method
  • Add new state form: Use EE_Div_Per_Section_Layout() instead of EE_No_Layout() so that validation errors appear in the correct location
  • Fix Batch message button’s selected registration count
  • Fix issue where Registration Multi-status Summary messages do not get triggered
  • Fix backticks found in links for Custom Message Templates
  • Fix resetting of EE_Error notices in Extend_General_Settings_Admin_Page
  • Fix the messages [QUESTION] shortcode value returned now being wrapped in <p> tags
  • Add check for iconv() before converting characters in Authnet AIM fields
  • When no response is received from AIM, give a more helpful message
  • Fix array to string conversion EE_Text_Normalization.strategy.php on line 38 when manually applying a payment/refund
  • Fix the invoice payment method default ‘Confirmation Text’ string
  • Set PayPal Pro’s order description field’s limit to 127 characters


  • Don’t instantiate models just to map meta caps
  • Add Benchmark class for testing loading and execution times
  • Don’t use post shortcodes array for tracking but instead load resources dynamically
  • Allow Closures for dependency loaders and allow aliases for specific classes
  • Add Command Factory
  • Add ability to execute Commands from within CommandHandlers
  • Add new shortcode [GOOGLE_MAPS_URL] that will return the url to the Google map
  • Add show_title parameter for the [ESPRESSO_EVENTS] shortcode
  • Registrations CSV – Force phone number to display as text within Excel
  • EE4 data deletion: Add clarification to explain what it does with add-ons

May 2, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.38.p

Bug fixes:

  • Fix conditional to avoid Cannot use object of type WP_Error as array
  • Restore SPCO form validation message box
  • Change database field limits to allow more decimal places for line item and transaction totals
  • In EE_Transaction primary_registration method get all primary registrations and look for one that isn’t canceled, or just return first item found
  • Fix behaviour of add-on message types so that active state is preserved across deactivations/de-registration and reactivation/registration of the add-on
  • Add tooltip to Rsrvd field
  • Fix PHP notice for EE4 Decaf Plugin Update Engine
  • Add check for slug field for Plugin Update Engine client
  • Fix broken inputs in mobile Datetime and Ticket editor
  • REST API: Filter out shortcodes within the Event Description field
  • Make sure EEH_Activation::delete_all_espresso_tables_and_data only lists tables once in the assembled drop tables expression
  • Fix addon activation in EE_Register_Addon not properly setting the activation indicator option


  • Create Integer Input class and corresponding number display strategy
  • Create Loading System with controllable built-in caching
  • Implement new constants abstract that can be utilized by core and add-ons for their own Constants file
  • Add option to set a default value for the Maximum number of tickets allowed per order for this event field
  • Add improvements to Plugin Update Engine client to make it more resilient
  • Update various content on Event Espresso admin pages
  • Use the_content filter on EE_Post_Content_Field get_pretty method
  • REST API: Change the no-SSL message

May 1, 2017

Stripe 1.0.15
Bug fixes and Enhancements:

  • Don’t run additional logic in main addon class used for addon registration
  • Add filter hooks
  • Remove the accepted message
  • Fix issue where payment amount is not displayed
  • Add filter for the $stripe_data array used when making a Stripe charge
  • Add data-locale parameter so Stripe will use the customer’s language
  • Change order of credential fields

Infusionsoft 2.1.5
Bug fixes and Enhancements:

  • Don’t run additional logic in main addon class used for addon registration
  • Handle exceptions which might be thrown when syncing
  • Fix failing unit tests

Ticketing 1.0.5
Bug fixes and Enhancements:

  • Don’t run additional logic in main addon class used for addon registration
  • Fix issue where the ticket notice is not generated when the send on same request option is enabled for the messages system and only the primary registrant context is enabled
  • Change default Ticket Notice templates to use [TXN_TICKETS_APPROVED_URL] short code
  • Add error proofing for `EE_Ticketing::_get_ticket_url()`
  • Use home url instead of site url for ticket link urls

April 12, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.37.p

Bug fixes:

  • Fix hook names where different action hooks have the same names
  • Use EE plugin version instead of WP version for script version number added to the asset’s URL as a query string for cache busting purposes
  • Fix multiple payments methods shown when Payment Methods Pro is de-activated
  • Fix EE4 REST API not reporting check-in status when tickets are trashed
  • Fix issue where un-required and un-selected State registration form fields throw validation error
  • Fix failing unit test for EE_Form_Section_Proper_Test::test_submitted_values
  • Fix undefined variable: current_db_state in migration_options_from_ee4.template.php on line 32


  • Add new method to EEM_Event for getting active and upcoming events
  • Add new filter hooks in the Help > Shortcodes tab content

April 3, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.36.p

Bug fixes:

  • Revert: Configure PSR-4 Autoloader before bootstrapping EE

March 30, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.35.p

Bug fixes:

  • Fix blank State field when returning to edit information on attendee information step
  • Fix issue where payments cannot be deleted when they are attached to registrations
  • Fix ticket selector when Maximum number of tickets allowed per order equals 1 and WP User integration restricts tickets
  • Fix issue where ticket reservations aren’t cleared when the Multi Event Registration cart is abandoned
  • Fix conditional that breaks message queueing in PHP5.6+
  • Fix “Text Domain” in plugin header
  • Fix issue where [PAYMENT_GATEWAY] shortcode always returns “Invoice”
  • Add better REST API check-in endpoint responses
  • Check if the URL includes a scheme, if not append ‘http://’ to Venue Editor’s Event URL field


  • Configure PSR-4 Autoloader before bootstrapping EE
  • Add new hooks to Single Page CheckOut for use in Wait List add-on
  • Add FormHtmlParser class for parsing a form section’s rendered HTML

March 16, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.34.p

Bug fixes:

  • Fix issue where canceling a PayPal Express payment from a revisit leads to a blank registration screen
  • Fix ticket selector output when ticket selector row content is filtered
  • Fix front end date picker input not loading CSS (Github pull request)
  • Don’t send emojis in AIM requests


  • Add REST API site_info to provide basic auth data required by mobile apps

March 10, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.33.p

Bug fix:

  • Fix Reg_code not getting set

March 9, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.32.p

Bug fixes:

  • Fix answer cache id when processing attendee info during spco return visit
  • Add button to Maintenance > Reset page: Reset Ticket and Datetime Reserved Counts
  • Reinstate AHEE__EE_Cron_Tasks__finalize_abandoned_transactions__abandoned_transaction action hook
  • Switch registration status to “Cancelled” when registration is moved to Trash bin
  • Restore the change in ticket selector table so that if no free tickets require selection, no selector is displayed
  • In REST API schema response, ensure immutable properties (fields) on a model are correctly represented by the readonly flag.
  • Remove warnings about Basic Auth’s removal
  • Make bundled basic auth not interfere with oAuth server
  • Fix HTML IDs in Payment method settings admin pages so JavaScript validation works with Payment Methods Pro add-on
  • Mijireh payment method: When checking whether a transaction is paid via Mijireh, check all its pending Mijireh payments, not just the most recent one
  • Add error proofing to EEH_Schema.helper.php

New features and Enhancements:

  • Embed Upcoming Event List for displaying and event list on other websites
  • Set txn property on EE_Messages_Registrations_incoming_data if all the registrations that are sent in are for the same transaction
  • Build in support for conditional type shortcodes in the Messages Shortcode parser
  • Add action for before an addon is de-registered using EE_Register_Addon and after an addon has been de-registered using EE_Register_Addon
  • eejs-api: Make sure the library authorizes with cookie if available
  • Separate “fetch” behaviour for the vue model mixin from the “add” behaviour (among other important changes)
  • Make sure in the schema that the value for default follows the same pattern as what is used for the field value
  • Allow passing basic auth authentication data in querystring
  • Add another action hook when forms are constructed
  • Add a button on the system information page to download an html file of system information

February 20, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.31.p

Bug fixes:

  • Don’t set radio button value to checked when ticket selector has more than one ticket option
  • Fix issue where a valid ticket selection throws “A valid ticket could not be retrieved for the event.” error
  • Delay call to EventEspresso\core\services\assets\Registry::wp_localize_scripts until latest possible moment to allow for late data registration
  • Add improvements to the registration list table and checkin list table’s sorting and link titles, new filter hook
  • Fix issue where migrations and batch jobs sometimes do not report errors
  • Allow changing the Phone Number system question’s question type to “US Phone”
  • Remove warnings when checking for database indexes on non-existent tables
  • Fix issue where the extra slash in batch CSV reporting assets caused JavaScript to not load on some servers
  • Fix the_latest_event_date() helper method


  • Merge pull request 178 – new spans with CSS classes added to datetime markup
  • Merge pull request 206 – new action hook
  • Include defaults for model fields with json-schema
  • Use a constant for max number of characters that can be indexed in utf8mb4
  • Fix action in wrong location within locate_template()
  • Add filter to allow changing the data used to generate ICS files

New Feature:

  • Allow managing older message activity data

February 16, 2017

Espresso Calendar 3.2.8.p


  • Add sanitization for shortcode attributes
  • Show featured image thumbnails even on the smallest screens
  • Use version_compare for Database Migration Scripts version comparisons in Calendar


  • Add support for embeddable Calendar in an iframe
  • Add filter hook to allow filtering the display of the event’s start/end time in the calendar
  • Add ID anchor to the Category legend, Venue Select, and Category select that appear above the calendar
  • Add filter hooks around the events permalink output

February 6, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.30.p
Bug fixes:

  • Add sanitization for shortcode attributes that don’t get sanitized/whitelisted in EEH_Event_Query
  • Fix short code month parameter for the [ESPRESSO_EVENTS] short code
  • PHP 7 compatibility: Change the usage of clone so its used properly
  • PHP 7 compatibility: Make sure declaring magic method as a static method
  • Fix issue with template pack api
  • Fix forms system to allow a default null value for dropdown question fields
  • Allow Upcoming Events Widget to also show “Sold Out” upcoming events
  • Add a cron task to delete gateway logs older than a week
  • Fix issue where All Registrations Report times out with many, many, many registrations
  • Ensure all db indexes smaller than 191 characters
  • Fix issue where payment methods that do not support the current currency are available within Single Page CheckOut
  • Remove the “Braintree free 50k” plug from the about page (promotion has ended)

January 31, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.29.p
Bug fixes:

  • Fix issue where shortcode for the Registration Cancelled page could not be configured properly
  • Fix issue where “please select a datetime” text is being displayed
  • Fix end of month bug in Event list table month filter selector
  • Add backwards compatibility for older versions of WordPress to avoid Fatal error: Call to undefined function EventEspresso\core\services\assets\rest_url()

January 27, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.28.p
Bug fixes:

  • Fix blank ticket selector on backend admin new registration page

January 26, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.27.p
Bug fixes:

  • Fix CSS for registration form labels for small screens
  • PHP7.1 – Fix ‘Warning: Illegal string offset ‘xxx’ in /event-espresso-core-reg/core/admin/EE_Admin_List_Table.core.php on line 565
  • filter parent dropdown on quick-edit for critical pages
  • Filter Customizer Static Front Page Dropdowns for critical pages
  • Make sure JSON-LD is valid JSON
  • Prevent Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: Argument 1 passed to EEH_Schema::add_json_linked_data_for_event() must be an instance of EE_Event, string given


  • Modify EEH\_Activation::create_cron_tasks so it can allow setting the initial time for the first scheduled event to run
  • Add support for embeddable Calendar in an iframe
  • new template for ticket price details
  • hook into new action with new callback method and load new template
  • Extract iframe logic from Ticket Selector module and refactor as separate abstracted class so that it can be reused
  • Add robots meta tag to registration checkout, transactions, and thank you pages
  • Implement a filter for test sends to allow extra logic over the setting of messenger test field settings
  • Add front end user-interface for selecting a datetime before selecting tickets
  • Add method to EEM_Base for getting qualified column names for ALL fields on a table
  • send shipping data to PayPal Pro. Use registration info for this if possible, otherwise fallback to using billing info

January 17, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.26.p
Bug fixes:

  • Don’t deactivate incompatible addons
  • Fix registration type messages not being sent when paying with PayPal Express on a SPCO re-visit
  • Always show each ticket type’s Quantity and Price info on reg checkout
  • Fix Fatal error: Call to a member function name() on boolean in core/db_classes/EE_Ticket.class.php on line 1090
  • Fix broken payment step on SPCO when using Braintree PM

New Features:

  • Add JSON-LD for events
  • REST API – return a $schema property on options requests
  • Add filter hook to PayPal Express gateway to allow sending additional data to PayPal

January 12, 2017

MailChimp 2.3.4

  • Pass $registration and $EVT_ID to ‘FHEE__EE_MCI_Controller__mci_submit_to_mailchimp__subscribe_args’ filter

January 11, 2017

Braintree Payment Method add-on 1.0.5

Bug fixes:

January 10, 2017

Braintree Payment Method add-on 1.0.4

Bug fixes:

  • Update Braintree JS to use proper booleans
  • Remove default button parameter that is set to null

January 5, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.25.p
Bug fixes and Enhancement:

  • Update EE_Datetime spaces_remaining to include reserved tickets too
  • Add checks for object instance before accessing methods
  • Add filter to allow target blank for Alternative Registration links

January 3, 2017

Event Espresso 4.9.24.p
Bug fixes:

  • Fix issue when jQuery validation disabled or WP_User active, SPCO form submission is failing
  • Fix the primary registrant info overwriting additional registrants if the last name question is not included within the personal info question group
  • Change State Dropdown select to use hide() && show() and the disable property for controlling valid options
  • Fix inconsistent capability restrictions on various registration admin page list table views
  • Add new EEM_Message status to represent when the messages system passes off a message to be processed by a messenger
  • Only delete failed transactions after a week if they have no payments
  • Add shims for get_preview_post_link() and is_post_type_viewable()
  • Plugin Update Engine: Don’t listen on POST requests for sitelicensekey saves when DOING_WP_CRON
  • Remove html tags from translation strings
  • Make PayPal Express order item names and descriptions filterable and consistent with other gateways
  • REST API: Filter/remove the self_wp_post link for events and venues when the WP REST API v2 plugin is active
  • Reword “Table existed when it shouldn’t exist” warnings
  • Fix ‘category’ typo within migration messages


  • Remove additional Attendee divs from display when no information is asked for additional attendees
  • Introduce new EventEspresso\core\services\assets\Registry class for loading scripts and queueing up data
  • Add button to the registrations list table to download the results of the current registration list table query into a CSV file
  • Add filter to model enum fields allowed_enum_values

You can review older changelogs from the changelog archives

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Wait List Manager

The Wait List Manager add-on allows you to automate the process of capturing wait list signups when your events sell out.

View quick links for this add-on –>

If the wait list is activated on an event, and the event sells out, a button will automatically display on the event details page that encourages attendees to join a wait list. If an attendee joins the wait list and someone cancels, the wait list attendee can be auto-promoted to the next available spot.

Need to Buy a Support License for the Wait List Add-on?

Wait List Installation

This add-on requires Event Espresso 4.9.49 or newer. It cannot be used with old versions of Event Espresso 4.

This add-on is a plugin for WordPress and can be installed through your WP dashboard (WP-admin).

Download the latest version of the Wait List add-on from your Event Espresso account.

Then login to your WordPress dashboard (WP-admin) and go to Plugins. Next, click on Add New –> Upload and browse to the plugin on your computer. Then select the zip file and begin the upload process. Wait for the plugin to upload and then click on Activate.

Setup and Configuration

Login to your WP dashboard and go to Event Espresso –> Events –> Choose an event.

You’ll now be viewing the overview screen for the selected event. Scroll about half way down the page, until you see the Event Wait List settings.

Event Wait List Settings

Event Wait List Settings


Once you’ve added a wait list to an event by adjusting the value of the “Wait List Spaces” setting and the event sells out, the ticket selector is replaced and a button will be displayed on the event details page. The “Sign Up For The Wait List” button allows potential attendees to sign-up to be on the wait list if spaces open up. Spaces can open up if someone cancels or is removed from the event list.

Wait List Front-end

This image shows a sold out event with the option to sign up for the wait list:

Sold Out Event w/ Wait List Sign Up

Sold Out Event w/ Wait List Sign Up

Wait List Sign Up Form

Wait List Sign Up Form

When a registrant uses the button to sign up for the wait list, then a popover is displayed to capture the attendee information:

Once all wait list spots are taken, the “Join The Wait List” button goes away:

Sold Out Event w/o Wait List Sign Up

Sold Out Event w/o Wait List Sign Up

Manually Processing Standby Registrations

Once registrants are added to the wait list, you can easily follow-up with them or promote their registration to approved, pending payment, and more, if any spaces open up for the event.

To manually promote registrants, head on over to the Registration List table filtered for the wait list:

Wait List Registration Overview

Wait List Registration Overview

Here you can get an overview of wait list registrations, promote registrations, view registrant information, and resend notifications.

To promote someone on the wait list to an open spot, simply click on the persons name or select the box and use the bulk actions to change the status. For this example, I will click into a single wait list registration to view the details:

Wait List Registration Manual Promote

Wait List Registration Manual Promote

From there you can change the registration status and send related messages. If you are running a paid event, you can use the “Pending Payment” option to make sure the attendees pay before taking a spot in the registration list. However, if you’ve promoted multiple attendees to “Pending Payment” and only have a limited number of spaces, then the first attendees to pay will receive their spot on the “Approved” registration list.


Reducing available spaces after promoting registrants should be avoided at all costs.

Auto-promotion Settings

The Wait List Manager auto-promotion setting helps you by making sure wait list registrations are automatically promoted whenever a space opens up in the event. You can also leave some spaces on manual control if desired.

Wait List Manager Auto-promotion Settings

Wait List Manager Auto-promotion Settings

Wait List Messages

The Wait List Manager creates three additional messages that send when your customers sign-up for a wait list. To edit and manage the Wait List messages, login to your WP dashboard and go to Event Espresso –> Messages –> Default Message Templates.

Once on the Default Message Templates dashboard, you may need to navigate to the second page of messages. Once you are on the second page of the messages overview, you should see the newly added Wait List Messages:

Wait List Messages Overview

Wait List Messages Overview

From there you can edit the content of each message to meet your needs.

Available Options

  • None at this time — check back soon

Frequently Asked Questions

  • None at this time — check back soon


The plugin will not activate. Can you help?
Are you running a current version of Event Espresso 4? This add-on needs at least version 4.9.49.p to activate.

Where is the menu screen for this add-on?
This plugin does not create any new menus in the WordPress admin screen. It uses the messages setting screen along with the event editor for Event Espresso.


Our support team cannot write custom coding for you. Below are some examples on customizing this add-on.
  • None at this time — check back soon
Need to Buy a Support License for the Wait List Add-on?

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How to set up a class that meets weekly

When you set up an event in Event Espresso you can create multiple datetimes, which works well for classes that meet weekly or bi-weekly.

  1. You go to add a new a event or edit an existing event
  2. Scroll to the Event Tickets & Datetimes box
  3. Input the first day and time the class meets. You can optionally give this datetime a name,
    such as “Week 1”
  4. Click the Add Datetime button
  5. Input the second date’s day and time, then click on Create Datetime
  6. Repeat


  1. Setting limits for datetimes is optional if you set a Ticket Quantity and there’s only one ticket option. If there are multiple ticket options and there’s a class size limit, then it’s best to set a limit for the datetimes
  2. If you also sell “one-time” registrations for a single class, these can be set up as individual tickets that grant access to a single datetime. You click on the advanced options (gear icon ) to connect a specific ticket to a specific datetime

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Chase Paymentech Orbital Gateway

The Chase Paymentech (Orbital) payment gateway will allow your attendees/registrants to pay for their event registrations with a credit or debit card on your website.

View quick links for this payment gateway –> 

Need to Buy a Support License for the Chase Paymentech (Orbital) Payment Gateway for Event Espresso 4?


This add-on requires Event Espresso 4.9.26 or newer. It cannot be used with old versions of Event Espresso 4.

This payment gateway is a plugin for WordPress and can be installed through your WP dashboard (WP-admin).

Download the current version of the Chase Paymentech (Orbital) payment gateway for Event Espresso 4 from your Event Espresso account.

Then login to your WordPress dashboard (WP-admin) and go to Plugins. Next, click on Add New –> Upload and browse to the plugin on your computer. Then select the zip file and begin the upload process. Wait for the plugin to upload and then click on Activate.


In order to be certified to use this plugin and to receive production API credentials from Chase, you must complete the certification document Chase provides and submit it to Chase for review.

You can do that yourself or contact who offers a Chase Paymentech Certification service.

Locate your Credentials for Chase Paymentech (Orbital)

Your credentials for Chase Paymentech (Orbital) will be provided to you by an account manager at Chase. You’ll let them know you’re using the Orbital gateway (not

Chase Paymentech (Orbital) uses a Merchant ID, Username, Password, Terminal ID, and BIN for payment processing.

Will Chase Paymentech (Orbital) be the only payment method enabled or the only one you offer? Click here to learn how to make it selected by default during the registration checkout.

Setup and Configuration

An account with Chase Paymentech is needed to accept payments via Chase Paymentech.

A dedicated SSL certificate is recommended to make registration checkout and other areas of your website more secure.

Login to your WP-admin (WP Dashboard) and go to Event Espresso –> General Settings –> Payment Methods. Once on the Payment Methods screen, click on Chase Paymentech and click on the button to activate the payment method.

Below are the available fields and explanations for each field.

Name – This is the name of the payment method.
Description – This description is shown during registration checkout.
Admin-Only Name – This is a name of the payment method that will only be shown in the WP Dashboard (WP-admin).
Admin-Only Description – This description is used only in the WP Dashboard (WP-admin).
Debug Mode On? – Enables debugging for this payment method. It should be off (set to no) on a live/production site.
Open by Default? – This sets this payment method to be pre-selected on the registration checkout page.

To give your audience more payment options, you can activate multiple payment methods at the same time. However, if you are offering just one payment option, then we recommend that you set that one payment method to be selected by default during registration checkout. That will simplify the check out process for your attendees.

Merchant ID – This credential is needed to process payments and is provided to you when your merchant account is setup.
Username – This credential is needed to process payments and is provided to you when your merchant account is setup.
Password – This credential is needed to process payments and is provided to you when your merchant account is setup.
Terminal ID – This credential is needed to process payments and is provided to you when your merchant account is setup.
BIN – This credential is needed to process payments and is provided to you when your merchant account is setup.

Order – The value (number) can be used to sort or arrange this payment option. A lower value means that it should appear first during registration checkout.
Button URL – This is the URL to the image that will be used during the payment process of registration checkout.
Alternative Button URL:
Pay by bank card
Usable From? – Select where this payment method should be available for use. This payment method cannot process payments through the WP-admin (WP Dashboard).
Update Settings – Click this button after making any changes to your payment method.
Deactivate Payment Method – Click this button to deactivate this payment method.


The Chase Paymentech (Orbital) payment gateway will let you accept payments through major credit or debit cards.

The XML API from Chase Paymentech (Orbital) is used which means that your registrants/attendees will pay for their registrations on your website.

An account with Chase Paymentech is needed to accept payments via Chase Paymentech.


I configured Chase Paymentech (Orbital) and payments are not being processed. Can you help?
Double-check that you are using your API credentials for production (live) mode. Also, ensure that there is no extra spacing before or after the credentials in the payment methods screen of Event Espresso 4.

How can I setup a recurring payment or subscription through Chase Paymentech (Orbital)?
Recurring or subscription payments are not currently supported in the Chase Paymentech (Orbital) payment gateway.

When I refund a payment, does it also refund through Chase Paymentech (Orbital)?
Refunds in Event Espresso 4 are currently a two step process. First, apply the refund through the transactional details screen of Event Espresso in your WP-admin (WP dashboard). Then login to your Chase Paymentech merchant account and process the refund.

Is an SSL certificate needed for Chase Paymentech (Orbital)?
A dedicated SSL certificate is recommended if you are accepting payments on your website.

Do I need to be PCI compliant?
Compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) is required if you are processing, storing, or transmitting credit card data. Event Espresso recommends using a dedicated SSL certificate on your website.

View more information on PCI compliance from Chase Paymentech (Orbital).


Our support team cannot write custom coding for you. Below are some examples on customizing this payment gateway.
  • None at this time — check back soon!

Need to Buy a Support License for the Chase Paymentech Payment Gateway for Event Espresso 4?

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EE4 Automated Upcoming Event Notification add-on

Currently in Beta Testing: The add-on is available for beta testing from the pre-release channel (PRC) within your Event Espresso account page. Once you’ve signed up for the PRC, the download will be available in the EE4 tab of the PRC. users can download the add-on from our Github page (under the name “eea-automated-upcoming-event-notifications”). Please note that you might have to manually update the plugin when we roll out the full version of the add-on.

The Automated Upcoming Event Notification add-on will allow you to send a reminder email to your attendees about an upcoming event automatically. This can be used as a courtesy reminder to your guests about upcoming events and you can also customize this on a per-event basis. For example, you can automatically notify attendees/registrants three days before the start of one of your events.

View quick links for this add-on –> 


This add-on requires Event Espresso 4.9.39.p or newer. It cannot be used with old versions of Event Espresso 4.

This add-on is a plugin for WordPress and can be installed through your WP dashboard (WP-admin).

Download the current version of the Automated Upcoming Event Notification add-on for Event Espresso 4 from your Event Espresso account.

Then login to your WordPress dashboard (WP-admin) and go to Plugins. Next, click on Add New –> Upload and browse to the plugin on your computer. Then select the zip file and begin the upload process. Wait for the plugin to upload and then click on Activate.

Setup and Configuration

You will not see any new WordPress administration menus for the add-on. Upcoming Event Notifications (event reminders) are set up through the existing Messages System which can be found in WordPress admin > Event Espresso > Messages > Default Message Templates page. If you do not see them on the page, then try adjusting the pagination through Screen Options in the top right area of your screen. Increase the value to a higher number such as 25 and then click on the Apply button to save changes.

Messages - Upcoming Event Notification

Please note: if the new message templates (shown in the screenshot above) are missing, then please make sure the Email messengers are active in Event Espresso > Messages > Settings.


This add-on introduces two new message types:

Automated Upcoming Event Notification

In this message type, the automation is triggered by the threshold against the earliest date-time on the event. This is ideal if you have an event with multiple (or single) datetimes but want to send out the notifications for just the event.

Automated Upcoming Datetime Notification

In this message type, the automation is triggered by the threshold against specific date-times as opposed to individual events, which is ideal for when you are using an Event to represent multiple occurrences of that same event via datetimes.

Activating automated upcoming notifications for ALL events or datetimes

First, you need to decide if you want to send a single automated event reminder or a reminder for each datetime across ALL events. If not, then please move on to the next section. However, if you would like to have the reminders to sent automatically, on a default schedule, then simply follow these steps:

  1. Visit the WordPress admin > Event Espresso > Messages > Default Message Templates page.
  2. Choose the message automated upcoming message type you want to work with (Upcoming Event or Upcoming Datetime) and click edit.
  3. Scroll down the page a little to find the Scheduling Settings meta box in the right area of the page, where you can turn the scheduling on and set the number of days before the event or datetime to send the automated notification.

Once you have activated the scheduling, Event Espresso will email the registrants X days before the event.

Activating automated upcoming notifications for a single event

To activate the automated event reminders for a single event, visit the event editor for that event, then scroll towards the bottom of the page where you will find the Notifications panel. From there you can decide which upcoming notification (event or datetime) to send for that event, then click the Create New Custom button to create a custom automated notification for your event.

Event Editor - Upcoming Event Notification

Next, once you’ve created a custom template, click the Edit button. Then scroll down the page a little to find the Scheduling Settings meta box, where you can turn the scheduling on and set the number of days before the event (or datetime) to send the automated notification.

Once you have activated the scheduling, Event Espresso will email the registrants X days before the event.

You can then save changes to your event by clicking on the Update button in the event editor.

Default behavior across both message types:

  • The “default” templates for these message types apply globally to all events but have a toggle for turning the messages off or on globally, which ensures that if you have a more simple setup, where you just want the same template to be used across all of your events/datetimes. You can just toggle the default template on or off.
    Please note: the setting defaults to off because having both on means registrants would receive multiple “upcoming” notifications for the first datetime on an event.
  • By default, the message types will be sent to the contact details for registrants (only one email per contact, regardless of registrations sharing that contact) and would only get sent to APPROVED registrants.
  • Event specific templates can be created that will override the default and would also have an on/off toggle for the message type.
  • The ONLY option (besides the on/off toggle) for these message types is how many days before the event/datetime (depending on message type) the messages get generated and sent.
  • This will only send to approved registrations for Events that are “upcoming” or “sold out” active status. The actual query will be based on whether there’s a date in the future for an event (matching whatever optional – the only option – threshold people pick.). For the upcoming event message type (not the upcoming datetime), there will only be ONE message go out and it will get triggered against the earliest datetime for that event.
  • The shortcodes available for the templates will be the same as the registration message types because the recipients are registrations.


The plugin will not activate. Can you help?
Are you running a current version of Event Espresso 4? This add-on needs at least version 4.9.39.p to activate.

Where is the menu screen for this add-on?
This plugin does not create any new menus in the WordPress admin screen. It uses the messages setting screen along with the event editor for Event Espresso.


  • If you have ever experienced email deliverability issues with your server, or are on shared/inexpensive hosting, or emails are getting lost or marked as SPAM or junk mail? Then a transactional email service is HIGHLY recommended when using this add-on for Event Espresso 4.
  • This add-on uses Cron tasks to run scheduled callbacks or spawn cron for all scheduled events. This means that you will need a server that is capable of running Cron jobs (a unix program which runs unattended scheduled tasks).


Our support team cannot write custom coding for you. Below are some examples on customizing this add-on.
  • None at this time — check back soon

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Using Contact Form 7 to create wait lists for your events

First install Contact Form 7 through the plugins manager within your site, navigate to Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New and search for ‘Contact Form 7’. This first result should be Contact Forms 7 and looks like this:

Click ‘Install Now’ and activate, you’ll now have a ‘Contact’ section in your admin menu which you can use to generate contact forms.

Within the Contact section click ‘Add New’ to generate a new form:

Create a new form and add the details you want to see on that form, at a minimum we recommend name and email, although you can request any details you need and also include any additional text on the form, for example ‘Join the waiting list for this event?’ For example:

When any users submit the form you’ll receive an email with the details they submitted, however currently we don’t have any details of the event within the form, or the email so we won’t know which event they wish to sign up for but we can add those details within the ‘Mail’ tab.

The sections you will need to edit are ‘Subject’ (your form likely does not have a ‘subject’ field so manually set this) and then within the message body you’ll need to include details of the event. You can do this using the Contact Form shortcodes [_post_title] which shows the title of the post the form was submitted from and [_post_id] which shows the ID of the post the form was submitted from. Here is an example:

You may also want to update the text within the ‘Messages’ tab to suit, the text there is shown to users through various steps of the form.

Now you have a waitlist form within Contact Form 7 we need to use a small function to output that form on sold out events. First take note of the shortcode shown at the top of your contact form (the blue box in the screenshots above), you will need this to pull the correct form, in my example this is `[contact-form-7 id=”107″ title=”EE Waitlist”]` so we can use this function:

You can add that function to your themes functions.php file or create a Custom Functions Plugin and place it within that, be sue to use the correct shortcode to pull your form in.

Now on your sold out events you should see something like this:

Whenever a user submits the form you will receive and email from contact form 7 with the users details along with the event title and ID.

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Event Espresso 4 Changelog

Download Event Espresso now from your Event Espresso Account page.
Looking for the Event Espresso 3 changelog? You can find the changelog for Event Espresso 3 here.
Important note about updating to Event Espresso 4.8: You will need to update to WordPress version 4.1 or higher before you update to Event Espresso 4.8.

Learn how to update Event Espresso 4

Subscribe to product updates notifications via email

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

February 7, 2018

Event Espresso 4.9.57.p

Bug fixes:

  • Fix Fatal error after activation: Uncaught exception ‘DomainException’
  • Fix calculation for layout var for countdown timeout format
  • Remove EE cookie check
  • Remove space in new line item indexes


  • Add helper methods to EE_Event class for adding and removing question groups
  • Improvements to model system to support extra calculated selects on model queries
  • Add action hooks for after payment methods are deactivated
  • Add new template tag: espresso_next_upcoming_datetime()

January 29, 2018

Event Espresso 4.9.56.p

Bug fixes:

  • Fix issue where Argument number 1 is not an array in EE_Error.core.php on line 783
  • Add filters to query arg arrays for checkout URL related methods in EE_Registration
  • Fix new datetime end date pre-populating with the year 4036
  • Remove un-needed icon from check-in list view legend
  • Don’t call get_class on null in EE_Config::_reset_espresso_addon_config
  • Fix invoice payment method activation notification
  • Ignore ‘Maximum Allowed Response Size’ value for Date picker or similar questions


  • Add indexes for esp_line_item table
  • Add filter for removing notice about Datetimes in admin
  • Remove actions link from transactions page
  • Add new actions to EED_Ticket_Sales_Monitor::release_tickets_for_expired_carts
  • Add filters for more flexible screen options

January 16, 2018

Event Espresso 4.9.55.p

Bug fixes:

  • Fix undeclared datetime and ticket start and dates for generated objects in unit tests so that timestamps don’t equal NOW
  • Fix generated ticket objects for unit tests having start and end dates set to NOW
  • Fix blank screen when deleting a check-in record
  • Remove stray PHP tag from end of payment_settings.template.php file


  • Add ContextInterface and use instead of hard coding reference to Context classes
  • Wrap valid form data array returned from FormHandler::process() in a filter

January 9, 2018

Event Espresso 4.9.54.p

Bug fixes:

  • Fix issue where sold out events with an expired ticket option do not get switched to sold_out post status
  • Fix fatal error during multisite assessment because persistent notice being added
  • Fix CopyRegistrationService::copyPaymentDetails() not copying payment details correctly
  • Fix issue where Static properties in Abstract DomainBase class are overwritten each time add-on Domain class initializes
  • Fix issue where HTML entities are decoded when displaying and editing messages
  • Fix all form input security issues
  • Refactor submit inputs so they always show the default value set on them (the original value), not the current value (which may change if user input populates the form using EE_Form_Section_Proper::receive_form_submission())
  • Fix conflict with WordPress 4.9 built in plugin code editor
  • Fix missing success notices on Message List Table actions
  • Fix conditional in EE_Messages_Validator::validate()
  • Delay instantiating EE_Payment_Method_Manager when EE_Register_Payment_Method::deregister is called
  • Add missing root path for the generated Check In Log url
  • Fix fatal error in DbSafeDateTime
  • Stop logging to espresso_error_log.txt


  • Add logic to core to disable specific add-ons before they can even register
  • Add URL Value Object
  • Only save session data if a valid cart exists
  • Add a concrete class extending PHP’s FilterIterator Abstract for filtering Event Espresso’s CollectionInterface collections
  • Change the default button for PayPal Express
  • Update best practices documentation
  • Create new CapabilitiesActionRestrictionInterface for EE_Base_Classes
  • Fix acceptance tests and improve framework
  • Implement Adapter for Datetime Helpers for PHP 5.6+ and PHP < 5.6

You can review older changelogs from the changelog archives

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2016 Changelog Archive

December 13, 2016

Event Espresso 4.9.23.p
Bug fixes:

  • Fix fatal error in DbSafeDateTime
  • Add checks for ticket availability at each step of Single Page Checkout to avoid overselling
  • Avoid errors in gateways when line items have quantity of 0
  • Fix Page Template switcher added by Event Espresso for admin editor routes in WP 4.7
  • Fix incorrect datetime selections within tickets when using the ‘duplicate’ feature
  • Prevent datetimes from being deleted if they have un-sold registrations assigned to them
  • Fix admin pages that have duplicated content/settings
  • Add bottom margin to Ticket Selector table CSS
  • REST API: Expose the model query parameter “default_where_params” option “minimum” for registration ticket date times
  • Fix issue where Emojis in event description causes registration checkout to fail


  • Add support for Template Post Type: theme templates (new WordPress 4.7 feature)

November 29, 2016

Event Espresso 4.9.22.p
Bug fixes:

  • Use the primary attendee details if the “critical data” (first & last name and email) for the current attendee is missing. This prevents additional contacts from being created.
  • Fix closing div mismatch in Ticket Selector when an Alternative Reg page URL is set
  • Raise minimum required version of PHP to 5.3.9 to avoid fatal errors that happen on servers with older PHP versions
  • Fix missing text domain in translated string in Events_Admin_Page::_create_new_cpt_item()
  • Fix condition that leads to internal server errors during Single Page Checkout
  • Add error proofing to avoid empty needle warning on homepage
  • Open new tab with preview button for a draft event
  • Fix incomplete adminpage setup mimicking WP due to $hooksuffix global
  • Remove View / Edit this Contact button from Transactions and Registrations admin pages if user account does not have view/edit contact capabilities
  • Only wp_die() on no access fails in admin page when user is logged in. Otherwise allow WordPress to do its normal redirects.
  • Fix QUESTION_LIST shortcodes in messages
  • Clean up Event Type Taxonomy term descriptions and add robots noindex meta tag to their front end archives
  • Fix help tour alignment on Registration Forms admin page and General Settings Admin page
  • Remove wp-cron inactive notice and replace with intelligent default setup for messages
  • Include “Sold Out” events when displaying Active and Upcoming events in the admin event list table view
  • Fix sending a test email within messages always using the Event Admin context
  • Use wpjsonencode when encoding Single Page Checkout response
  • Allow for using multiple Invoice payment methods within messages
  • Fix conflict with Contact Form 7 plugin
  • Improve invalid input handling in EEFormSection_Proper::exclude
  • Fix untranslatable strings within venues ‘physical location’ metabox


  • Add Model Form section filters
  • Add JavaScript functions for determining which background color to use for modal windows or other containers that get dynamically added to templates
  • Add validation to require the personal question group if the Address Group is selected for an additional attendee
  • Add filter to invoice [PAYMENT_LIST_*] shortcode
  • Remove the ‘don’t migrate my data option’ for EE4 update migrations
  • Remove redirect to About page on minor updates

November 8, 2016

Event Espresso 4.9.21.p
Bug fixes:

  • Remove redirect to /events/ page that was added in prior version
  • Fix off site payment return to SPCO
  • Fix models getting instantiated in EECapabilities::mapmeta_caps too early
  • Fix failing EECapabilitiesTest due to deprecated method in WP_User
  • Fix issue where some SPCO form JavaScript is not getting enqueued correctly
  • Fix skeleton add-on so add-ons are ready for grunt

November 3, 2016

Event Espresso 4.9.20.p
Bug fixes:

  • Fix PHP warning messages when registering for an event if WP_DEBUG is activated
  • Fix SPCO for non-pretty permalink structures
  • Don’t display “Direct access to the registration checkout page is not allowed” notice unless WP_DEBUG is turned on

November 1, 2016

Event Espresso 4.9.19.p
Bug fixes:

  • Fix adding registrations via the admin
  • Fix output of custom question answers so they display ampersands correctly in registration CSV report
  • Add escaping to migration errors that contain HTML
  • Avoid an infinite loop while migrating in case the country ID from the EE3 attendee data was badgered


  • Add enhancements to Countries and Territories list

October 31, 2016

Event Espresso 4.9.18.p
Bug fixes:

  • Add option to encode session data to avoid internal server errors during SPCO related to borked session data
  • WordPress 4.7 compatibility fixes:
    • remove obsolete debugging code
    • replace usage of gmdate with date
    • replace usage of gmt for the third parameter value with true
  • Remove trailing whitespace from question registration questions
  • Fix use of “continue” in \Extend_Registrations_Admin_Page::_newsletter_selected_send()
  • Escape html when viewing payment logs


  • Add Register Namespace to Register Addon API
  • Use home URL for receipt and invoice links instead of site URL
  • Refresh Help & Support Pages

October 27, 2016

Event Espresso 4.9.17.p
Bug fixes:

  • Don’t run the config log unless it is explicitly turned on via a filter
  • Fix auto-deactivate for servers that run PHP 5.2
  • Fix closing div mismatch in Ticket Selector
  • Improve handling of conditions for Transaction Reports to avoid errors when there are no payments in last 30 days
  • Fix styles for Registration CSV report and Contact List Report buttons
  • Fix styles where status legend heading in the ticket editor of the event editor appears to be missing due to font color
  • Add php comments to empty messages template files to explain their emptiness
  • Improve ui/ux for Event Checkin views
  • Rename “Newsletter” Message to “Batch” and Update Description
  • Add email address fallback for from field in outgoing messages generated emails
  • Fix FHEE__content_espresso_events_details_template__the_content filter hook
  • Don’t autoload EE core API routes from the options table on non-API requests
  • Avoid saving “Invoice” billing info, and avoid throwing an exception if it does get saved somehow
  • Add error proofing to avoid a fatal error and other errors migrating from EE3 where special characters are included in the event content
  • Don’t Show Hidden inputs in transaction billing metabox
  • REST API: Unhide old versioned namespaced routes when requested
  • Send event name in the order description that’s sent to PayPal Pro, PayPal Standard, Mijireh, and Authnet AIM when Promotions are applied


  • Add filter switch to conditional where it checks to fill form with attendee info if applicable
  • Improve filterability of EEH_Template::powered_by_event_espresso
  • Add admin notice if using UTC +0 timezone
  • Use credit card normalization for credit card input field to correct the value if the credit card number is input with spaces
  • New bundled payment method: PayPal Express

October 6, 2016

Event Espresso 4.9.16.p
Bug fixes:

  • Restore price column to Ticket Selector when “Maximum number of tickets allowed per order for this event” is set to 1
  • Fix broken html in Event editor’s notifications section
  • Remove div tags that are included with the powered by message that’s added to the admin via the admin_footer_text filter hook
  • Make sure serialized objects are not saved for messages added to the generation queue
  • Fix issue where selecting large groups of registrations to trigger messages throws an exception
  • Escape pretty formatted email addresses when displayed in the messages list table or error messages
  • Fix EE_Form_Input_Base::set_required(false) not removing JS validation from the input field

October 5, 2016

Event Espresso 4.9.15.p
Bug fix:

  • Fix closing div mismatch in the ticket selector markup

WP User Integration 2.0.13

Bug fix:

  • Fix login form that works with the WP User Integration’s “Force Login for registrations?” setting

October 4, 2016

Event Espresso 4.9.14.p
Bug fixes:

  • Make Settings Page easier to read
  • Fix conflict with Application Passwords plugin
  • Fix closing div mismatch in the ticket selector markup
  • Fix issue where validation scripts do not load on SPCO page


  • Create interface for getting all the post_ids registered to a given shortcode
  • Change message templates default From/To fields to use unformatted version of shortcodes

September 28, 2016

WP User Integration 2.0.12

Bug fixes:

  • Ensure redirects after triggering a resend of messages via the “My Events” page do not include request parameters that will trigger the resend again (creating a loop)
  • Use version_compare for DMS version comparisons in User Integration


  • Add a “forgot password” link to the WP User integration log in modal box

Event Espresso 4.9.13.p
Bug fixes:

  • Fix issue where JavaScript error is thrown after adding tickets to the cart using the iframe embed Ticket Selector
  • Fix can_migrate_from_version() in DMS scripts equating that 4.10.0 is less than 4.2.0
  • Fix attendee mover “Can not cancel ticket(s)” error
  • Restore Show Active/Inactive events filter button to the Events admin list table
  • Fix EE_Registry::reset() clearing all models stored on `LIB` before resetting all model instances
  • Fix EEM_Base::reset() so it doesn’t change the instance stored on EEM_Base::$_instance and the EE_Registry
  • Fixes for EE_Messages_Generator
  • Fix REST API term_taxonomies links
  • Make EEH_Activation delete table methods more granular and efficient
  • Fix issue where billing form cannot be submitted when a payment method is set to open by default + Contact Form 7 plugin is activated
  • Add error proofing to double check session is in registry before using it
  • Only delete global EE tables when deleting main site’s tables


  • Add Tax Settings option for Ticket Selector to control whether or not to display ticket prices with taxes included
  • Add JS to dynamically populate states based on the selected country
  • Add Powered by text link to Ticket Selector
  • Add button to set Abandoned TXN’s to Complete
  • Add hooks to Messages where different error conditions exist for adding extended logging and fix potential problems with cached data handler objects
  • Add link anchor to scroll to ticket selector after redirect/refresh when no tickets are selected after the ticket selector form is submitted
  • Add rel=”nofollow” attribute to Powered by Links

September 14, 2016

Event Espresso 4.9.12.p
Bug fixes:

  • Remove “Wait List” from event editor “Default Registration Status” dropdown
  • Add new SendMessageException for handling a messenger send catastrophe
  • Fix typo in translation function in Registrations_Admin_Page.core.php

September 9, 2016

Event Espresso 4.9.11.p
Bug fix:

  • Reinstate deprecated method: EE_Registration_Processor::generate_reg_code()

September 7, 2016

Event Espresso 4.9.10.p
Bug fixes:

  • Fix issue where using multiple ticket selectors on the same page can result in one of them not working if one of the events becomes sold out
  • Fix ticket selector closing tag mismatches when free event is sold out
  • Don’t use is_callable() to check for Closures
  • Add PHP 5.3 work around to avoid Fatal Error on Single Page Checkout
  • Fix unit test errors
  • Only register the select2 scripts and styles when needed, and only after deregistering other copies of the same script
  • Fix issue where the display strategy is looping thru the sub line items but no returned value is getting added into the returned html
  • Add error proofing to avoid errors in the “Attendees Registered in this Transaction” meta box on the Transactions details page
  • Fix issue where submitting nothing for a checkbox input can cause validation errors if 0 is not a viable option


  • Add timestamp parameter to registration checkout URL from ticket selector in an attempt to bust site caching
  • Adjust Transaction Totals when Registrant Status Changed to “Declined” or “Cancelled”
  • Add new shortcodes for Message templates
  • Add new message template shortcode, [EVENT_IMAGE_*size=$ width=$ height=$], that allows both the image size to load and the width/height of the image displayed

August 24, 2016

Event Espresso 4.9.9.p
Bug fixes:

  • Make admin list table header layouts behave more like native WP list table header layouts
  • Add minimum WordPress version requirement for add-ons, don’t allow addon activation if below specified version to avoid PHP fatal error
  • Improve the Messages List table filter drop-down to be consistent and to query the correct table for the list table being generated
  • Updated date filter in transaction list table to include WP timezone offset
  • Fix issue where blank contact list search showing unexpected results and search result counts off for non-blank searches
  • Change usage of the show_ui argument in registered CPTs to determine whether to automatically modify the edit links to point to the custom EE UI. If that argument is set to true for a CPT, then do NOT modify the edit links
  • Add clear fix to allow self clearing to avoid the broken layout when there’s a floated div inside the admin ticket selector
  • Convert batch file templates to php files
  • Made sure that related EE_Message objects to the registration being deleted permanently are also deleted permanently
  • Add a space in the list of acceptable html tags in the error message shown when users try to use an unnacceptable html tag in a form input using the validation strategy EE_Full_HTML_Validation_Strategy
  • Fix issue where Enhanced Media Library plugin conflicts with EE_Admin_File_Uploader_Display_Strategy and throws a Fatal error in payment settings
  • Make basic auth removal warning removable


  • New shortcodes for the Registration Approved message type
  • Add a Github Plugin location header to the plugin header
  • Add site timezone and currency to WP JSON index info

August 15, 2016

Event Espresso 4.9.8.p
Bug fixes:

  • Fix issue where applying a promotion code, making transaction $0, billing form still requires cc
  • Fix issue where a return to pay can oversell a sold out event
  • Fix possible flaws in EE_CPT_Strategy::pre_get_posts
  • Fix issue where validation causes no saving of email input fields on some servers
  • Fix the ‘show details’ link when there are multiple tickets selectors displayed one event page
  • Fix Bot Trap when MER is active
  • Fix issue where numbers (0, 1, 2) appear between email shortcodes for the main content area of the Ticket template
  • Fix issue where Messages > Settings > “Generate and send all messages” option doesn’t stick when saving on WordPress Multisite
  • Fix issue where Multisite license key field goes blank after saving
  • Fix issue where occasionally a theme’s layout breaks because CSS class names are too generic
  • Fix CSS for Media File Uploader Input
  • Facilitate removing a model from the EE4 REST API


  • Add links for filtering the Registrations Admin list table by both Event and Datetime
  • Improve EED_Bot_Trap::process_bot_trap to allow for changing success/fail behaviour
  • Add Events Administrator user role with predefined events capabilities
  • Expose more useful data to action hooks used in attendee list templates

August 3, 2016

Event Espresso 4.9.7.p
Bug fixes:

  • Remove recently added styles that target the body element on small screens
  • Fix warning: Array_pop() expects parameter 1 to be array
  • Override capabilities for frontend registrations

August 2, 2016

Event Espresso 4.9.6.p
Bug fixes:

  • Remove capcheck middleware for registrations from frontend

August 1, 2016

Event Espresso 4.9.5.p
Bug fixes:

  • Fix missing closing ul tag in the EE admin List table actions list
  • Fix typos in textdomains
  • Make ‘Payments Total’ string i18n friendly
  • Add clarification to decaf migration message


  • Add ProgressStepManager and supporting classes
  • Add venue website to the content that’s displayed for the venue info in the event custom post type
  • Add Introductory Area to Top of Each payment gateway screen
  • Add class to Attendee divs displayed when no information is asked for additional attendees
  • Remove un-used template file from PayPal Standard payment method
  • Build Dependency Injection Container for enabling the storage and retrieval of factories and services — see our developer documentation for more details

July 25, 2016

Event Espresso 4.9.4.p
Bug fixes:

  • Use i18n ready strings for ‘obj_type’ within Line Item display strategies
  • Add spacing to EE Attendee Shortcode error messaging
  • Fix issue where messengers become inactive when the ticketing add-on is deactivated
  • Fix missing text domains for transaction revenue graph titles
  • Clean up strings for better i18n
  • EE4 REST API: Unhide old versioned namespaced routes when requested
  • Fix issue where wp_posts.post_name (or slug) for Event posts are exactly the same after migrating 50 or more of the same recurring events from EE3
  • Fix shortcode documentation link within Event Espresso – Help & Support
  • Change primary contact email description, it is currently not where all notifications are sent by default
  • add i18n support to [PAYMENT_TIMESTAMP] shortcode
  • Fix incorrect event name listed in “Other Registrations in the Transaction” when Multiple Event Registration is used

July 14, 2016

Espresso Calendar 3.2.7.p


  • Allow Calendar’s View More link text to be translated
  • Fix Calendar tooltip so it doesn’t display protected event content
  • Fix Calendar widget’s Display Expired Events? option.
  • Fix Category legend’s links when using default WP Permalink settings


  • Don’t use “show tables” queries unnecessarily when running data migrations
  • Add filter hook to allow customizing the Calendar’s event title and description output

Event Espresso 4.9.3.p
Bug fixes:

  • Remove “” for EE_Email_Validation_Strategy_Test::test_DNS_and_MX_record_check_fail
  • Fix missing text domain in Registration admin screen
  • Fix Upcoming Events widget so it does not display password protected event content
  • Remove universal currency symbol from display if nothing is input for currency symbol
  • Update Paypal Pro Autofilled billing form info and add help text to explain what Debug Mode is for
  • Add filter hooks for displaying and setting the Google Maps api key field
  • Fix issue where empty required checkbox questions validate
  • Add Google maps API key to static map calls
  • Remove required attribute from Google Maps API key field


  • Trim whitespace from email address entered within the reg form, fix for mobile autocomplete
  • Add better US phone number validation
  • Add filter hook to allow removing the currency code from output

June 28, 2016

Event Espresso 4.9.2.p
Bug fixes:

  • Add Google Maps API key option for venue maps
  • If part of venue address is not available then show nothing instead of showing “Unknown”
  • Fix umlauts being stripped from the users email address during registration
  • Change all EE_Full_HTML_Fields model fields to EE_Post_Content_Fields (except those which aren’t directly set by users)
  • Add filters to customize display of money amounts
  • Add error proofing to the unlock_transaction() method

June 16, 2016

Event Espresso 4.9.1.p
Bug fixes:

  • Fix issue where the Promotion add-on’s config could get reset to the defaults
  • Escape iframe embed in event editor for the ticket selector embed
  • Save `ee_has_activated_messenger` option whenever deactivating a messenger or message type
  • Change Upcoming Events Widget so it links to Alt Reg page URL instead of the event CPT if Alt Reg page URL is set
  • Don’t merge in any attributes passed via fallback shortcode processor
  • Fix Mijireh payment checker causing fatal error
  • EE4 forms system: Allow all display strategies to use other_html_attributes
  • Fix issue where Bundled Basic Auth can cause Fatal Error
  • Fix issue where migration errors causing crash report page to not render properly


  • Add more specific class to the ‘View Invoice’ link shown on the payment overview page
  • Add filter for the default value used for ‘Display Ticket Selector’ within the event editor

June 9, 2016

Event Espresso 4.9.0.p
New Features:

  • Add Messages Queue and Recording System
  • Add Messages Activity List table
  • Add option to switch to send messages immediately instead of on separate requests
  • Add new Search Input class and fix JS validation improvements
  • Add new registration form question types: email, phone, int, decimal, yes-no, url, year, month, multiselect


  • Refactor EE_Registry::_load() to automagically inject dependencies into service classes
  • Improve how Add New State module form subsections are removed when they are not required
  • EE_Registry:: Remember when a file has been loaded on `$load_only` calls to reduce unnecessary $path checks and file checks for multiple requests to the same file in a request
  • Add Cache Control to Dependency Map
  • Load EE_Request_Handler Earlier
  • Multisite: Implement method for models to have blog_id set as a property of the model
  • Add param to ALLOW EE to load on wp-login.php routes when specifically requested.
  • Add notification for WP API users that Event Espresso plans to remove Basic Auth plugin soon, advise to install it or the Application Passwords plugin
  • Add action/filter to EE_Error::add_error so behaviour can be customized
  • Default to use the new Akamai AIM server unless specified via the Server option in AIM payment method settings

Bug fixes:

  • Fix empty required fields are validating
  • Bump up the field size to allow transaction totals of more than 10,000,000
  • Fix revisit (edit attendee info or make a payment) links
  • Move transaction locks to the extra meta table and recorded individually for each transaction
  • Use a timestamp of when transaction locks were applied so that they can be invalidated
  • Improve labels for Question Types in Reg Form admin
  • Fix how Registry loads Dependency Map
  • Improve process of registering new class_loaders in `EE_Dependency_Map`
  • Improve process of registering new dependencies in `EE_Dependency_Map`
  • Make default route capability requirement consistent with menu item
  • Multisite: Instead of checking for full wpdb prefix, just check for the base prefix (in case its a global table and it only has the gloabl prefix on the front
  • Fix for warning in logs for Transactions_Admin_Page
  • Fix issue where events can’t be permanently deleted
  • Fix fatal errors discovered when migrating sites on (related to EE_CPT_Strategy call, and EEM_Base::count() call)
  • Clarify EEH_File::is_readable throws exceptions when EE needs credentials to read a file
  • Don’t interpret random DB errors as a table not existing
  • Add back compat fix for using the REST API with WordPress 4.1
  • Fix bundled version of the Basic Auth plugin because Authorization headers are removed sometimes
  • Improve FHEE__EE_Billing_Attendee_Info_Form__populate_from_attendee filter
  • Only notify of deactivated payment method for paymetn methods that were just active but their plugin has been deactivated and so need to be deactivated now
  • Switch usage of `SHOW TABLES` in core
  • Enforce character input to match limit set on QST_required_text
  • Add a DMS stage for 4.9 that just deletes all answer records where REG_ID=0.
  • Fix issue where modal window stays active after applying a payment/refund

May 16, 2016

WP User Integration 2.0.11

Bug fixes:

  • Remove any actions that other plugins might be adding to the wp_login action hook
  • Fix ESPRESSO_MY_EVENTS short code output so it does not display edit attendee links if there are no question groups for the registration


  • Add redirect to Single Page Checkout from the new user register form page
  • Add invoice icon to the My Events legend

May 5, 2016

Event Espresso 4.8.43.p

Bug fix:

  • Cache EE4 REST API endpoints in multiple options

April 27, 2016

Event Espresso 4.8.42.p

Bug fix and Enhancement:

  • Add an option to the Authorize AIM payment method settings to allow site admins to use’s new server (akamai) earlier than June 30th
  • Allow changing critical page settings on the Event Espresso > General Settings > Critical Pages screen

April 25, 2016

Event Espresso 4.8.41.p

Bug fixes:

  • Fix TXN Timestamp not being translated on the individual transaction page
  • Fix TXN Timestamp not being translated on the individual registration page
  • Fix incorrect registration checked in or out calculations
  • Fix issue where br and p tags are stripped from html fields when being pulled from the database
  • Add error proofing to avoid fatal errors when event post is updated
  • esp_question.QST_system can be NULL. Avoid, but account for it
  • Add capabilities check to the ‘All Registrations CSV report’
  • Fix validation errors when applying payment from admin not shown
  • Fix Post Shortcode tracking
  • Move definition of php version 7 constant outside of `EE_Recommended_Versions` middleware
  • Fix issue where password protected venues protect the_content, but not EE content
  • Don’t use reserved words Transaction and Status in MySQL queries
  • Fix front end edit links for venues and people CPTs


  • Add hook to display the template that was found using locate_template
  • Facilitate extending EE_PMT_Aim and EEG_Aim
  • EE4 month input: allow for starting with 0 instead of 1
  • Whenever a payment method is activated, deactivated, or has its scope changed (eg. where it’s allowed to be used), log it (assuming logging is enabled) to the log file
  • Add CSS float styles to datetime list items
  • Allow EE_Required_Validation_Strategy to be dependent on the value of another field in the form, both client-side and server-side
  • Add an input called EE_Select_Reveal_Input, where the values correspond to other inputs or subsections in the form. When a value is selected, the corresponding input or section is shown in the UI, and all others are hidden
  • Make the javascript EEFV::initialize() emit an event which can be used for other code to initialize their forms
  • Billing Form Validation: CVV/CCV/CSC numbers should always be 3 or 4 digits
  • Remove “Recommended WP version” recommendation
  • Allow gateways to dynamically decide whether to handle IPN

April 12, 2016

Event Espresso 4.8.40.p

Bug fixes and Enhancements:

  • Add check for WP-cron and display warning if feature is disabled
  • Don’t add reCaptcha on the payment options step to avoid conflicts with Stripe and Braintree payment forms
  • EE4 REST API: Add registrations’ datetimes checkin statuses

April 7, 2016

Event Espresso 4.8.39.p

Bug fixes and Enhancements:

  • Breakout str_trim() logic into new string_trim() function;
    Add hasOwnProperty() check when looping over $subs;
  • Fix h3 tags inside p tags on thank you page
  • Add a middleware app that blocks EE from fully loading if the user is on either the wp-login.php or register.php pages
  • Fix ticket selector datetime selections not saving when creating event if you duplicate the tickets/datetimes
  • Fix fatal error when EEME_Base::deregister is called
  • Automatically add `group_by` against primary key field to incoming params in get_all method
  • Fix bundled wp basic auth for multisite
  • Fix EE4 REST API X-WP-Total is wrong when including related items
  • Allow filtering of batch temp folder

March 24, 2016

Event Espresso 4.8.38.p

Bug fixes:

  • Add Email Validation settings
  • Use Default WordPress email validation
  • Avoid unnecessary ALTER TABLE database queries when checking database

March 22, 2016

Braintree Payment Method add-on 1.0.2

Bug fixes:

  • Fix Pay Now button after using change payment method feature
  • Allow multiple Braintree payment methods, and namespace transaction_args js variable

March 21, 2016

Event Espresso 4.8.37.p

Bug fixes:

  • Remove obsolete [EVENT_IDENTIFIER] shortcode
  • Fix issue where HTML tags were not permitted in some payment method settings fields
  • Fix scripts and styles not loading for Stripe and Braintree payment methods

March 16, 2016

Event Espresso 4.8.36.p

Bug fixes:

  • Fix HTML Question type validation not passing
  • Cookie-proof the Request classes
  • Change form validation to allow German Umlauts in email address input
  • Fix conflicts with BBPress that affect posting to topics and Single Page Check-Out
  • Improve the cron removal so that if the cron timestamp array is empty it gets removed
  • Fix INF comparisons that will fail in PHP5.3
  • Fix issues in unit tests related to failed builds reported by Travis-CI
  • Fix Transaction Reports using incorrect value for ‘Total Revenue per Event’
  • Add new columns to reports to represent the number of registrations for a specific status
  • Repurpose newsletter message type so it uses correct data depending on context
  • Remove single quotes from shortcode examples in event editor
  • Remove quotes from Event category shortcode examples in event categories screen
  • Fix issue where EE tables could be set up more than once on plugin activation
  • Only deactivate the payment method if it’s confirmed that its payment method type object doesn’t exist
  • Fix missing client side credit card field validation
  • EE4 REST API: Fix fatal error in check-in endpoint
  • EE4 REST API: Normalize calculated field response things
  • EE4 REST API: Facilitate getting different sizes of images
  • EE4 REST API: add headers for totals, calculated fields, and use NULL for inf instead of -1
  • Basic Auth should issue error when bad username or password provided
  • Add support for HHVM returning nothing for max_input_vars
  • Fix potential fatal error when starting a CSV report
  • Minimize rounding errors that have an affect on syncing payments to Infusionsoft


  • Implement Solution ID to AIM
  • Add ‘Current input vars’ and ‘max_input_vars’ value to the popup shown on the event editor

March 3, 2016

Ticketing add-on 1.0.4.p


  • Add compatibility for messages queue system in Event Espresso core 4.9
  • Ensure ticket notice message type is sent when messages are triggered on registration status change in registration details page
  • Fix an issue where Bulk Edit > Registrations > Approve and Notify Registrations do not send Ticket Notices
  • Fix [BARCODE_* output_type=canvas] shortcode parameter

February 26, 2016

WP User Integration 2.0.10


  • Set the “Default role for auto-created users:” option to display in the event metabox only if user has manage_options capability
  • For user accounts that manage events and do not have the manage_options capability, please see this example in the code library that shows how to specify a list of selectable roles for new user accounts

February 25, 2016

Event Espresso 4.8.35.p

Bug fixes:

  • Initialize critical pages after db tables and content
  • Add cap to admin registration redirect_to_txn route

February 22, 2016

Event Espresso 4.8.34.p

Bug fixes:

  • Fix SPCO not finalizing admin registrations
  • Fix Fatal error on wp-login.php when Maintenance mode is active
  • Fix deleting payments within abandoned transactions
  • Fix Registration Admin Page switching reg status resulting in malformed success message
  • Return to SPCO Payment methods when cancelling an offsite Payment
  • EE4 Decaf: Remove extra tickets in display if multiple datetimes exist
  • EE4 REST API add error-proofing to avoid PHP warnings
  • EE4 REST API remove assumption that EE core version is in compatibilities array
  • Save the payment method before adding extra meta to it (extra metas need this in order to have an ID)
  • Reduce the amount of stops in the help tours


  • Add filter to allow overriding persistent notices to better UX
  • Add basic auth functionality to EE core
  • Add filter to allow messages to send to multiple registrants when the same email address is used for all registrations in a group

February 18, 2016

SagePay Payment Method 1.1.3

Bug fixes:

  • Remove Expiry Month from the transaction billing information
  • Improve a11y headings hierarchy
  • Fix missing CVV label on billing form
  • Add PCI notice to the top of setting page

February 11, 2016

People add-on 1.0.5

Bug fixes:

  • Ensure person relations to Events are removed when event is permanently deleted
  • Improve a11y headings hierarchy
  • Use array of published event statuses instead of publish for querying the list of events for people CPTs
  • Fix people add-on locate template call to allow custom templates to be loaded

February 8, 2016

WP User Integration 2.0.9

Bug fixes:

  • Remove feature that adds an attendee/contact into the system when a WP user account is created or updated
  • Add notice to edit attendee information with WP User Add-on active after the user account is automatically created
  • Improve a11y headings hierarchy
  • Ensure any WP_User setting relation to events are correctly handled when an event is permanently deleted


  • Add filter hook to allow altering the html for member only ticket rows
  • Add settings link by Plugin Name in WP Plugins Screen
  • Add a title heading to the simple list table template

February 8, 2016

Event Espresso 4.8.33.p

Bug fixes:

  • Fix payment details metabox not showing when transaction is TCM, there are payments, and the grand total is 0
  • Fix WP User integration forcing SPCO to show ‘Proceed to Attendee Information’ on initial page load
  • Fix conflict between reCaptcha and WP Users Integration
  • Fix regression for duplicate payment error notices being displayed in SPCO
  • Fix EEM_Datetime::get_dtt_months_and_years
  • Fix the multi event registration add-on breaking the alt registration page redirect
  • Fix end-of-the-month Month Dropdown selector double month bug
  • Fix an issue where changing the payment date for a transaction through the transaction details screen sets it to the current time and date
  • Fix report chart’s currency formats so its formats are consistent with what’s set in country settings
  • Fix an ampersand (&) in an answer choice causes radio, dropdown, and checkbox question types to not display correctly in reg admin
  • Fix Declaration of Events_Admin_List_Table::_get_row_class() should be compatible with EE_Admin_List_Table::_get_row_class($item)


  • EE4 REST API add headers for EE notices
  • EE4 REST API checkin/checkout endpoints
  • EE4 REST API cannot request registrations’ status
  • Update Help & Support content

January 28, 2016

Event Espresso 4.8.32.p

Bug fixes:

  • Fix handling of dynamic variables and properties for compatibility with PHP7
  • Fix Registrations per day report so it starts the 24 hour day at midnight local time instead of UTC 00:00
  • Revert changes from 9165 that got into 4.8.30.p
  • Fix REST API non-static method called statically
  • EE_Payment::redirect_form needs to take out GET parameters from querystring and put them into the form
  • PayPal Standard: if there is an error in validating the IPN, then ensure the response is not a WP_error


  • Update reports to use Google Charts
  • Check for `DOING_AJAX` before settting doing_it_wrong notices
  • Cleanup admin headings hierarchy to be in parity with WordPress changes
  • Add filter hook to allow changing what’s sent to Mijireh for the Invoice Description
  • Add filter hook to allow passing custom meta_data to Mijireh
  • a11y and index file improvements to skeleton payment method
  • Implement EE_Boolean_Field::prepare_for_pretty_echoing
  • Put EE Batch Job page into module instead of EE Admin Support Page

January 18, 2016

Infusionsoft Add-on version 2.1.3

Bug fixes:

  • Ensure that the tax line item gets synced to Infusionsoft properly
  • Add logging to record errors in communication with infusionsoft to EE log
  • Ensure that promotions/discounts line items gets synced to Infusionsoft properly

January 15, 2016

Event Espresso 4.8.31.p

Bug fixes:

  • Fix EE_Base_Class::delete_permanently hooks not firing for non soft delete permanent deletes
  • Fix EE_Datetime_Test::test_ticket_types_available_for_purchase unit test: Failed asserting that 0 matches expected 1
  • Revert changes from 9165 that got into 4.8.30.p


  • Add CSS class to spco-attendee-panel-dv div to allow customizing the style of a registration form based on the ticket’s ID

January 13, 2016

Event Espresso 4.8.30.p

Bug fixes:

  • Prevent Event Cart from MER from being shown below the registration form on the event cart view with the Canvas theme
  • Make sure any initial default ticket (the main default) has any default prices showing with it
  • Fix incorrect trash item count on price admin page for trashed prices and price types
  • Remove extra single quote from PayPal Pro description field
  • Update DMS so esp_registration_payment table shows it was added in 4.7 DMS, not 4.8 DMS
  • Fix inconsistency with EE_Base_Class::delete_permanently and EE_Soft_Delete_Base::delete_permanently and no action hooks for this route
  • Change locate_template to use get_stylesheet_directory() so that it searches child themes


  • Add the payment method in the registrations overview
  • Add action hook to Transactions_Admin_Page::apply_payments_or_refunds
  • Add item ID to current_user_can() check in Registration_Form_Question_Groups_Admin_List_Table->column_cb()
  • Add .htaccess to force safari to download csvs as a file and not open in browser
  • Add filters to allow the_content filters to do work when the single-espresso_events.php template and archive-espresso_events.php templates are selected
  • Pass the template file name to the FHEE__EEH_Template__locate_template__full_template_paths filter

January 4, 2016

Event Espresso 4.8.29.p

Bug fixes:

  • Fix event custom post type display (single and archive) when get_the_excerpt() is used within theme templates
  • Add custom callback to allow for non-scalar ticket editor inputs
  • Fix system question/group cap requirements
  • Update the REST API index to point to new documentation links
  • Fix ‘This Question is currently linked to one or more Question Option records.’ when attempting to perm delete option questions
  • Fix event duplicator feature so it allows sold out events to be duplicated
  • API: When getting the pretty value of a Post Content Field, it should call do_shortcode
  • Fix _has_billing_form so it’s not ignored
  • Changed the payment method settings form’s field “PMD Order” (non-i18n) to “Order” (i18n)


  • Put EE4 REST API into EE4 core
  • Pass arguments to a Payment Method help tab template

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2015 Changelog Archive

December 30, 2015

Event Espresso 4.8.28.p

Bug fixes:

  • Fix add_metaboxes action hook in the admin_wrapper so if follows WP core’s signature
  • Fix non-file-generating batch jobs page
  • Fix – Fatal error: Can’t inherit abstract function EventEspressoBatchRequest\JobHandlerBaseClasses\JobHandlerInterface::create_job() within PHP 5.3.8 and below
  • Avoid adding duplicate indexes
  • Fix negative payments when there are previous payments for multiple registrations


  • Track previous Event Status when setting Event to Sold Out
  • Add Payment Due Date shortcode
  • Provide action after cleaning out junk transactions for plugins to do any additional cleanup that might be related to what transactions get deleted
  • Update PayPal gateways to use http/1.1
  • Add indexes to the database table schemas
  • All text-input type questions can now have a max length set on them. System questions have a max-max (eg the max an admin can set on the zipcode question is 12, the number of characters allowed in the mysql column).
  • Add Paypal tax settings

December 15, 2015

Event Espresso 4.8.27.p

Bug fixes:

  • Fix usage of EEH_Template::locate_template() to allow custom templates
  • Fix conflict with Menu Manager’s Screen Options
  • Optimize EE_Event::get_active_status()
  • Modify url pointing to for PUE api to https:// instead of http://
  • Added a new table (esp_extra_join), model (EEM_Extra_Join), and relation (EE_HABTM_Any_Relation) which can be used to add a has-and-belongs-to relationship between any EE models. This should be especially useful for relating things without needing to add an extra model, table, etc in the future.
  • Make sure to group the query by question ID when starting CSV report
  • Add Core support for activating multiple Payment Methods of same type

December 7, 2015

Event Espresso 4.8.26.p

Bug fixes:

  • Fix bug with EE_Config::update_config
  • Fix Ticket Selector shortcode for MER to make the add to cart button switch to view cart when the ticket is already in the cart
  • Process CSV reports in smaller chunks instead of all at once
  • Don’t add .htaccess files to folder where access is actually needed
  • In EEH_File Automatically use WP_Filesystem_Direct to write to contents of the uploads folder
  • Fix warnings on activation of add-ons when using the filesystem directly
  • Fix translation strings within within Contact -> ‘Registrations for this contact’ metabox
  • Fix [ESPRESSO_EVENT_ATTENDEES] not using the next event if no event_id is provided
  • Fix multiple translation strings using newlines (\n) and multiple tabs (\t) within core

November 23, 2015

Event Espresso 4.8.25.p

Bug fixes:

  • Check for send_notifications flag and flip deliver_notifications filter switch if it is missing
  • Remove unused Walker_Radio_Checklist class — fixes possible conflict with WordPress 4.4


  • Add property and getter for PSR4 Autoloader to EE_Psr4AutoloaderInit
  • Add the site’s currency settings to the localized eei18n JSON variable
  • Add options to set which billing form questions are displayed and required for the AIM gateway
  • Add a link to the Extensions & Services to the Admin Bar’s EE menu

November 17, 2015

Event Espresso 4.8.24.p
Bug fixes:

  • Add work around for servers that do not return PHP INF as expected to allow ticket editor to still function as expected
  • Allow EE content filters to be applied multiple times, but only once after “the loop” has started
  • Move the loading of the EE_Request_Handler so it’s inside a conditional that verifies this is an Event Espresso Custom post type route

November 16, 2015

Event Espresso 4.8.23.p

Bug fixes:

  • Fix conflict with Jetpack’s shortlink module and event editor page
  • Fix single Event view so shortcodes from a Venue CPT get parsed instead of displayed as text
  • Add set_listener_for_datepicker_change() function and revalidate datepicker after change
  • Fix [ESPRESSO_EVENTS] shortcode so it only displays the content once per event

November 13, 2015

Event Espresso 4.8.22.p


  • Allow custom event templates to load in template parts viaespresso_get_template_part( 'content', 'espresso_events' );

Promotions add-on 1.0.5
Bug fixes:

  • Promotions code needs to access the Promotions config via the Promotions module
  • Ensure Promotions Config doesn’t reset its scopes property on multiple constructs

November 12, 2015

MailChimp 2.3.1

Bug fix:

  • Fix config updating on every admin page load unnecessarily

People add-on 1.0.4


  • Add support for reordering additional template parts

Event Espresso 4.8.21.p

Bug fixes:

  • Fix available ticket sales count so events do not sell out prematurely
  • Fix activation so servers with PHP 5.2 do not fatal error on activation where the Psr4 Autoloader class is instantiated
  • Fix whitespace in a ticket QTY field and datetime reg limit field setting the value to 0 in ticket editor
  • Add failsafe for filter_input with $_SERVER variables
  • Fix wrong method call in EE_Payment_Processor::process_refund()
  • Fix breakage to the WP Customizer when a single event is included in the website’s navigation menu

Enhancements and New Features:

  • Add option to reorder the elements of the event details
  • Add support for reordering additional template parts for add-ons
  • Add ability for Single Page Checkout registrations steps to be skipped over if not needed
  • Add ‘DTS’ class to html elements that display datetimes to allow CSS to hide sold out datetimes
  • On creating directories in wp-content/uploads, verify required credentials first, then try to initialize the WP Filesystem API. Then if EE cannot use the WP Filesystem API to create uploads directories, then plan to re-attempt to create them later
  • New Messages Shortcode for iCAL

November 12, 2015

Promotions add-on 1.0.4

New Feature:

  • Add a “Global” option to retroactively and proactively apply a promotion code to all events

November 9, 2015

People add-on 1.0.3


  • Fix People add-on admin list table so the “Published” view does not include the “Trash” view’s actions
  • Make sure trashed related objects to persons are not displayed
  • Fix the template so that the event section heading doesn’t appear if there are no events available for display with the person


  • Condensed the list table columns
  • Add a column for feature image to admin list table
  • Add a column for the types the person is assigned to for events
  • Change Delete link text color to red
  • Remove required messaging on email field in contact metabox

November 3, 2015

Event Espresso 4.8.20.p

Bug fixes:

  • Fix ticket archiving feature so the archived ticket gets copied
  • Fix event status updater so that when the last ticket’s sale end date occurs, the event status does not change to Sold Out
  • Add Check for Daylight Savings Time to EE_Transaction_Test::test_datetime() Unit Test
  • Fix thank you page ‘edit info’ link for non-primary attendees when no info is required for additional attendees
  • Fix Required parameter on Expiry Year for Authorizenet AIM
  • Fix Warning: Missing argument 2 for custom_more_link() when the WP theme uses a custom more text function
  • Make sure custom post types hooking into save_post only process event post types


  • Incorporate WP Multisite blog_id into EE_Session transient name to avoid cross-talk between sites
  • Make billing form info message more conditional
  • Explain CVV/CCV fields in billing forms
  • Allow users to modify the gateway templates used within the thank you page

October 28, 2015

Event Espresso 4.8.19.p

Bug fixes:

  • Fix ticket selector embed so it doesn’t throw an alert if there’s only one ticket selection available
  • Fix thank you page asset loading if site URL is not the same as blog URL
  • Move espresso_no_tkt_slctr_end_dv() out of template and into module

October 26, 2015

Event Espresso 4.8.18.p

Bug fixes:

  • Make sure to run toFixed on running total before formatting the ticket price in the editor
  • Update accounting.js library to latest version
  • Fix event taxonomy list query’s order_by start_date
  • Automatically fix db when there are model errors
  • Continue to pass the question ID, and a system question ID to EEM_Answer::get_attendee_property_answer_value()


  • Avoid potential theme conflict where ticket selector datetime info table layout breaks when themes set table-layout to fixed
  • Add Post_Meta model and associate it with CPT models for REST API

October 22, 2015

MailChimp 2.3.0


  • Fix Update resetting MailChimp Settings (API and Skip-opt in)
  • Fix issue where MaiChimp form in event editor conflicts with updating event post meta
  • Fix MailChimp add-on’s database migration scripts


  • Add an option allowing the user to set when the registrant info is sent to MailChimp
  • Adjust default option to send on registration approved

October 21, 2015

Event Espresso 4.8.17.p

Bug fixes:

  • Calculate the maximum number of tickets available for the datetime without really factoring this ticket into the calculations first, then factor in the details for the specific ticket
  • Restore missing filters if Ticket Selector is hidden
  • Fix event list query’s order_by start_date


  • Make the Last name field optional
  • No need to instantiate default config objects before loading values from db
  • Add some spacing above the message editor’s reset templates button to reduce accidental clicking
  • Change ticket selector table so that if no tickets require selection, no selector is displayed

October 20, 2015

Event Espresso 4.8.16.p

Bug fix:

  • Fix logic for getting the actual saleable amount for a ticket with respects to datetime(s) reg limits


  • New unit test coverage
  • Add other as a Method of Payment in the Add payment / Delete Payment modal window

October 19, 2015

Event Espresso 4.8.15.p

Bug Fixes:

  • Remove unnecessary filter since messages are triggered directly
  • Add new _maybe_send_notifications() method and use for triggering both registration and payment messages
  • Enforce Ticket.TKT_qty never exceeding the minimum Datetime.REG_limit on attached Datetimes
  • Fix anomalies in Register Addon API
  • Fix AHEE__EE_Cron_Tasks__finalize_abandoned_transactions cron triggering Reg Approved messages when using Off-site payment methods
  • Fix unit test warnings due to not verifying value type before running foreach
  • Fix total price rounding errors when percent based price modifiers are attached to tickets
  • Allow unfiltered HTML in event description if the current user has the unfiltered HTML capability
  • Migrations from EE3: Fix some corner case bugs and correct the logic that found duplicate venues when migrating in order to avoid adding duplicates
  • Fix Mijireh not finalizing the registration properly – “Payment Options” does not ‘complete’
  • Fix cron tasks not getting unscheduled
  • Only use model relations at index if it’s set, otherwise provide a good default value
  • Added html5 validation to the Payment/Refund Note field, server-side validation to double-check that, and made the columns bigger
  • Fix PayPro Pro Payment method so it uses the credit card month input
  • Delete all config data when “Permanently Deleting All EE4 data”
  • Fix promotion table cleanup script so it does not include hardcoded wpdb prefix
  • Use wp_json_encode() instead of json_encode() when responding to AJAX requests in the WP admin


October 7, 2015

WP User Integration 2.0.7

Bug fixes:

  • Backwards-and-forwards compatibility for WP Users and EE4 core

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Add syncing for User description (labelled biography on wp users edit screen) with EE Contact bio and vice versa.
  • Add option to disable updating user profile when registering for an event
  • Add ticket required capability when saving a new default ticket
  • Text changes to remove “Events” text strings in the My Events shortcode templates
  • Add Invoice link to front end ESPRESSO_MY_EVENTS output
  • Remove the receipt action from the My Events table if the receipt messenger is not active

October 6, 2015

Event Espresso 4.8.14.p

Bug Fixes:

  • Remove check for consistent IP address through reg process
  • Fix registrations count on WP dashboard widget


  • Add brackets to where the Psr4 Autoloader class is instantiated and use phpversion() for PHP version check
  • Update circle.yml to load PHPUNIT 4.8

September 29, 2015

Event Espresso 4.8.13.p

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix event Check-in tab not showing registrations from archived tickets
  • Fix incorrect paging count vs actual results on registration list table
  • Add LIN_timestamp when migrating from 4.7
  • Fix Registrations CSV Report where it displays numeric value for State/province answer

Enhancements/New Feature:

  • Add message shortcodes that link to a specific filtered view of the registrations for an event in the backend, to be used within any message type
  • Add action for when default ticket is created

Event Espresso 4.8.12.p

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix loading JavaScript on Thank You page
  • Fix incorrect paging count vs actual results on registration list table

September 28, 2015

Event Espresso 4.8.11.p

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix issue that results in adding a payment or applying a refund on the transactions overview screen does not update registration status
  • Add fixes to core related to Stripe add-on fixes
  • Fix transaction reports to allow currency localization
  • Fix issue where “Invalid argument supplied for foreach()” warnings appear with debugging enabled when creating custom messages
  • Record when line items are created, and don’t delete line items which are younger than a specified cutoff time (by default the same as transactions, a week).
  • Fix ‘pending’ payments – Transaction marked incomplete/pending until transaction is viewed


  • Add the user selected Payment Method to the transactions list table
  • Add option to hide Expired Events from the attendee check-in view
  • Add Venues archive button link
  • Add action hooks for placement of content in the decaf event/datetime ticket editor
  • Add action hooks in the Additional Questions metabox in the Event Editor
  • Add action hooks for notifications metabox in event editor
  • Add the invoice action link to the registrations overview


  • Add missing countries
  • Add a notice if there is a .maintenance file within root

September 28, 2015

WP User Integration 2.0.6

Compatibility fix:

  • Fix WP Users no longer pre-populating reg form name and email fields for logged in users

September 21, 2015

Event Espresso 4.8.10.p

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix ticket selector bot trap so it doesn’t trap humans
  • Fix no registration message sent when PayPal cron is ran to update the transaction status
  • Fix the event filters to show the number of events specific to that user
  • Fix issue in Registrations and Transactions list view where searching for a first and last name combination doesn’t return any results
  • Fix fatal error when updating a question group on sites where the database does not increment IDs as previously expected
  • Make results of `EE_Base_Class::get()` for serialized fields consistent


  • Add PSR4 Autoloader
  • Add link to PHP Support Versions page in PHP version recommendation notice
  • Add filter to headers on EE_Email_messenger
  • Option for global header and global footer for Email messenger
  • Move attendee list table search field closer to the top of the mobile view
  • Added two new shortcodes to the event messages shortcodes library:
  • Search by transaction id
  • Change admin styles to use red font for permanently delete links in questions and questions groups
  • Accessibility improvement: Add status text to list table columns for status
  • Add new Messages shortcode picker UI
  • Automatically remove relations to objects in the entity mapper when related objects are deleted
  • New feature: Allow admins to duplicate questions and their question options


  • PHP 5.4 end of life on Sept 14 2015, Event Espresso’s minimum recommended version of PHP is now version 5.5.28
  • Add Venue List to Critical Pages screen
  • Do unit tests for Registration Admin Page status changes and notifications

September 15, 2015

WP User Integration 2.0.5

Compatibility fix:

  • Fix new user notifications that broke with the WP 4.3.1 update

September 10, 2015

Event Espresso 4.8.9.p

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix issue where records are written to answer table with REG_ID=0 for system questions
  • Fix JavaScript error on Transactions list table admin page that’s related to help tours
  • Fix JavaScript that disables all messages preview links
  • Fix default Registration Status not being set in new events
  • Backward compat fix Prevents infinite loops due to bug in WordPress versions < 4.2


  • Allow venue address display formats to be filtered

September 8, 2015

Event Espresso 4.8.8.p

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix editing payment amounts within a transaction not updating the values correctly for each individual registration
  • Fix admin error/success display so that multiple notices can be processed and shown during a single request
  • Fix focus on question answer option adds
  • Fix event status strip colors
  • Fix Event Datetime’s Event End time slider control
  • Fix the Add New State/Province module link and content hidden in billing forms
  • Add a quick fix for disappearing line items
  • Don’t populate question descriptions when migrating questions from EE3
  • Allow each admin page’s controller to override the pagenow_map (in addition to events and venues)
  • Fix reordering answered question values not saving
  • Fix failing datetime unit test in EEM_Datetime


  • Add mobile styles to event check-ins and other EE admin list tables (WordPress 4.3+ only)
  • Wrap success message in a filter FHEE__EE_SPCO_Reg_Step_Payment_Options__registration_checkout__selected_payment_method__display_success filter hook
  • Use WP date format settings instead of hardcoded formats in Ticket Selector template
  • Remove the term “ticket” from all front end strings
  • Resize section titles on settings pages
  • Remove method type hinting for EE_Registration, and instead throw exception within try catch block which will produce a more user friendly error message

August 27, 2015

Event Espresso 4.8.7.p

Bug Fix:

  • Remove placeholder text from the Ticket Selector’s bot trap input

August 26, 2015

Event Espresso 4.8.6.p

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix Maintenance Mode notice so it doesn’t fill entire window on front-end of site
  • Fix translation strings
  • Fix migration error strings
  • Fix old sales taxes being marked as non-default between 4.8.0 to 4.8.5

August 25, 2015

Event Espresso 4.8.5.p

Bug Fixes:

  • Make sure to do_action( ‘add_meta_boxes’) to admin_details_wrapper()
  • Fix missing default sales tax from Pricing screen
  • Fix migration error strings
  • Fix License Key field not deleting when using the “Permanently Delete All Event Espresso Data” maintenance option


  • Add a bot trap for the Ticket Selector to reduce spam submissions before they hit the registration form
  • Add argument for ee-dialog helper javascript that allows one to indicate NOT to scroll to top when dialog is opened
  • New Messages shortcodes: [DATE_START], [DATE_END], [TIME_START], and [TIME_END]

August 24, 2015

WP User Integration 2.0.4


  • Fix pagination issues with the [ESPRESSO_MY_EVENTS] shortcode


  • Change usage of locate_template() to allow for loading in custom templates for the ESPRESSO_MY_EVENTS shortcode
  • Pass registration object to FHEE__EED_WP_Users_SPCO__process_wpuser_for_attendee__username filter hook

August 19, 2015

Event Espresso 4.8.4.p

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix Venue categories loading blank fields when creating new categories
  • Fix DMS to use correct parent ID for new line items

Event Espresso 4.8.3.p


  • Remove abstract declaration from EE_Line_Item_Filter_Base::process() so as not to conflict with EEI_Line_Item_Filter interface in PHP versions < 5.3.9
  • Make sure minimum PHP version required is checked on deactivation hook
  • Make sure to load the rest of EE_System (and register hooks) if minimum PHP version required is met

August 17, 2015

Event Espresso 4.8.2.p

New Features:


  • Enhance the checkout, registration and transaction views to increase line item detail introduced with Promotions add-on
  • Remove Update Payment Options button for Not Approved Registrations
  • Added a Messages shortcode to print ticket amount including taxes or surcharges


  • More General fix to avoid unserialized model object issues
  • EE_Error called incorrectly from EEH_Debug_Tools
  • “Add State” button always right after state question input
  • Form System validation errors
  • Fix PHP docs and type hinting in Request Handler and add get_current_page_permalink() method

Promotions & Discount Codes

  • Initial Release


August 11, 2015

Event Espresso 4.7.10.p


  • Fix stuck Payment Information section on Thank You Page after Registration Checkout
  • Wrap ‘tiny-text’ output in a WP_Debug check
  • Fix shortcodes not being removed from the saved `post_shortcodes` config when they are removed from a post
  • Fix RECIPIENT_ANSWER_* shortcode output in the Ticket List section
  • Fix editing/removing a payment immediately after applying it
  • Fix Transaction -> Payment Details not updating when a payment is removed
  • Fix the ‘Registrations to Apply payment to’ section not updating to show Paid registrations unless the page is refreshed
  • Fix [RECIPIENT_REG_CODE] output
  • Fix errant tag added by CssToInlineStyles library
  • Fix pagination calculation for EEH_Template::get_paging_html
  • Verify EE_Datetime object in EE_Ticket::date_range()
  • Fix de-registering an add-on failing to remove any registered cpts and/or taxonomies by that add-on
  • Fix incorrect method call for get_model() in get_field_or_extra_meta and set_field_or_extra_meta (EE_Base_Class)
  • Refactor checkin status representation internally to be consistent with how checkin status is recorded in db
  • Fix ‘# Datetimes’ value being ignored when checking in registrants
  • Send country codes to Mijireh instead of country names
  • Merge pull request to fix method EE_Attendee::get_most_recent_registration_for_event()


  • Set doing_it_wrong() error type
  • Add interfaces for Object Collections and Object Repositories
  • Create EE_Object_Collection class and refactor EE_Object_Repository to extend it
  • Update “Nothing in Your Event Queue” message to include instructions to allow cookies in your browser settings
  • Reset Permalink after Duplicated Event Title is Edited
  • Merge Pull Request for fixing add new attendee route
  • Add new getters and setters for EE_Base_Class that extends data into extra meta dynamically
  • Add generate_unique_token() function to EEH_URL
  • Improve name of third parameter for EE_Base_Class::_add_relation_to()

July 31, 2015

WP User Integration 2.0.3


  • Update WP Users Integration add-on’s migration script to allow continuing after a migration gets stuck

July 31, 2015

WP User Integration 2.0.2


  • Fix EE_WPUsers::get_attendee_user() method
  • Fix my events shortcode not using correct method for getting attendee id attached to user
  • Fix no ajax-url in the JavaScript
  • Fix undefined template tag
  • Bump per_page shortcode default to 100
  • Localize i18n strings to the My events JavaScript
  • parse_query is an action not a filter
  • Fix DMS so it includes all usermeta keys LIKE %EE_Attendee_ID

July 30, 2015

WP User Integration 2.0.1


  • Modify user_meta functions to use user_option instead to make for compatibility with WP Multisite installations
  • Clear floating login button within SPCO reg form

New Feature

  • Add [ESPRESSO_MY_EVENTS] shortcode to display list of registrations for user on a front end WordPress page

July 16, 2015

Event Espresso 4.7.9.p


July 13, 2015

Event Espresso 4.7.8.p


  • Allow reCAPTCHA to work if allow_url_fopen=0
  • Remove failed transactions from paging
  • Fix some html tags getting stripped when saving event category descriptions
  • Fix Catchable fatal error: Argument 2 passed to EEH_Parse_Shortcodes::parse_line_item_list_template() must be an instance of EE_Line_Item, null given
  • Fix issue in Payment Methods validation that occurs when URLs to unverified SSL pages are still valid URLs
  • Update the Registrations Report query to include datetimes for trashed tickets


  • Update reCAPTCHA library
  • Remove EE critical pages as options from WP > Settings > Reading’s Front page displays settings

July 7, 2015

Event Espresso 4.7.7.p


  • Allow white space at beginning and end of registration form text fields to prevent validation errors
  • Use simple HTML validation for vanilla textareas and full HTML validation for HTML textareas
  • Fix Multi Event Registration cart so it doesn’t allow adding more tickets allowed per event per order
  • Fix JavaScript error on Thank You page when clicking the resend message link


  • Allow bulk removal of tickets from the Multi Event Registration cart by setting Qty to 0

July 3, 2015

Event Espresso 4.7.6.p


  • Fix the stuck loading payment information spinner on the Thank You page that occurs after selecting the invoice payment
  • Fix transaction incomplete after PayPal IPN although registration and payment approved
  • Fix AIM not recording gateway transaction IDs
  • Add unique user agent to PayPal IPN validation response to possibly avoid 500 error on PayPal’s server

July 1, 2015

Event Espresso 4.7.5.p


  • Fix ticket_selector.css so it loads on a post with the ESPRESSO_EVENTS shortcode on it
  • Ensure that Session Transient IDs are truncated prior to retrieving
  • Fix issue with MER skipping Payment Options step during checkout
  • Fix ee_config not updating when you change the Registration checkout page setting in the Critical Pages tab
  • Remove necessity of “ee_read_private_events” to see private events in the event list table
  • Ensure private venues show on venue list table
  • Fix total item count (and the pagination results) when filtering active status events on the event list table
  • Fix the usage of an incorrect timestamp for the “active status” queries
  • Fix conditional in use for [TOTAL_OWING] shortcode parsing in EE_Transaction_Shortcodes
  • Fix caf dependency in decaf context for question_list and question shortcodes


  • Change Payment Method textareas to use Full HTML validation strategy, and add “p” tag to Simple HTML validation strategy
  • Make sure Decaf shows maintenance notice

June 25, 2015

Event Espresso 4.7.4.p


  • Fix PayPal IPN response when the a refund is processed from the PayPal account

June 25, 2015

Event Espresso 4.7.3.p


  • Fix EE_Register_Capability capability map registry limits number of maps for a certain type that can be registered and fix deregistering capability maps
  • Migrations: Change the order of the migration steps so it saves the migrations ran first, then initializes default data
  • Migrations: Add some text explaining to refresh the page if there is a timeout error
  • Fix blurry logo images within invoice PDFs


  • Add an option for users to change the “events” Custom Post Type slug
  • Remove “Amount Due: [TOTAL_OWING]” from the default Refund Issued message template
  • Add new form fields and question types for added forms security

June 19, 2015

Event Espresso 4.7.2.p


  • Fix Transaction Admin displaying incorrect ‘Transaction Session Details’
  • Fix deregistering an addon via EE_Addon api instantiating models unnecessarily
  • Fix EE_Registry::$i18n_js_strings JSON array getting localized twice on TXN admin page resulting in data loss
  • Fix shortcode assets not loading when shortcode belonging to inactive addon remains registered
  • Move usage of ‘map_meta_cap’ filter OUT of the EE_Meta_Capability_map object
  • Add garbage collection for Transactions and line items


  • Add filters to ticket selector table. Tip of the hat goes to Richard Tape
  • Only show EE errors on EE routes
  • Allow more characters in Address 2 Field
  • Add filter hooks to modify question ouput

June 15, 2015

Event Espresso 4.7.1.p


  • Fix memory usage spike on core plugin activation that can lead to a fatal error
  • Fix PayPal cron updating the Registration stauts to Approved when it updates a transaction with no payment

New Feature and Enhancements:

  • Add support for Multi Event Registration
  • Improve get_paging_html() method
  • More efficient database migrations for major version updates

June 5, 2015

Event Espresso 4.6.31.p


  • Fix Unable to save registration form data for the form input: “new_state_micro_form”
  • Clean up the single event page’s html validation errors
  • Fix query for expired tickets
  • Fix regression in venue input widths (CSS)
  • Make sure that EED_Ticket_Selector config is set when options haven’t been saved yet
  • Fix incorrectly shifting datetimes and cloned tickets not replicating to datetime context
  • Fix untranslatable string in EEH_Line_Item


  • New Feature: Attendee List Shortcode
  • Increase the uniqueness of the Line Item codes, Reg URL links, and Reg Codes, by using microtime() instead of time() and apply an additional application of md5() to the reg_url_link

June 5, 2015

Espresso Calendar 3.2.3.p


  • Clean up translation strings
  • Add filter to allow changing how total available spaces max limit is calculated in the calendar tooltip
  • Change method for getting the total available spaces max limit in the calendar tooltip
  • Remove unused help file

June 3, 2015

WP User Integration 1.1.4


  • Only prefill primary registrant answers
  • Only update the users bio/description if it is actually creating the user from the registration


  • Add an action hook hook users can use for updating custom values when updating user profile info
  • New Feature: Display list of registrations for user on user profile page

May 29, 2015

Event Espresso 4.6.30.p


  • Fix PayPal IPN not updating payment status when PayPal account shipping address contains a special character
  • Security fix with automatic update system, discovered in house


  • Add Warning Banner that displays in both frontend and admin if version of EE is not a Production release
  • Add the user selected Payment Method to a transaction record
  • Add option for toggling expired tickets visibility in ticket selector

May 27, 2015

Event Espresso 4.6.29.p


  • Fix EE_Event::tickets() method
  • Fix some message contexts missing a value in the ‘FROM’ field
  • Truncate old attendees txn_id column when migrating into esp_payment.PAY_txn_id_chq_nmbr
  • Security fix: Escape all answer value output in messages templates. Vulnerability disclosed by Roy Jansen via our Report a security vulnerability form


  • Sort Venues by alphabetical order in the event editor
  • Add next_link() and prev_link() helper methods to EE_Admin_Page for easy retrieval of formatted links to use in content
  • Add a link to the next/prev record when viewing individual transactions
  • Add a link to the next/prev record when viewing individual registrations
  • Add filter for changing payment methods based on event being registered for
  • Add filter to initial metabox activation array for other EE addons to hook into

May 20, 2015

Event Espresso 4.6.28.p


  • Make sure Add New Registration tab doesn’t link anywhere
  • Fix magically appearing new ticket under certain conditions in event editor
  • Fix undefined index notice on WP Plugins page when an Event Espresso plugin update is available
  • Fix bug with TKT_price getting out of sync with what its actual value should be
  • Make sure a datetime’s textarea and selects duplicate on clone
  • Fix incorrect templates for message types – registration cancelled and registration declined message types were fixed
  • Update PHP docs for EEM_Base::get_all() BETWEEN operator
  • Fix potential fatal error: Call to a member function count_related() on a non-object due to using old migration mapping data
  • Fix potential migration error due to column truncation
  • Fix radio button inputs missing their type when displayed in admin


  • Move the tab located at ‘Event Espresso > General Settings > Templates’ to ‘Event Espresso > Events > Template Settings’
  • Move the tab located at ‘Event Espresso > General Settings > Google Maps’ to ‘Event Espresso > Venues > Google Maps’
  • Display Payment method order field, with help text saying how to use it, and also specifically include it in the invoice form layout

May 14, 2015

Event Espresso 4.6.27.p


  • Fix notices when saving a category with no values
  • Fix misplaced ID field for help tour for questions admin page
  • Fix raw CSS appearing in messages
  • Fix infinite redirection loop after upgrading from EE3.1 and finding no new DMSs
  • Optimize CSV registration report queries


  • Add links back to the transaction/registration overview for an event
  • Add a “Developers” tab within the EE4 admin Help & Support page
  • Prevent losing registration view filter settings after doing an action
  • Change order of displayed payment methods so they are ordered by their order parameter
  • Add [PRIMARY_REGISTRANT_ANSWER_*] shortcode for retrieving the specific answer given for a custom question for the primary registrant

May 12, 2015

WP User Integration 1.1.3


  • Add new user account registration link on the log in step if applicable

May 12, 2015

Event Espresso 4.6.26.p


  • Fix onsite gateways transactions with declined payments not showing a message that payment was declined
  • Fix misplaced ID field for help tour for questions admin page
  • Fix event editor’s usage of moment.js
  • Fix Page Template option in Event editor
  • Fix js calculations when manually applying/deleting a payment on a transaction when commas are used as decimal separators
  • Make ‘Amount:’ required on the apply payment model
  • Fix Registrations -> Reports including ‘Incomplete’ registrations
  • Skeleton payment method update
  • When getting billing input values, include subsections, and display them in the billing section
  • Fix forms strategies for when they aren’t arrays


  • Add filters for CSV delimiter and enclosure characters. Tip of the hat goes to Jonathan de Jong
  • Add filters to email messenger to bypass CSS_inliner
  • Forms: New validation strategies, modified the existing text valdiation strategy to accept an optional regex, a new phone input, and some unit tests

May 8, 2015

Event Espresso Ticket Scanning add-on 1.0.3.p


  • Fix QR Codes not using color:#000 by default.

May 1, 2015

Event Espresso 4.6.25.p


  • Explicitly check for WPDB results of “false” when performing updates (and deletes?)
  • Fix PRC_name column length inconsistency with TKT_name column length in database.
  • EE4 WP_User needs to use the custom table or main site table
  • Don’t generate IPN crons for locked TXNs unless payment method uses a “true” IPN in a separate request
  • Fix Admin Registrations -> Registration Approved message parsing [QUESTION] to empty string.
  • Hidden Error when Saving Settings Admin Page
  • Fix ticket selector in cases where more than 255 characters are in the ticket’s description
  • DECAF: Question group links in the event editor need to be updated


  • Create next() and prev() methods for easier retrieval of consecutive objects/fields for EE_Base_Class objects.

April 28, 2015

Event Espresso 4.6.24.p


  • Fix address formatting used for the contact when adding an attendee via the admin
  • Ticket Selector: Bump LIN_desc datatype to TEXT
  • Migrations: Check that the event meta is actually an array before using it like one


  • SPCO JS enhancement for Vanco Gateway

April 27, 2015

Event Espresso Ticket Scanning add-on 1.0.2.p


  • Fix add_query_arg() usage
  • Restructure date queries for barcode scanner to work pre datetime refactor and post datetime refactor
  • Fix barcode scanner admin when there’s only one upcoming event
  • Update query for getting events in barcode scanner to use new DateTime methods

April 23, 2015

Event Espresso 4.6.23.p


  • Fix add_query_arg() usage
  • Fix issue that occurs when there is a select input in the form, where there are exactly 2 options, one having a value of “” and the other having any other value


  • Add a descriptive CSS class name to form inputs

April 21, 2015

Event Espresso 4.6.22.p


  • Fix add_query_arg() usage

April 21, 2015

Event Espresso 4.6.21.p


  • Fix add_query_arg() usage
  • Remove register now button for sold out events
  • Fix Form System inputs from changing all registrant states to Alaska when reCAPTCHA is present
  • Stop EE4 from sending out Payment declined message when payment is refunded in PayPal


  • Add option to display Upcoming events widget everywhere
  • Add filter to display full names for states and countries
  • Change address form’s State/Province and Country dropdown inputs to default to a null value

April 16, 2015

Event Espresso 4.6.20.p


  • Fix issue where reCAPTCHA blocks off-site payment method redirect on re-visit
  • Fix issue where other custom post type templates may not load when Event Espresso is activated
  • Change action for adding nocache headers
  • Fix missing closing DIV on Radio Buttons question type
  • Remove conflicting CSS style rule that was applied to fix WordPress admin sidebar (WordPress 4.2)
  • Clean up translation strings
  • Add filter to allow payment method setting’s image to urls not force HTTPS on sites not using HTTPS
  • Update esp_registration REG_group_size column’s data type so it can handle more


  • Add AJAX route to SPCO for getting the TXN total
  • Increase character limit for ‘STA_abbrev’ field within esp_states
  • Add DB caching DONOTCACHE constant for SPCO and ticket selector
  • Add a filter hook for line item name
  • Allow re-attempts at Migration script without needing to restore to a backup
  • Add core changes for API add-on
  • Include all approved registration in the CSV report, regardless of transaction status
  • Change registering of new payment methods so the payment method class file is named after its directory, regardless of that directories case

April 7, 2015

Event Espresso 4.6.19.p


  • Fix disabled onsite payment billing form inputs on Internet Explorer when reCAPTCHA is active
  • Fix Finalize registration step for free events on Internet Explorer when reCAPTCHA is active
  • Fix issue where privately published venues can not be selected within the event editor
  • Fix garbage collection query to prevent unwanted deleting of option keys
  • Fix issue where auto-drafted events have defaults changed if not saved
  • Remove previous years from credit card expiration year input
  • Fix ‘Undefined index: PMD_ID’ when updating a payment within a Abandoned Txn
  • Fix conditional that can cause a hidden PHP notice after returning from PayPal
  • Remove span tags from Time registration occured [REG_date] column’s data

Mar 26, 2015

Event Espresso 4.6.18.p


  • Fix potential plugin conflict where printr() is used
  • Fix Copy/Use Attendee #1’s information for ALL attendees
  • Make default “This field is required” text translation ready
  • Fix unescaped localized title attribute values are escaped
  • Fix potential issue where validation errors could occur on saving Payment method settings
  • Fix potential SQL echoed output to screen when saving question groups

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Allow HTML tags in Payment Method Description area
  • Add template option to display/don’t display sales and tickets left
  • Add template option to display/don’t display ticket “View Details” section

Mar 26, 2015

WP User Integration 1.1.2


  • Fix multiple submit listener bug

Mar 24, 2015

Event Espresso 4.6.17.p


  • Fix conditional for SPCO successive steps
  • Fix messages [PAYMENT_GATEWAY] shortcode
  • Fix duplicate IDs in status legend q-tip popup
  • Fix broken HTML on Transactions page
  • Fix fatal error from clicking links under the TXN total column on single event registrations list table
  • Fix issue where some UTC offsets set in WP general settings will cause no datepicker when adding new datetime in Event Editor


  • Run extra sanitization on routes

Mar 19, 2015

Event Espresso 4.6.16.p

WordPress version 4.2 compatibility release:

  • Update Event and Venue editors so they load correctly with WordPress 4.2
  • Update event, registration, transaction, and ticket list table view styles so they look nice on WordPress 4.2

Mar 18, 2015

Event Espresso 4.6.15.p


  • Fix reCAPTCHA issue where not clicking ‘I’m not a robot’ leads to ‘This is a free event, so no billing will occur’ message in SPCO
  • Fix registration emails not triggered when using Paypal standard and event’s Default Registration status is “Approved”
  • Fix issue with the Proceed to Finalize Registration button when Stripe is selected, then another payment method is selected
  • Fix counts for month and today view links
  • Fix warning when deleting payment from the admin
  • Fix event name styling in transaction reports
  • Fix missing transaction session data (IP and User Agent)
  • Fix venue editor’s capacity field to allow inputting a comma
  • Fix issue where the registrations filter returns registrations for all events instead of those for the current event
  • Improve small screen styles for messages list tables
  • Localize month names in Transactions overview list table
  • Fix incorrect text domain usage in a few places
  • Add explanation text about asterisk for default receipt templates
  • Fix event post lock feature
  • Fix Transaction ID not recorded with payment details with PayPal Standard
  • Fix untranslatable field labels within PayPal Pro billing form
  • Remove ticket descriptions that do not apply from the default invoice template
  • Fix payment methods loading images over HTTP within secured pages
  • Fix errors from migration from EE3 when w attendee records don’t have tickets


  • Allow the Phone Number question to be assigned to other groups
  • Add new message types for handling various payment statuses
  • Enable submit button immediately for editing registration answers
  • Display link to download invoice on Thank You page regardless of transaction status
  • Include current URL in payment logging for PayPal standard
  • Add payment dates, payment methods, transaction ID, gateway transaction ID, total # of registrations, and filters to the Registrations CSV report
  • Add Other Services admin page

Mar 4, 2015

Event Espresso 4.6.14.p


  • Fix the potential “Finalize Registration” step was not finalized properly error on Thank You page
  • Fix session transients’ set expiration
  • Fix event list shortcode sort by venue_title parameter; props JonasBrand
  • Fix admin categories link to “events in category” and venue categories link to “venues in venue category”
  • Fix slashes appearing for quotes when invalid shortcode discovered on saving message template
  • Fix normalization error in question types when answers are are a mix of strings and integers
  • Fix Maintenance -> Reset -> Permanently reset data throwing a fatal error
  • Temporarily remove export and import feature


  • Remove “success” dialog boxes that display on the checkout steps
  • Add ‘DONOTCACHEPAGE’ constant to Ticket selector, Single Page Checkout, and Thank You page

Mar 3, 2015

Event Espresso 4.6.13.p


  • Make sure Receipt and Invoice module routes are not translatable
  • Paypal Pro Gateway: Ignore CVV2 mismatches if the payment was already accepted


  • Check TXN Reg Step completion during IPN processing and attempt to Finalize TXN if possible

New Feature:

  • Add a new CSV report for Contact Lists

Feb 27, 2015

Event Espresso 4.6.12.p


  • Add error check and throw exception when processing a message and attendee data is missing
  • Update module name requirements
  • Make sure that rewrite rules are flushed when an add-on is activated
  • Fix “Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Http_Cookie could not be converted to string” when a wp_remote_request sets a wp_http_cookie
  • Add check to avoid PDF Invoice error when PHP’s mbstring extension isn’t installed

Feb 20, 2015

Event Espresso 4.6.11.p


  • Add backwards compatibility to deprecated filters from pre 4.6
  • Fix untranslatable ‘Proceed To %s’ string
  • Restore Event Espresso credit link
  • Fix Approved registrations ability to return and pay for a sold out event
  • Make sure view counts for contact list table use the correct method
  • Make sure only publish status contacts show on “in use” view… all other statuses in “trash” view
  • Ensure trash/restore actions for contacts work for all status
  • Fix the Incomplete view link for the registrations page for a specific event
  • Fix unusable ‘CHQ #’ field or payment method status for admin payments
  • Fix an issue where an event with a long slug will cause the registration report graphs and transaction report graphs to render incorrectly
  • Fix Errors downloading receipt when _get_payment_method() is called with no transaction
  • Fix dynamic message shortcodes validation
  • Fix EE4 event data not being deleted when choosing NOT to migrate data


  • Create On/Off toggle using HTML and CSS for messages settings so it can be localized
  • Add trim() to [ANSWER_*] shortcode to allow for any extra whitespace input

Feb 18, 2015

Event Espresso 4.6.10.p


  • Fix Add New State form
  • Fix Duplicate Event feature so it also copies taxonomies, discussion settings
  • Add error handling for registration list table when no ticket is related to a migrated registration
  • Fix error when applying full payment to a transaction
  • Fix [TKT_QTY_PURCHASED] parsing to empty string within Payment Received -> Primary Registrant
  • If invalid message type set for default message type on messenger, unset it as a default
  • Add more error proofing for message type object requests for message types no longer active
  • Fix condition where one line item gets sent to gateways when multiple tickets purchased


  • Add filter which payment gateways can use to easily stop rendering the transactions page if they need to
  • Add explanation text to the [ESPRESSO_TXN_PAGE] shortcode

Feb 17, 2015

Event Espresso 4.6.9.p

  • Set visible registration countdown time to not display by default
  • Fix ticket selector embed validation for radio buttons


  • Add styles to the ticket selector embed
  • Add responsive styles to the ticket selector’s extra details section

Feb 17, 2015

Event Espresso 4.6.8.p

  • Add cron to ensure that messages get sent if registrant does not return from after paying
  • Add cron to ensure that transaction status gets updated if registrant does not return from after paying


  • Add notification that includes a countdown timer to notify registrant how much time is left before session expires

Feb 16, 2015

Event Espresso 4.6.7.p

  • Fix issue where a translated ‘events’ slug is ran through sanitize_title() causing problems with the Permalink preview
  • Fix ticket datetime selections affecting the ticket order
  • Do not archive tickets if the only registrations on the ticket are incomplete
  • Fix issue where a country with no provinces/states set will have a large text field that overflows in the venue editor
  • Fix text domain for General Settings page tab labels
  • Localize / Translate Date (month name) on event list table in admin
  • Fix Email messenger not activating by default when activating after using the database reset tool
  • Ensure ticket selector embeds have js/css loaded
  • Remove unused images in the messages folder
  • Fix css in email main template
  • Fix registration CSV Reports missing registrations for archived tickets
  • Add phone field to billing info that’s sent to Authnet (AIM gateway)


  • Add filter for EE Admin List Table icon legend
  • Add filter to allow changing state and country billing form inputs to text fields

New Feature:

  • Embeddable Ticket selector

Feb 12, 2015

Event Espresso 4.6.6.p

  • Fix active message templates in db with no corresponding active message type/messenger available causing exceptions
  • Use non-pretty credit_card_type in PayPal Pro billing info

Feb 11, 2015

Event Espresso 4.6.5.p

  • Fix checkbox and radio button questions so they display an asterisk when they are set to required
  • Fix glob error checks so that it does not prevent filter/actions from firing
  • Fix Messages DATETIME_ shortcode output for non-English sites
  • Add handling to ignore PayPal Payment Data Transfer
  • Fix to avoid potential error during migrations
  • Fix payment method settings required field validation


  • Add filter to EE_Session $_expiration property
  • Add default text color (black) to white background ‘notice’ boxes
  • Add new [RECIPIENT_ANSWER_*] shortcode for use in ticketing
  • Fix Month/Year filter selector order by for the admin list tables
  • Update minimum WP version check to require WP 4.0 or greater
  • Add new hooks that Event Smart makes use of for detecting when a site has been brought up-to-date

Feb 5, 2015

Event Espresso 4.6.4.p

  • Fix nothing in your event queue message after beginning registration checkout

Event Espresso 4.6.3.p

Important note about updating to Event Espresso 4.6: You will need to update to the current version of WordPress before you update to Event Espresso 4.6.


  • Fix Invalid argument supplied for foreach() EEH_Autoloader.helper.php on line 178 for servers that return glob() as false
  • Incorrect form validation error registering from admin

Event Espresso 4.6.2.p

Important note about updating to Event Espresso 4.6: You will need to update to the current version of WordPress before you update to Event Espresso 4.6.


  • Fix form validation script error where themes do not use get_footer()
  • Fix reCAPTCHA conflict from the Fudge theme

Feb 4, 2015

Event Espresso 4.6.1.p

Important note about updating to Event Espresso 4.6: You will need to update to the current version of WordPress before you update to Event Espresso 4.6.


  • Fix “fatal error call to a member function slug() on a non-object” on registration page when in cases where other plugins have a conflict
  • Fix transaction links pointing to same transaction on registration list table

Feb 3, 2015

Event Espresso 4.6.0.p

Important note about the Events Table and Grid template add-ons: You will need to update these to their latest versions when you update to Event Espresso 4.4.9.p or greater.

New Features:

  • New payments system
    • Open one payment method by default
    • Add compatiblity for gateway add-ons like Stripe
    • Developers: Mock payment method add-on
  • Customizable receipt and invoice templates
  • More modular Single Page Checkout
  • Free event registrations are now a one step checkout
  • Switch to the new NoCAPTCHA reCAPTCHA
  • User capabilities system
  • Compatibility with the new add-ons like Ticketing, Barcode scanner, and WP User Integration add-ons
  • Event page template selector
  • Message pack template system
  • Support for UTF-8 invoices and receipts
  • Developers: New API for registering new Custom Post types and taxonomies with Event Espresso
  • Registrations CSV report for all events
  • This is the first release of Event Espresso that also powers Event Smart


  • Tag archives
  • Upcoming events widget now uses WordPress defined date and time settings

Jan 28, 2015

Event Espresso 4.4.10.p

Important note about the Events Table and Grid template add-ons: You will need to update these to their latest versions when you update to Event Espresso 4.4.9.p or greater.


  • Restore event overview filters (category, date, status)

Jan 27, 2015

Event Espresso 4.4.9.p

Important note about the Events Table and Grid template add-ons: You will need to update these to their latest versions when you update to Event Espresso 4.4.9.p.


  • Fix text box/label formatting when returning to payment options
  • Fix second instance of an [ESPRESSO_EVENTS] shortcode on a page order_by & sort
  • Fix [ESPRESSO_EVENTS] order_by parameter no longer accepting multiple values
  • Fix broken WordPress Shortlinks
  • Fix not approved thank you page trying to load payment data
  • Fix private events so they don’t lose the ticket selector
  • Fix the phone number value not appearing when editing an attendee record after registration checkout
  • Simulate core EE editor to define pagenow a bit earlier
  • Don’t add thousand separators when sending totals to Mijireh
  • Use better type checking for messages shortcode parser to fix the issue where “0” was interpreted as a non-truthy value and thus stripped
  • If a line item has no name make one up, based on its type to fix an unnamed tax line item sent to gateways
  • Fix messages issues with having a single quote in a company name
  • Import from CSV: Switch order of formatting datetimes. First try to format as an excel date. If not an exact match, parse it normally
  • Don’t prevent deletion of model objects if they have related extra meta. Add unit test to prove this is correct


  • Change labels from dollar discount/surcharge to fixed discount/surcharge
  • Update max_input_vars check to 5.3.9
  • Add Paypal Partnership Code
  • Add timeout setting to the Authnet AIM gateway
  • Make the offsite gateway strings i18n
  • Change migrations so venue URL slugs match the venue title

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