A more manageable way to plan a golf tournament from your WordPress website

Event Espresso is a WordPress golf tournament plugin that can help you raise funds and meet your fundraising goals for your cause by helping you organize a golf fundraiser or golf outing in Virginia



“The support team is far beyond knowledgeable and extremely supportive.”

As a small non-profit youth organization Event Espresso is the next best thing. Our event listings, registrations and tickets sales look credible and professional by using Event Espresso. The support team is far beyond knowledgeable and extremely supportive. We couldn’t look as good without them or this company. –Executive Director for the Academy of Performing Arts


A preview of a golf tournament or golf outing created with Event Espresso


An example of a golf tournament with Event Espresso and WordPress


How to set up a golf tournament fundraiser with WordPress and Event Espresso



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These organizations trust Event Espresso for their golf tournaments


Solid Ground International (California, United States)

New York State Cheese Manufacturers’ Association (New York, United States)

No Longer Bound (Georgia, United States)

Plano LIONS (Texas, United States)

International Air Cargo Association of Chicago (Illinois, United States)

United Way of Lee, Hendry, Glades and Okeechobee (Florida, United States)

Electric Contractors Association of Alberta (Alberta, Canada)

Institute of Real Estate Management of Kansas (Kansas, United States)

Maryland Burglar & Fire Alarm Association (Maryland, United States)

Salesforce.com (Washington, United States)

Professional Golf Planners of America (Michigan, United States)

Golf de Mornex (Monnetier-Mornex, France)


Popular questions about golf tournaments and Event Espresso


In addition to golf tournaments, I want to organize other fundraisers like clay shoots, banquets, cornhole tournaments, galas and more. Can I do that with Event Espresso?
Yes, Event Espresso is versatile and can help with different events. You can create as many events as you would like including free events, paid events, and even display-only events where you want to show event information but not allow registrations.

Do I need to be a computer expert to use Event Espresso?
You don’t need to be an expert with technology to use Event Espresso. If you are comfortable with creating a blog post on your existing WordPress website and browsing your WordPress dashboard (WP-admin), then you’ll find Event Espresso familiar. We also have a quick start guide for Event Espresso which will help you get up and running fast through a series of recommendations and short video tutorials.

Do I need a WordPress website to use Event Espresso?
Yes, a WordPress website is required to run Event Espresso. However, our sister company, Event Smart offers fundraising event registration websites using Event Espresso and WordPress as the backbone, where events, calendars, and pricing option selectors can then be embedded on any website, such as Weebly, Wix, and WordPress.com websites.

I want to allow more than one participant to register for my golf tournament at a time. Are group registrations available?
Yes, you can allow multiple participants to register at once by enabling the Personal Information question group for additional registrants through the lower right area of the event editor and saving changes.

Can I accept funds for sponsorships in addition to registration fees for the golf tournament?
Yes, you can handle sponsorships by creating separate pricing options so they can be selected during registration. Here is a video tutorial on how to create extra pricing options in Event Espresso.

How will I receive payments from my participants and sponsors?
You’ll receive your funds as your attendees register for your golf tournament by partnering with a secure payment service and adding your API credentials to Event Espresso. Some of our event organizer favorites are Stripe, Authorize.net, Braintree, or PayPal. Or you can choose another supported payment service.

Do you offer pricing for nonprofit, NGO, and charity organizations?
Yes, we offer a discount on your first purchase on EventEspresso.com. Share information about your organization here and a team member will follow up with you within one day. This discount cannot be applied retroactively to a previous purchase.

I have a question that I need help with.
Start a conversation with us so we can help you move forward with your golf tournament today.


“I was able to install and set up Event Espresso and make it work the way I want to”

I’m not a backend kinda guy. I’m a golf pro. I was able to install and set up Event Espresso and make it work the way I want to. I have to learn what I have so I can manage my business because developers are good at what they do but do not always understand marketing, sales, etc. There are very few plugins I can set up without help from my developer. The hardest part for me was getting the APIs for payment gateways, etc. What I like most is the information is in plain, easy to understand English and not computer jargon that only a tech-head can understand.Roy


30 Day Money-back Guarantee

Your purchase is 100% risk free! Try Event Espresso for a full 30 days. Our team will be there to help you along the way with any questions.


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