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WordPress database error Lock wait timeout exceeded

Posted: December 6, 2023 at 6:26 pm


December 6, 2023 at 6:26 pm

Hi there, our website is locking up and crashing (database connections in AWS RDS exceeding 270 connections, website becomes unresponsive with 504’s). I have tracked down “the trigger” to our admin creating a new Formidable Form, and dragging an HTML block into the editor (very reproducible… an ajax request brings the site to a halt), and I was expecting Formidable Form related errors in the log…. it’s very likely the culprit and the database is already locked up, but the only relevant information in the error log is EE related to setting the ‘ee_transient_schedule’ option.

Im just posting for support, hoping something from this error line pops out at you, possibly makes any sense, or perhaps has been seen before. Im guessing %95 the database is already locked up before this sql cmd and its not EE at all, but worth asking anyways if you have seen this before.

The error is:

WordPress database error Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction for query UPDATE wp_options SET option_value = ‘a:630:{s:39:\”ee_ssn_a07f1e409efe2b2c28307e9fdb6d2294\”;i:1701910800;s:39:\”ee_ssn_7a68312d5dcb50dbc401dea247bcbc1a\”;i:1701910800;s:39:\”ee_ssn_00db622e57dfb438b7dc9333483e0900\”;i:1701910800;s:39:\”ee_ssn_dd95213993fdd398bd87ffdfa6643476\”;i:1701910800;s:39:\”ee_ssn_5f2a8caffc4f63d6da41df2e7e2fbd85\”;i:1701910800;s:39:\”ee_ssn_43cc2459af7ca86e3b29bdf022bb8909\”;i:1701910800;s:39:\”ee_ssn_a54deddbdba4dbdd0721322a7ebfc295\”;i:1701910800;s:39:\”ee_ssn_4d2c5d427b04fccf16f436ab87c8cc89\”;i:1701910800;s:39:\”ee_ssn_d3bb9d4d2d6c4de07e1d0e523b1a5fe0\”;i:1701910800;s:39:\”ee_ssn_e9c93b95e83065647515d4c00ed8553d\”;i:1701910800;s:39:\”ee_ssn_e35251ab2012f577335cb60dba2b8ee8\”;i:1701910800;s:39:\”ee_ssn_01717658c194bd3b087cef40ff10d1aa\”;i:1701910800;s:39:\”ee_ssn_0d4c00d42f763c8f4d54bc6e097215fa\”;i:1701910800;s:39:\”ee_ssn_6bf7a22038eb1a39611bfc78103ea0b7\”;i:1701910800;s:39:\”ee_ssn_82e168e06806fbcacf500671cafa87fe\”;i:1701910800;s:39:\”ee_ssn_ff217c9a9ba3661b10c0b79f3225ee8a\”;i:1701910800;s:39:\”ee_ssn_1a2503ce480de798218cc07dafc7a74f\”;i:1701910800;s:39:\”ee_ssn_1a60b6bf7ff8feac108748aa18a83d6e\”;i:1701910800;s:39:\”ee_ssn_57be76d54e0f46bd42ee529315e062ab\”;i:1701910800;s:39:\”ee_ssn_a8b81352aa0236cffb6e0a6a2ae7dae5\”;i:1701910800;s:39:\”ee_ssn_1bd51199a020c1697fcc3ee2d4504ace\”;i:1701910800;s:39:\”ee_ssn_c042b7877730b2830c9b6db178595a42\”;…………..

………………….. And goes on for quite some length… finishing with:

……..”ee_ssn_5fbb0ba38789d00222b5d86c48605f15\”;i:1701914400;s:39:\”ee_ssn_bad779b0f6137707309ae2e0d4b79831\”;i:1701914400;s:39:\”ee_ssn_bb6a15a018128ba64830a911c7f4adf0\”;i:1701914400;}’ WHERE option_name = ‘ee_transient_schedule’ made by update_option


  • Support Staff

December 6, 2023 at 8:39 pm

I haven’t seen any report like this. Can you try to check if there’s plugin or theme conflict?

Check the documentation here.

Can we try some basic trouble shooting?

let’s do some test on the plugin/theme conflict. check the guide here.

You can use or any similar plugin.

Tools -> Site Health -> Troubleshooting -> Enabled Troubleshooting mode.

That will disable all plugins and switch to a default theme and then allow you to enable specific plugins troubleshooting mode. Once disabled you will revert back to the current state.


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